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  1. Sufficient in a sentence 1. Sufficient for the day is the evil thereof. 2
  2. Sentence Examples Parliament suffered chronic difficulties in obtaining sufficientmanpower, and found it impossible to fill the quotas they had set. At the time this difference was sufficientto preclude the union being pursued. When these shears reach sufficientmagnitude, they can eat into stratified fluid
  3. Examples of Sufficient in a sentence With careful planning, they had a sufficient amount of food to survive for an entire month. 🔊 His efforts were not sufficient to earn him victory. 🔊 Though not ideal, the makeshift bed would be sufficient to provide a place to rest. 🔊  4. In sufficient quantities its spores can be lethal to humans It is sufficient that quality control of advertising is ensured It shall be sufficient evidence of the facts therein contained It was not sufficient to make an ironclad statistical argumen
  5. Examples of sufficient in a sentence, how to use it. 97 examples: An original paper should not include an extensive review of the literature, bu

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  1. Sufficient In A Sentence How To Use Sufficient In A Sentence? It was no matter of regret to him that he had only a sufficient store for one meal. Each one of these deeds is sufficient in itself to hurl you down from your presumptuous height
  2. www.use-in-a-sentence.com English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for sufficient Mark hadn't sufficiently cleaned the carpet, so we could still see the wine stainsTwo hours should be sufficient time to finish the work. Mark hadn't sufficiently cleaned the carpet, so we could still see the wine stains. I question the sufficiency of a single one-quart bottle of water for a half.
  3. You have to create ways people can become self- sufficient. It's difficult to see sufficient in a sentence. Carr felt the $ 3 US Keds weren't sufficient. But our students entering the universities do not have sufficient armor
  4. enough is the most used of the three, and you can use it everywhere, without ever needing the other two words. Be careful using adequate in the context of other people's work or their effort, because the word can have a negative, critical connotation
  5. High quality example sentences with with sufficient frequency in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English. You are offline. Learn Ludwig Add to Chrome for free. Sentence examples for with sufficient frequency from.
  6. Use sufficient in a sentence He has a sufficient income to support his family. I have sufficient time to answer all your questions. This recipe won't be sufficient for the whole family

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Sentence dictionary online - Good sentence examples for every word! laney in a sentence (20) 06-25. lock chamber in a sentence (11) 06-24. irone in a sentence (8) 06-24. immunofluorescence in a sentence (48) 06-24. closed-chain in a sentence (5) 06-24. tilia in a sentence (20) 06-24. DCT in a sentence (54) 06-23 The self-sufficient campus has a post office, a farm, athletic fields, chapel and amphitheater. However, the country is not self-sufficient in producing grain as a result of the limited arable land. His psychological armor will make him seem more self-sufficient and stronger than the people he will meet in Newfoundland Enough means that you have the amount you need or more than the amount you need of something. Used like this, it is not specific. If we were to make this word into a mathematical inequality, it would take the form of (amount is greater than or equal to need)

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this page is sufficient. this document is needed. this document is provided. similar ( 8 ) In order to make sure that your document is sufficient, show it to your bank and other financial institutions before signing it. 1. Listen. volumeOutline. Save sentence Suffice is defined as to be enough, equal or sufficient. (verb) An example of suffice is having the right amount of food... Dictionary Menu. Dictionary Thesaurus Examples Sentences Quotes Reference Spanish More sentences. Suffice definition is - to meet or satisfy a need : be sufficient —often used with an impersonal it 2. How to use Suffice in a sentence. 3

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The Word sufficiency in Example Sentences. sufficiency in a sentence. How to use sufficiency in a sentence. 10 examples of sentences sufficiency. 20 examples of simple sentences sufficiency . All the parts of speech in English are used to make sentences Sufficient capital definition: Capital is a large sum of money which you use to start a business , or which you invest... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and example

Keep your average sentence length at a maximum of 14 words. A lower average would be better. The examples below have on average 9 words per sentence, making them easy to read The concept is the same but the sentence structure has been changed using this tool. 2) Synonym changing mode In this mode, it allows the user to simply rephrase the content by changing essential words with the best suitable synonym from its vast high-quality vocabulary databank

Suffice definition is - to meet or satisfy a need : be sufficient —often used with an impersonal it. How to use suffice in a sentence Learner's definition of SUFFICIENT. [more sufficient; most sufficient] somewhat formal. : having or providing as much as is needed : enough. A brisk walk is sufficient to raise your heart rate. A 15 percent tip is sufficient. [= adequate] There must be sufficient funds in your bank account to cover the check. sufficient savings 'The concentration on sufficiency thus produces a marked narrowness in the approach: It is an instrument for proof, rather than part of an open-minded search for truth.' 'The values that might be confounded with equality include sufficiency, priority, and desert. What does self-sufficient mean? Able to provide for oneself without the help of others; independent. (adjective

Rephrase and Reword Confusing Sentences and Enhance Your Writing. Try Now for Free! Improve Grammar, Word Choice, and Sentence Structure in Your Papers. It's Free sufficient in a sentence. sufficient. in a sentence. Gold said, it is not sufficient . These past few months are sufficient to make me a believer. In most cases titles and subtitles are sufficient explanation of content. Any hard drive with more than 400 megabytes should be sufficient. None of these languages, however, has ever been sufficient

However, if the sufficient occurred, we can suffice that it is only necessary that the necessary occurred. (By the way, that last sentence is incredibly redundant but I'm just trying to use the same language. Simplified, if the sufficient occurred, then the necessary condition must occur.) Delet sentence sufficient, but not greater than necessary,' to achieve the goals of sentencing. Kimbrough, 128 S. Ct. at 570. True, the sentencing court must first calculate the Guidelines range, and then consider what sentence is appropriate for the individual defendant in light of th Maybe it would help to actually write out the sentences, but let's use S to mean Square and R+R to mean Rhombus and Rectangle. The first one is S is a sufficient condition for R+R. This means that if you are given S, then you have sufficient (or enough) information to prove R+R. That's exactly what was done for the only if part

Find 35 ways to say SUFFICIENT, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus sufficient repair in a sentence - Use sufficient repair in a sentence and its meaning 1. In 2004 it was removed from threatened status after sufficient repairs to the structure occurred to ensure its permanence. 2. Sufficient repairs of Bauerfield International Airport were completed by March 14 to allow the first flights from Australia carrying aid to arrive. click for more sentences of. The data IS not sufficient TO INITIATE an investigation. Data is a collective noun and hence, is a singular noun. A singular verb goes with a singular noun. The word require is not adding meaning to the sentence. I would prefer the following ver..

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  1. A full stop can make all the difference! Have a look at another example that will help you to understand the need for a grammar check before sending the copy to the audience. Let's eat Grandpa. Let's eat, Grandpa. Both the sentences have exact words but just the placement of a comma changes the meaning of a sentence
  2. 2 Corinthians 12:9 Meaning of My Grace is Sufficient for You. But he said to me, 'My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.'. Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me.
  3. Too is used to mean more than sufficient or more/less than necessary. It's too late to stop him. Jerry was too young to watch the movie. There are too many people on this train, there's nowhere to sit. You have too much money, give some to me. You've eaten too many of those cakes. Enough is used to mean sufficient
  4. Without specification of meaning and context, it would also be wrong to make the general claim that sentences like if p, q are generally paraphrasable as p only if q. By means of a semi-formal argument, Carsten Held has suggested a way of explaining why necessary and sufficient conditions are not converses, making appeal to a.

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sentences such as I want money and happiness, not money or happiness. There is also a weak form, which occurs when the word is in an unstressed position. who make insufficient use of them sound stilted. Weak forms When to use weak forms . 4 1. Progressive assimilation look looks love loves like liked. A compensation order can be combined with a confiscation order where the amount that may be realised is sufficient. If such an order is made, priority should be given to compensation. 42: Compensation orders and community orders: A compensation order can be combined with a community order. Compensation orders and suspended sentence order Reject H 0 / Sufficient evidence to say patient is dead Fail to Reject H 0 / Insufficient evidence to say patient is dead There are four possibilities that can occur based on the two possible states of nature and the two decisions which we can make. Statisticians will never accept the null hypothesis, we will fail to reject SUFFICIENT TO MAKE A MURDERER ELIGIBLE FOR A DEATH SENTENCE?-AN EMPIRICAL AND NORMATIVE ANALYSIS By David McCord* INTRODUCTION Most death penalty jurisdictions make a murderer death-eligible if the murder was committed contemporaneously with one of five felonies: arson, burglary, kidnapping, rape, o Fuel is sufficient to make an internal combustion engine run. vs. Fuel is necessary to make an internal combustion engine run. and what are some subtle examples of how the difference between these two things can greatly impact the meaning of a sentence, discussion, or conclusion

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Articles Worksheet 5 - A / An / The. Fill in the blanks with a, an or the. Put 'x' where nothing is needed. Separate multiple answers with a coma and a space. 1. ---- most of ---- stories people tell about ---- Irish are not true. 2. ---- beef we had for dinner last night was excellent Suspended sentences with specified jail/prison time hanging over defendant's head are treated as executed sentences for immigration and carry the same consequences. If possible, avoid admitting guilt or facts sufficient to prove guilt. Avoid admitting facts showing baseness, vileness, depravity, or reprehensible conduct (moral turpitud quan·ti·ty suf·fi·cient to make. Adding enough of an ingredient to achieve a specific final volume or total weight. Want to thank TFD for its existence? Tell a friend about us, add a link to this page, or visit the webmaster's page for free fun content

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sufficient - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. All Free whether a defendant's completion of sentence during the pendency of his appeal 2 is a sufficient collateral legal consequence Department of Corrections following incarce ration could potentially make him subject to PRR designation, he would still need to commit or attempt to commit.

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Clearly written, complete sentences require key information: a subject, a verb and a complete idea. A sentence needs to make sense on its own. Sometimes, complete sentences are also called independent clauses. A clause is a group of words that may make up a sentence. An independent clause is a group of words that may stand alone as a complete. To correct comma splices and fused sentences: 1) Place a period after the first main (independent) clause and write the second main clause as a sentence; 2) use a semi-colon to separate main clauses; or 3) insert a coordinating conjunction (and, but, or, for, nor, so, yet) after the comma; or 4) make one clause subordinate to the other Sentence definition, a grammatical unit of one or more words that expresses an independent statement, question, request, command, exclamation, etc., and that typically has a subject as well as a predicate, as in John is here. or Is John here? In print or writing, a sentence typically begins with a capital letter and ends with appropriate punctuation; in speech it displays recognizable.

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Sentences worksheets. These grade 4 sentences worksheets provide practice in the writing of proper, complete sentences. Topics include sentence fragments, run-on sentences, combining sentences with conjunctions, subjects and predicates, direct objects and subject - verb agreement. Part of a collection of free gramm Rearrange Jumbled Sentences Solved Exercises With Answers for Class 8 CBSE. Question 1. Question 2. Question 3. (a) The rose is called the queen of flowers. (b) It is widely grown all over the world. (c) There are about 500 species of roses. (d) The Persian rose is the best. (e) From there it was brought to India

The given sentence is- Presence of cycle in a single instance RAG is a necessary and sufficient condition for deadlock. This sentence is of the form- p is necessary and sufficient for q. So, the symbolic form is p ↔ q where Simple sentences consist of a single independent clause: Fido fetched. [A noun and a verb is all it takes to make a simple sentence.] Whiskers ate her tuna. [This adds a direct object, tuna, but it's still a simple sentence.] Polly sat on her perch and whistled Yesterday, in Chavez-Meza v.United States, the Supreme Court resolved a circuit split regarding whether the district court must give an explanation at all for its decision in a sentencing-modification proceeding pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 3582(c)(2), and, if so, how full the explanation must be.In short, the judge must provide an explanation, but the current boilerplate form will generally suffice Syntax states the rules for using words, phrases, clauses and punctuation, specifically to form sentences. Correct syntax examples include word choice, matching number and tense, and placing words and phrases in the right order. While diction can be flexible, especially in casual conversation, proper syntax is comparatively strict Brainstorming and branching out ideas can help with the process of writing a good topic sentence. 1.topic should state the Main point of the paragraph. 2.be sure to chose a managble topic. 3.make sure your topic sentence is a complete thought. 4. Place the topic sentence in the first paragraph. 5. Avoid announcing your topic sentence

It takes a lot of time and hard work for a writer to understand short essay basics. Just like other essays, it contains an introductory paragraph, body, and conclusion. Look for useful examples to get a clear idea of how to choose interesting topics and structure all parts. They will submit a good piece of writing Improve Grammar, Word Choice, and Sentence Structure In Your Papers. It's Free! Trusted By Millions Of Students, Faculty, and Professionals Worldwide. Try Now Make a sentence with the word sufficient? I'd really like $100,000 to pay for a house in cash, but $4,000 for the down payment will be sufficient sufficient in a sentence 51- The threat of force is usually sufficient to secure the lawful conduct of most citizens. 52- Maintaining a separate language and culture is difficult without a sufficient ly large ethnic concentration within a given area

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Three Sentences In Appellate Brief Did Not Make Sufficient Argument. The Court of Civil Appeals refused to consider an argument that was supported by only three short sentences that cited no legal authority. That argument was inadequate under Rule 28 of the Alabama Rules of Appellate Procedure and was effectively waived. Nance v Make accurate predictions about future trends, directions and developments. ACHIEVEMENT Achieve optimal levels of personal performance and accomplishment Provide strong evidence of specific accomplishments Support convictions with sufficient forc

In the present chapter, we discuss how to translate a variety of English state-ments into the language of sentential logic Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) Used with adjectives: There is an endless supply of paper in his office. (endless, never-ending, infinite, unending, unlimited) We have a good supply of water for emergencies. (good, large, abundant, adequate, sufficient, ample Simple sentence consists of noun and a verb as well as an action word. Use of words: In most cases, people make grammar mistakes because of word choice. People tend to use the wrong words that give improper meaning to readers. If you do not want to make mistakes, you should check grammar sentence and use the correct words First-order logic—also known as predicate logic, quantificational logic, and first-order predicate calculus—is a collection of formal systems used in mathematics, philosophy, linguistics, and computer science.First-order logic uses quantified variables over non-logical objects, and allows the use of sentences that contain variables, so that rather than propositions such as Socrates is a. My channel is about self-sufficiency and based on my blog (established several years earlier) called Self Sufficient Me this doesn't mean I believe I am totally self-sufficient (nor do I want to.

It says that we can eliminate it because the passage's evidence contains two sufficient conditions (X and Y), whereas this choice contains only one (X). In other words, we can eliminate choice A because while the passage (ie the original prompt) contains two sufficient conditions answer A only includes one Prior to sentencing under Rule 12(c)(6) or to the judge's decision to accept or reject a plea agreement under Rule 12(d)(4), the judge, prosecutor, and counsel for the defendant shall have an opportunity to review the defendant's criminal record and any report of the presentence investigation as described in Rule 28(d)(2) . In extraordinary cases, the judge may except from disclosure to the.

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A sufficient condition for travelling from Calgary to Vancouver would be your taking an uneventful trip as a passenger on a regularly scheduled air flight. But while that method of getting from the one city to the other would suffice, it is by no means necessary. There are all sorts of other conditions that would also suffice for your getting from Calgary to Vancouver Topic sentences make the structure of a text and the writer's basic arguments easy to locate and comprehend. In college writing, using a topic sentence in each paragraph of the essay is the standard rule. However, the topic sentence does not always have to be the first sentence in your paragraph even if it the first item in your formal outline convicted of trafficking illicit drugs, ANo sentence is sufficient other than the death sentence.@1 Amnesty International recognizes that Indonesia needs to address the trade in and use of illicit drugs, and also understands that the increased calls for the use of the death penalty reflect a deep concern about drugs and drug related crime Look at the following sentences below and see how some sentences do a better job of communicating: Fluffy is a cat, Pokey is a rhinoceros, Trunky is an elephant, and Ollie is an ocelot would be sufficient conditions to make each one of them mammals. If it rains, the sidewalk will be wet Writers often include words in their sentences that are unnecessary and could be omitted in order to make the sentence more concise. There are several techniques to make a sentence or paragraph more concise. Example: Wordy → Suzie believed but could not confirm that Billy had feelings of affection for her. (1