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Fetal macrosomia (large fetus) is NOT an indication for induction of labor before 39 weeks even if the mother wants it. In most US hospitals induction of labor before 39 completed weeks without valid indication will result in Administrative Review and the OB will be asked to justify that decision and possibly risk suspension of privileges I think after 37 weeks, you can be induced. I also am measuring 43 weeks, so i am not really sure if your doctor would be okay with you doing that. All you can do is ask i mean what can they say. You could but if you're a first time mum and your cervix isn't remotely soft, you'll likely end up with a emergency c-section if you induce. Being induced is no picnic and I would never do it again. I was coerced into one because doctors thought h..

Induced at 38 weeks? : Well my ob just called me said she would like to start induction Monday if I'm ok with it. (38 weeks) I asked why she stated because of my gestational diabetes which is diet controlled and my baby is measuring up exactly with my due date of August 5. I had an induction last year with my son at 40 weeks and it was great but I feel waiting to 39 weeks instead. Most doctors will induce at 38 weeks, according to Fit Pregnancy magazine, so you can consider this a safe time period to give it a whirl yourself. Since every doctor has a different policy what..

Can I ask to be induced at 38 weeks if I think the baby is

She can sweep the membrane starting at 38 weeks to help the baby arrive by due date at least but this was not what I needed since I am trying to go overdue because my DH is not home. I asked if there is a possibility to be induced when I am 40 weeks and 4 days (if I am still pregnant) due to family reasons (my husband will be home during that. In such cases, your health care provider will confirm that your baby's gestational age is at least 39 weeks or older before induction to reduce the risk of health problems for your baby. Can I do anything to trigger labor on my own The number of babies delivered through early, induced labor almost doubled between 1992 and 2004, and rates of early induction remained high. This means the number of babies born between 36 and 38..

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They refused to give her an epidural. I would say it's safe to be induced at 39 weeks (so just one more week). Ask your doc if he'd be willing to strip your membranes by the 39th week to see if you go into labor on your own. Some women will go into labor within 24-48 hours and others will still need further induction I had a c section at 36 weeks with ds1 and ds2 was sadly stillborn naturally at 24 weeks. So, my question is can I ask to be induced at 37 weeks when the stitches come out (assuming I get that far!)? I can have a section but would prefer to avoid staying in hospital so would like to try for a natural delivery. I want to get this baby out asap I was induced first time around for predicted big size! I had a growth scan at 37 weeks and leo was predicted 8lb12 at 37! I was induced because of it, and he was born at 39 weeks bang on, 8lb2. I wouldnt request to be induced though. The estimated weight can be up to 1lb off, so baby may not be the size theyre telling you A pregnancy is considered full term at 39 weeks, and the due date is 40 weeks. Sometimes a woman with a healthy pregnancy will ask for labor to be induced at 39 or 40 weeks. Previous studies suggested that inducing labor may increase the risk of needing a cesarean delivery or C-section, which is major surgery

Can I ask to be induced at 38 weeks and 3 days. Tomorrow I am going to be 38 weeks and 4 days pregnant; I have had trouble sleeping for the past 2 weeks, it hurts to walk, I have been getting really nauseous everyday I have irregular contrations and really bad mensral pains at nighttime. I am all around extremely uncomfortable and miserable Experts estimate that up to 50 percent of inductions are elective, as Faulkner reported, and you can request to be induced around 39 weeks. However, it's important to ask your OB about their. Women who have induction at 39 weeks should be allowed up to 24 hours or longer for the early phase of labor. They also should be given oxytocin at least 12-18 hours after stripping of the membranes. If a woman's labor does not progress, it may be considered a failed attempt at induction brandysnap. Posted 9/2/13. It's mostly precaution, by 38 weeks the risks of any health problems to your babies are incredibly small but the associated health risks for you go up. Preeclampsia is already a greater risk with multiples, the strain your body is under by 38 weeks makes it even more of a risk First of all 38 weeks IS full term and NOT early. Second, I was induced 38 weeks 2 days for being so uncomfortable and it was an AMAZNG labor. Went in at midnight, got the cervadil to soften the cervix(I wasnt dilated at all) and went into labor on my own (no pitocin) at 2 am. My contractions were 1-2 minute long every 2-3 min. BACK TO BACK

As far as I am aware they will only induce by request in the public system with very special circumstances - My friend asked to be induced and was induced at 38 weeks because her husband was on his 2 week break from deployment Really don't want to be induced. Labour and birth. Elective c section on NHS. Labour and birth. what to wear to be induced. Anonymous. 10/12/2015 at 3:22 pm. No unfortunately I had 5 episodes of reduced movements and still made me wait 9 days to be induced! And was in labour for 2 days before I was due to be induced and still wouldn't do. There can be other medical causes, but these are the most common. It's not recommended to induce labor at 37 weeks without a medical cause. What to expect from an induced labor at 37 weeks. If you're being induced this early, your doctor will likely do what they can to prepare your baby for induction Short answer to your question is no, you will not be induced for anything other than a valid medical or obstetric reason. Induction of labour is a medical procedure, takes DAYS, can be intensely painful, there can be delays and ultimately if it doesn't work, can end in c section. The most sensible and practical option is to transfer your car

Melinda Wyman, a Chicago-based mom, was induced at 38 weeks with her first baby and started with Pitocin — however, when she didn't progress over the next 24 hours, ended up experiencing the balloon option. One of my OBs came in and checked me, she shares. I reluctantly asked, 'Am I dilated to anything yet?! Can I opt to be induced at 37 weeks ??: Finding it very hard to manage at the moment. My back is wrecked. I have a pinched nerve in my pelvis and an irritated disc. My OB knows all about it. My cankles are so big they feel like my toes are going to pop. I'm going to be induced at 38 weeks anyway, due to growth/placenta issues, question is, if I'm really suffering, does a. If your provider talks to you about inducing labor, ask if you can wait until at least 39 weeks to be induced. This gives your baby's lungs and brain all the time they need to fully grow and develop before he's born. If there are problems with your pregnancy or your baby's health, you may need to have your baby earlier than 39 weeks Can I ask to be induced at 38 weeks? Labour and birth. Sweep at 40 weeks second baby. Ste70jds. 16/11/2010 at 9:43 am. Hi Rebecca. I was induced as my waters had gone 48 hours prior and Sienna still didn't want to come out. If left I'm sure you know this can be dangerous! Being Induced wasn't painful and I never had any unbearable labour pains.

But most babies need 39 weeks to develop fully. Induced or planned delivery before that time—without valid medical reason—is not in the best interest of the baby or the mother. Between 1990 and 2007, there were fewer full-term births, and almost twice as many babies born at 37 and 38 weeks I am 38 weeks and 5 days. I will be 39 weeks on 6/18. My doctor said he will induce at 39 weeks. I know they are worried about me seeing mid wife this week, then doctor next. At 40 weeks and 1 day feel like they will never induce me! Reply | Repor When doctors who treat pregnant women recently met to debate the best time to induce labor, they came up with a surprising answer: 39 weeks — three weeks earlier than currently recommended You could ask, but hopefully they would tell you no. Full term is anywhere from 37-42 weeks. If you have not progressed on your own at all then you are not a good candidate for induction. If you were to be induced with no previous progression you are almost assuring yourself a c-section. The baby will give signs of when it is ready to come

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  1. With my last pregnancy they asked me if I wanted to be induced at 38 weeks because they thought my baby was going to be big which he was he weighed 9 pounds 2 ounces. They scheduled it for the next day. I actually go tomorrow cause even though I'm only 36 weeks this is another big baby. All depends on the situation and your OB.
  2. The goal of any healthcare practitioner is to carry all pregnancies to term, or 39 weeks. This means that generally speaking, labor shouldn't be induced electively before that time—however, certain situations can come up when your body's natural processes need a little nudge in the right direction
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  5. But how you're feeling at 38 weeks could give you some clues about what to expect for the rest of your pregnancy — like when it's going to be over and you'll get to hold that sweet baby in.

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Being induced at 39 weeks can pose some risks to the baby as the development of vital organs including brain, lungs and liver continues till the very end of pregnancy. Between the 35 th and 39 th week of gestation, only one-third of the human brain is known to develop. The brain development optimizes after the 39 th week My Dr scheduled an induction at 38 weeks with DS2, but he came on his own (37w5d). My third it was caught sooner and again I was monitored and put on medication. He was induced at 37w (he had other complications besides the cholestasis otherwise my Dr would have liked to try for 38 weeks) Castor Oil has been used to induce labor for decades. It has proved to be a very successful method to induce labor, but can be dangerous. It can cause stress on baby, so it's important to talk with your midwife or doctor before using castor oil. When to visit the Doctor! Doctors or midwives will commonly tell patients about the 4-1-1 indicator Or maybe, like most women during the last few weeks of pregnancy, you're simply eager to have your baby. However, elective labor induction isn't always best for your baby. Inducing labor before you are at least 39 weeks along in your pregnancy (one week away from your due date) - or before your cervix is ready - has risks 38 Weeks Pregnant: Ask Your Doctor. Is there anything you can do from here on out to prepare for labor? Is it safe to have sex during the final weeks of pregnancy?. What is recommended if your baby is in a breech position?. Under what conditions might it be necessary to induce labor, and how common is inducing labor at 38 weeks pregnant?. Who should you call if you think you may be in labor

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I'm 39 weeks and some odd days, mental health isn't doing great but baby is looking perfect! When I go to my ob appointment tomorrow can I ask to be induced same day? 8 comments. share. save Membrane sweeping can be performed anywhere from 37, 38, 39, to 40 weeks of pregnancy. Membrane sweep at 38 weeks. For a woman expecting to deliver twins, with a vaginal delivery being anticipated, you are likely to have your first sweep at 37 weeks. After 37 to 38 weeks, your body is likely to become very tired, and it would be ideal to start. You may be induced if you live far from where you're delivering or have had a previous short labor because there's concern that you might not make it to the hospital or birthing center in time. Known as an elective induction, it should be scheduled at the place where you plan to deliver no earlier than 39 weeks

thats shit ! the doctors will normaly Induce you if u ask, if there not busy and there is not health reason not to , i was induced at 37 weeks with my first baby =) and am getting induced at 38 and 4 days with this one , most doctors are pretty nice and will try and keep mother and baby happy =) goodluc He told me today my cervix isn't ready but we all know that can change at any time. My acupuncturist is off this week but as soon as she's back I'd rather try getting induced by her than by meds. I'll be over 38 weeks and I do know exactly when my dates are so I'm sure how far along I am Cytotec-induced labors can cause the baby to go into distress and can cause ruptured membranes, which is very serious. (As a side note, my doctor was concerned that my fluid levels were too low, so I was induced with Cytotec at 42 weeks This article can help you decide to induce or not. To decide whether or not to have an induction, you need to ask yourself whether being induced is more likely to help or harm you and your baby. Often care providers will recommend induction at 38 weeks to avoid this risk Study shows inducing labor at 37 to 38 weeks may be safer than thought. Hospitals increasingly insist that low-risk pregnancies reach 39 weeks before doctors deliver the child, but babies born.


Unlikely to happen: Given the frequency of breathing problems in newborns induced at 37 wks, i think it unlikely you could talk your way into that one.I believe the american college of obgyn has issued guidelines that question the practice. Early delivery for fetal distress & various maternal complications is still considered good care can i ask to be induced @ 34 weeks? im now 29 weeks have been high risk sense the start and I am booked in for 38 to 39 week s.sec i have chronic pain in my stomach and back and have a.

When breaking of water takes place and your labor doesn't begin on its own. During these cases, you will be induced to lessen the risk of infection to the uterus and also to your baby[premature rupture of membranes].You will be induced if you have experienced the condition of pre eclampsia.This is a serious condition that can harm your health and restricts the blood flow to your baby If there isn't one, ask to wait until 39 weeks unless there is a sound medical reason. Likewise, be sure you understand why your caregiver plans to induce labor, how this will done and what risks this entails -- including whether there will be heightened chances you will need a cesarean section Can I ask to not be induced? I know the doctor is going to know what's best but I also know some doctors want to schedule deliveries so they don't have to come in at 3am. He also mentioned inducing me when I was only like 34ish weeks but didn't really have a reason to. He just said if nothing is happening (like contractions) by 39 weeks we'll. Ask for pain meds or an epidural if needed. If you want to, you can still labor without pain medications, but don't feel bad if you choose medications at some point. Especially in a scheduled induction, where you're likely to be in labor for a long time, an epidural can allow you to sleep for several hours at a time They found that inducing at or after 37 weeks corresponded with a halving of stillbirths (down from 1.9 deaths per 1000 births to one in 1000, between the years 2000 and 2012.) Likewise, the risk.

A C-section is a major surgery and, like any surgery, does come with risks, which include: bleeding. infection. bladder or bowel injury. reactions to medications. blood clots. death (very rare) possible injury to the baby. Another potential risk of having a scheduled C-section that is not medically necessary is giving birth to a late pre-term. This article describes induction of labour in detail.It describes why and how an induction takes place, including details of risks and complications.. Induction of labour can be an involved and lengthy process - hence there is a lot of information in this article, which will be very useful if you do end up being induced, but if not you may wish to refer to our article Induction: Summary

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Almost 38 weeks with my 2nd and just wondering what the odds are that he may be early. My dd was born 1 day before her due date. Answer Question. I have lost my mucous plug buy it was only jelly like but alot. No blood. I am 40 weeks and 5 days suppose to be induced on Feb 16th. No Im 39+5 weeks please help I think you should ask to be induced. I was induced at 38 weeks also and my baby was just fine. I wouldnt stop until you get what you want from your dr. remember they see preg women everyday so they get pretty stale as to what a preg women is feeling. Just be a pest to your dr until he decides to give you what you want! lol 42 weeks is way to.

I was told I was measuring small at 38 weeks, says forumlady. I was scanned at 38+4 and was told the baby had stopped growing and would be 5lb 10oz. I was to be induced at 38+5 so went home and rushed to the shops to buy newborn sizes he was 6lb 12.5oz when born at 39 and he's certainly not small now. 5 months and almost 17lb Lucy, who lost her son Jude at 41 weeks (Read Lucy's story here) Preparing for the birth. You may be offered the opportunity to go home to prepare for your birth. If you go home or get the chance to collect some things from home, ask your midwife about what you should bring. Hospitals can get very warm, so make sure you have cool clothes

If labor hasn't started spontaneously, you'll probably be induced at 41 weeks—at the latest. If your cervix has started to dilate, odds are in your favor for a successful induction, Warshak says Inducing pregnant women once they reach 37 weeks can lower the chance of the baby dying or developing a serious health condition, a study has suggested 37 Weeks Pregnant: Your Pregnancy Week by Week. By Patty Malowney. We want to compliment all you ladies for doing such a great job taking care of yourselves and your soon-to-be-born babies. You are thirty-seven weeks along now, and your baby is considered full term; congratulations are certainly in order! Even though you are full term, you. The risk of cesarean delivery in the induction groups was lower (38 weeks of gestation) or similar (39 weeks of gestation) to that observed in women managed expectantly at the corresponding weeks (38 weeks of gestation: 17.1% vs 24.0%, adjusted relative risk 0.74 [95% CI 0.57-0.95]; 39 weeks of gestation: 20.1% vs 26.0%, adjusted relative.

In cases when maternal bile acids are higher, cholestasis can increase baby's risk of a low birth weight, a slightly lower Apgar score, lung immaturity and preterm delivery — which is why early diagnosis and treatment are so important. In extremely rare cases, stillbirth is a risk, though it can be prevented if labor is induced early I was induced at 38.5 weeks for pre-e. They started on Saturday night and I finally started having productive contractions on TUESDAY morning. By then I was exhausted and annoyed and had no great energy for labor. 16 hours later I started pushing and pushed off and in for 5 hours and then had a c-section. Baby was just plain stuck Hi, I need some advice / shared experiences of early induction due to type 1. I am currently 31 weeks, and due to be induced on Christmas eve (great timing I know!) at just over 38 weeks. My HBA1C is 29 (in the new terms) which is very low and my control is good, the baby is slightly small..

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can cause problems for you and your baby. If you're planning to induce labor, talk to your provider about waiting until at least 39 weeks of pregnancy. This gives your baby the time she needs to grow and develop before she's born. Why can scheduling an induction for non-medical reasons be a problem I'm 38 weeks and I'm in a great deal of back pain, I have a Doc appoiment tomorrow and want to ask to be induced. My 11 year old son was induced he was a week over my 3 year old daugther was spontanus and come two weeks early but with both I didn't have this back pain( latley it's had me in tears).People ask to have a C-section am I with in my rights to ask this question In 2013, however, ACOG redefined what it means for a woman to carry her baby to term, in an effort to prevent non-medically necessary inductions before 39 weeks. Babies born between 37 weeks and 38 weeks and six days are now considered early term. Babies born between 39 weeks and 40 weeks and six days are considered full term The authors suggested that the main reason they found different results from an earlier randomized trial by Gonen et al. (1997), is because they checked fetal weight earlier and induced babies earlier— between 37 to 39 weeks, instead of waiting until 38 to 39 weeks. This meant that they induced labor when a fetus is large for gestational age.