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NBA Players Who Married Celebrities Even More Famous Than Themselves . March 11, 2021 | by Bettina Dizon. Basketball is one of the most-watched sports in the United States, making many of the NBA players known among fans. Here are some of the court stars who dated celebrities. Over the years, NBA players have bagged the creme de la creme of the. Candace Parker and Shelden Williams: They got married in 2008 and this partnership started with lot of promises. They set example for all those players who frightened to begun a married inning. Basically this is Lesbian Couple, who married after legislation of GAY married Law in America NBA players that married celebrities. Behind every successful man, there's a woman. Even though a lot of these guys (current and former NBA players) honed their talent and found fame before.

Being an NBA star has plenty of obvious perks: money, power, celebrity, the list goes on. Among the many benefits of being a star athlete is the opportunity to meet some of the most beautiful, talented, and interesting women in the world. Plenty of basketball players have an impressive dating resume, but these NBA wives and girlfriends put those brief flings to shame The truth of the matter is that 90 percent of African-American married NBA players (such as Pat Ewing, Tim Hardaway, and Mitch Richmond) are married to African-American women. But most people believe that the majority of African-American NBA players are married to non-African-Americans Sometimes, players that like to sleep around choose to do so quite openly. Other times, players like to hide their indiscretions behind a marriage and a couple of children. Larry Johnson is one of the latter players. In the '90s, Johnson married a woman named Celeste Wingfield and the two had a couple of children

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  1. The former NBA big man dated Khloe back in 2008, before the pair broke up via nasty cheating rumors. Derrick Ward Khloe switched from NBA players to a football star in 2009 when she started dating.
  2. Callie and Seth were married in Malibu, California on September 14, 2019. In a New York Post piece, Doc Rivers joked about paying for the wedding of a professional athlete. Advertisement. It was very expensive, the former Clippers coach said. I have to be the first coach to ever throw a wedding for an NBA player
  3. Jason Collins is a retired NBA player who played 13 seasons in the league. He played college basketball for Stanford University, where he was named an All-American in the 2000-01 season before being selected by the Houston Rockets with the 18th overall pick in the 2001 NBA Draft. After the 2012-13 NBA season came to an end, Collins came out as gay
  4. 9 Lamar Odom. Back in 2009, fresh off of winning an NBA Championship with the Los Angeles Lakers, Lamar Odom fell madly in love with Khloe Kardashian. So madly, in fact, that the two got married after they dated for only a month. But alas, the quick marriage between the ball player and the elder Kardashian sister was never meant to be

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Obviously, Kendall can date whomever she wants, but her apparent preference for basketballers made us wonder about all of the NBA players she has been romantically linked to. Here's a list! 1. Devin Booker. Source: Getty. Kendall is currently linked to Phoenix Suns player Devin Booker. They were first seen on a road trip they took together in. if any WNBA player is married (or at least dated) an NBA player. Are there any current examples? You might think this would happen more often, but for some reason, it doesn't. I can only guess it is because most NBA players are not attracted to female athletes. Steven Sacramento, CA. 4 Replie Former NBA Owner Warned His Players Against Interracial Marriage Sonya Curry, Steph's mom, told a tale about ex-Charlotte Hornets owner George Shinn. NEW ORLEANS - MARCH 13: George Shinn, owner of the New Orleans Hornets, hosts their annual Top Hats and High Tops gala with proceeds benefiting the Shinn Foundation on March 13, 2008 at the.

--Money. The NBA's average salary ($2.2 million) is higher than that of any other sport, a fact that is surely not lost on the women whom athletes say are setting them up.--Visibility. NBA teams carry only 12 players, and these players, most of whom are extremely tall, don't have their faces hidden by helmets, hats or sunglasses, all of which. A couple years ago they were spotted at a LA Mystics game together. In case you've never heard of the guy, JayVaughn is an NBDL player who also tore his ACL in 2015. He plays for the Maine Red Claws now. Can you imagine going undrafted in the NBA Draft, as JayVaughn did, joining the Brooklyn Nets' NBDL team and then immediately tearing your.

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Love and basketball! The Kardashian-Jenner sisters have a long history of high-profile relationships, many of which involve NBA players.. Khloé Kardashian has almost exclusively romanced athletes. That said, because NBA players are public figures themselves, fans are always looking for reasons for why their guys aren't playing up to par, even when the answer is that they just aren't good. The 42 years old, Joe Smith is one of the many NBA players who experienced financial problems after leaving the league. Joe earned more than $60 million in salary during his playing days. Yet as of March 2018 he has over six figures worth of debt and his assets are largely gone

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  1. ating presences for the Philadelphia 76ers, Phoenix Suns and Houston Rockets despite never winning an NBA Finals
  2. The NBA again earned an A+ on the issue of racial hiring, a B for gender hiring practices, and an overall grade of an A in the 2019 report card. The grades within the 2019 report card are.
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  4. Reginald Wayne Miller (born August 24, 1965) is an American former professional basketball player who played his entire 18-year National Basketball Association (NBA) career with the Indiana Pacers.Miller was known for his precision three-point shooting, especially in pressure situations and most notably against the New York Knicks, for which he earned the nickname Knick Killer
  5. They got married in 1994 in Las Vegas. Boston Celtics center Joe Kleine (top) hangs above Utah Jazz forward Thurl Bailey while trying to block a shot during the first half of NBA action from.

The average age of active NBA players in 2021 is 26 years old, while the average age of retirement is about the late 30s. All of the players on this list are technically at retirement age, or very close, and some of them do plan on leaving the NBA soon, while others show no signs of slowing down Anthony is a ten-time NBA All-Star, and he won't be forgotten in a hurry when he decides it's time to retire. The star dated TV personality and businesswoman Alani 'La La' Nicole Anthony in the 2000s, and the pair were married in 2010 The NBA Player Wives List Who's your favorite NBA star married to, or are they even married? The most famous of NBA wives today may be the Desperate Housewives star herself, Eva Longoria-Parker. Eva and Tony married just last year with a fancy ceremony in Paris. Another well known wife is Vanessa Bryant, who's married to LA Laker Kobe

About 80% (perhaps a little more) of black NBA players are married to black women. Leaving only about 20% (perhaps a little more) of the players who are married or dating interracially. Either from college or the pros, most black basketball players have black wives/girlfriends. Gorath, Jul 29, 2014 These days, the basketball wives and significant others of many players are just as famous as they are. So, in honor of the start of the 2019 NBA Finals, we had to take score of our fave ladies. 'Basketball Wives' Cast Finally Addresses the Fact That Many of Them Are Not Actually Married. with ball players. Knowing that, fans have been asking since day one why the long-running VH1. Of the big four professional sports leagues in North America, the NFL and the NBA have the highest percentage of African American players. In 2020, 74.2 percent of NBA players were African American

Few players define the Gregg Popovich dynasty with the San Antonio Spurs like their former power forward Tim Duncan. In 19 NBA seasons, Duncan proved to be one of the greatest to ever play the. Smart NBA players—well, okay, even dumb NBA players—know to use their own: There have been too many love children born of a condom that, oops, had a hole poked in it to make that mistake That said, one former and four current NBA athletic training staff members all separately say that six hours of sleep per 24-hour cycle is common among players, an estimate that combines the.

Davis Dated Pro-Basketball Players. Davis isn't married yet, but has dated a couple of WNBA players. His most recent relationship was with Brittney Griner, three-time WNBA All-Star. Griner came out as a lesbian in 2013 and was married to fellow WNBA player, Glory Johnson Adrienne Bosh and Chris Bosh. Adrienne and Chris Bosh met at a charity event in July 2009 and got married at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami, Florida, in 2011. After chatting for a bit and exchanging numbers, they courted over the phone for three months until finally going on a real date in October NBA player, Brook does not have Instagram and only posts about his games on Facebook. On the other side, judging from Lopez's partner, Hailee's Facebook, it seems like the couple has been dating since 2012. Haile posted a couple of photos together before but has been interestingly silent these days In this list of gay basketball players, five of the seven players have come out in the last year. Of which four of those players are active players. With many coming out stories over the last year (April 2013 to April 2014)I'm wondering how many more college (and NBA) players will come out in the next two years Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade. Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade met in 2009. They dated for four years and had a brief split before getting engaged. The couple gave their relationship another shot and on December 21, 2013 the three-time NBA champion proposed. They got married on August 30, 2014 in Miami

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Being an NBA wife reinforced the need I felt to meet expectations and be loved based on performance instead of being loved just for me. The demands of being an NBA wife became much heavier after the birth of my son. After Michael and I married in August of 2006, I found out I was pregnant in October Deb Taylor. 8:30 am, June 11, 2021. (@shelby_danae / Instagram) When it comes to the love lives of NBA players, we love a good college sweetheart story. Such is the case with Trae Young. The. A lot more. While many of us are now settling for a couple of pets rather than starting families, these NBA stars of the past and present just wanted lots of kids. Parenting isn't a competition, but athletes love to win, and these are the top ten NBA players with the most kids. Shaquille O'Neal - 5 kid Tim Duncan, whom she married in 2001 and divorced in 2013, Amy Sherrill was married to Tim Duncan, a former NBA player. The couple first met at Wake Forest University in 1992 and started dating in 1993. The couple married on July 21, 2001, after dating for a long time. The couple has two beautiful children as a result of their union

In 2007, he became a silver medalist with the Under-19 USA team and the NBA Most Valuable Player of 2015. He was born to Dell Curry, a former NBA player and Sonya, a teacher. Talking about his personal life, he is a married man Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is the single greatest scorer in NBA history in total points, while LeBron James is third in total points. They have both won at least 4 NBA titles and 2 NBA Finals MVPs, and each has at least 15 All-NBA Team appearances. They are both very dominant players and have been for a very long time. Who has better stats LeBron or Kobe Clearly to be successful in the NBA you have to win the genetic lottery. In a country with 30 million men between 20 and 35, there are only about 350 NBA players. Given that the life of an NBA player is pretty awesome along almost every dimension, let's assume a large portion of those men would want to be NBA players if they could The legendary star player from NBA, Julius Erving married his long-term girlfriend in October 2008. How many kids does Dorýs Madden have? Julius Erving's wife Dorýs Madden is the mother of three kids Jules Justin Julietta. Who is Julius Erving's second wife

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  1. National Basketball Association. While the grade for gender hiring across the league decreased for the third consecutive year, there was a large increase in the grade for racial hiring. With 80.7 percent of players being people of color, the NBA takes the lead among men's sports for player diversity
  2. Aforementioned, Kisha Chavis is married to a former NBA player, Joe Smith. Reportedly, the couple engaged in 2016, after dating for some years. For the dress, she appered in the wedding Dress as show on Atlanta TV, where she showed up with three of her friends
  3. 6 players found. Former Stanford Players Who Played In The NBA * Including anyone currently in the NBA; NBA career stats since the 1946-1947 season
  4. He is the Mavs' all-time leading scorer, the 2011 NBA Finals MVP, the 2007 NBA MVP and a two-time FIBA Europe Player of the Year. Basketball also introduced him to his wife

About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. I remember like one of the best WNBA players married some ugly scrub, I forgot the dudes name. Was on the Celtics, was super ugly. Typically, I don't think many NBA players date WNBA players, most WNBA players are not that good looking. Top . lrader Ballboy Posts: 16 And1: 53 Joined: Dec 10, 2014. Olajuwon successfully backed NBA awards of Most valued player, Finals MVP and the best Defensive Player in the same year. He remained in Houston after a few disputes as well in 1992 and also led the Rockets' to the NBA championships for the year 1994 and 1995. He is one of the fifty great players in the NBA history. Hakeem Olajuwon Parent Previously Joe Smith was a married man. His ex-wife's name is Yolanda Smith. Former NBA player Joe Smith has 2 kids from this relationship with the ex-wife. He has adopted Yolanda's daughter Alana. However, details regarding his kids' age, names and other information kept under wraps. Caption: Joe Smith former basketball player (Source. Five-time NBA All-Star Chris Webber has become a father to twins after what he says was 'many years of trying'. Webber and his wife, Erika, announced on Sunday via Instagram the birth of a baby boy and a baby girl, although when they were born is unspecified. Although the couple married in 2009, they struggled Mor

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The average salary of a male basketball player is put at $7.7 million while that of their female counterparts is a mere $100,658. The situation is so bad that many NBA referees even make more than the players in the WNBA. Despite this unsavory reality, the women of the WNBA continue making great strides both on and off the court Image via Getty/NBA Photos/NBAE. Nationality: Filipino-American. Team (s): Warriors, Pacers. Years active: 1978-1980, 1981-1982. Career stats: 154 G, 4.8 PPG, 1.4 APG, 1.0 RPG. Despite debuting in.

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After his college career, he decided to enter the draft, and the Detroit Pistons selected him with the 26th overall pick in the 2005 NBA draft. He spent his first eight NBA seasons playing in Detroit, primarily coming off the bench. During the 2007-08 season, he averaged 7.9 points, which was a career-high Among the many relationships of these girls were with NBA players. Here are the NBA players who used to have a relationship with a Kardashian: Kris Humphries. Kris Humphries was having a breakout season with the New Jersey Nets when his 72-day marriage to Kim Kardashian ended in 2011. Following rumors that Kim cheated with her current beau.

He has received several awards like NBA Most Improved Player in 2000, NBA All-Rookie Second Team in 1995, and so on. Jalen Rose: Salary, Net Worth. His works pay him a massive salary and have an estimated net worth of $60 million according to the sources. Besides, he has earned a salary of $102 million to date Back in 2017, Caroline Wozniacki got engaged to NBA player David Lee which was even confirmed by her family. After almost 2 years they got married on 16th June 2019 at Tuscany. She was one of the most popular female tennis players who got married this year

Russel also became the first black head coach in NBA history when he agreed to become the head coach of the Boston Celtics on April 16, 1966. He is the only player to have won 11 NBA Championships in his career. Russell was the NBA's Most Valuable Player five times. He was selected NBA All-Star for 12 times from 1958-1969 In all, Rodman would finish with five NBA championships, two All-Star appearances, and twice be named the league's top defensive player. In 2011, he was inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame. 1

Jalen Rose net worth, salary, married, girlfriend, divorce, affair, father | Jalen Anthony Rose is a former American basketball player who is now working as a sports analyst for ESPN. He was a member of the 'Fab Five' and has played in the NBA for 6 different teams. Namely the Denver Nuggets, the Indiana Pacers, the Chicago Bulls, the Toronto Raptors, the New York Knicks, and the Phoenix Suns Evan Turner Official NBA Stats, Player Logs, Boxscores, Shotcharts and Videos. Stats. Home. Players Teams Leaders Stats 101 Tools Quick Links. Events Players Home. Lebron James: The NBA's Best Player. There are a few names that link directly to basketball. Among them is Lebron James, one of the best all-time NBA players. When asked to choose who is the best NBA player, Lebron James received 5,077 votes (25%). Kawhi Leonard follows him with 3,894 votes (19%). In the third place is James Harden with 2,602.

There are many best players in the NBA, but if you want to find out who is the best-looking player, relax and enjoy our article. The 20 Best looking NBA players. Here, it is starting from our top 20. 20. Jonas Valanciunas. Age: 32 years old; Team: Memphis Grizzlies; Position: Center; Relationship: Married Nowadays Ciara is with another high-profile athlete, Russell Wilson, having moved on from NBA players to NFL players. The Seattle Seahawks quarterback and the Grammy award winning artist were married in the spring of 2016 in a secret ceremony set in an English castle Al Horford has had a long and distinguished career in the NBA playing for the Atlanta Hawks and the Boston Celtics. He is married to Amelia Vega who is the former Miss Dominican Republic. She is 6 feet tall and is an absolute stunner. 2 Gordon Hayward and Robyn Van Vliet. Gordon Hayward is a basketball player for the Celtics

Maureen Kaopua. Cassandra Anderson Meet the lovely Ms. Cassandra Anderson; she is the new girlfriend of NBA player Kevin Durant. Durant is the 6'9″ small forward for the Golden State Warriors who also played with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Prior. After missing the entire 2019-20 season, Durant will make his return with the Nets in the first. Tennis star Caroline Wozniacki and retired NBA player David Lee got married last weekend at Castiglion del Bosco in Tuscany, the same place where Justin Verlander and Kate Upton tied the knot in 2017 The couple has two son the eldest one who is a basketball player named Norm E. Nixon Jr. and the youngest one is DeVaughn Nixon. The family of five is living a affluent lifestyle. Past marriage and affairs. Before marrying NBA star, Debbie was previously married to Win Wilford in the year 1975 Shaq married his first wife in 2002. Shaq and Shaunie O'Neal started dating in 1998 and wed four years later. After a few years of marriage, the two separated. They did make up for a brief moment, but could never get their relationship back on track. The marriage ended in divorce in 2009 Charles Barkley is currently married to Maureen Blumhardt. The couple started dating in 1989 and have been together for around 32 years, 5 months, and 30 days. The American Basketball Player was born in Leeds, AL on February 20, 1963. Legendary NBA power forward who played for the Philadelphia 76ers, Phoenix Suns, and Houston Rockets

The three-time Defensive Player of the Year and five-time All-NBA star loves how Cooper pushes him to climb to greater plateaus in life and in his sport. lakers, married, nba, te'a cooper, wnba Shawn Bradley is a former professional basketball player who plays in the National Basketball Association.Furthermore, he has served as a center for many prominent NBA teams.. The player started his career with the Philadelphia 76ers.Moreover, the team drafted him in the first round of the 1993 NBA Draft.. Besides that, he played for the New Jersey Nets, now known as Brooklyn Nets

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Mixed-race NBA players. What are the NBA players of mixed race that you know of? here are the ones I know: Half-white, half-black: Deron Williams. Tony Parker. Jason Kidd. Kevin Martin. Shane Battier When Iverson announced that he was getting married, most fans didn't even know who his fiancée was. That's how the players wanted it. Rita Ewing, Patrick's ex-wife, who made waves in the NBA in the late nineties with Homecourt Advantage, a steamy novel about players and wives, agrees. There's absolutely a shift in perception of. An NBA baller's wife CHEAT and fawk up her lavish lifestyle? Seems implausible, but it happens, and we've compiled. Pro-athletes, like NBA players, may be the most celebrated athletes in the world, but that doesn't mean their wives are always faithful Is The Troublesome Man Finally Settling After Second Marriage? Being an NBA star is sure to attract beautiful ladies around you. Well, For Anthony, it was no different. The former Vancouver player first got married to Crystal McCrary, who is a lawyer and an author. The couple got blessed with two children, a daughter named Ella (born in 2002), and a son Cole (born on 20 May 2000) For many times, he played for the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) basketball where he was a teammate with future NBA players like Ty Lawson, Michael Beasley and Greivis Vásquez. In honor of his AAU coach, Charles Craig, he started wearing jersey number 35

at 6'3 Harris would have been the 5th shortest player on an already short team. The drafting of Harris also helped bring about the long drafts that the NBA was known for. Though, it took another 10 years for the NBA to cut the draft down to just 7 rounds in 1985, and then just 3 in 1988 and finally the two rounds since 1989 She married American basketball player Brian Lynch in 2007 and gave birth to their first child in 2008. Her return to tennis, post-motherhood, was brief. She retired again in 2011

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Fisher won five NBA titles as a player with the Lakers and served as the Knicks head coach from June 2014 to February 2016. After leaving the Knicks, he competed on Season 25 of ABC's Dancing With. Married NBA coach 'blackmailed for $200,000 over naked pictures he sent to stripper he had an affair with six years ago' Mark Jackson, 47, was approached by stranger with a folder of pictures. Jay Williams currently aged 35 was born on 10th September 1981 in Plainfield, New Jersey, U.S. According to the wiki, his mother and father are David Williams and Althea Williams respectively. He is an American national and belongs to African-American ethnicity. The famous player stands tall at the height of 5 feet 8 inches and weighs 88 kg

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Tim Duncan is a really astonishing NBA player, whose name will always be associated with great talent and hard work even despite his retirement. Being among the most honored players in NBA history, he won the NBA championship 5 times and earned some individual awards like 3-time NBA Finals MVP, 2-time NBA Most Valuable Player, [ Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Wilt, Oscar and Magic or Isiah: Jamal Mashburn names his all-time favorite NBA starting 5, snubs modern players like LeBron James and Kobe Bryant 11/07/2021 Basketbal The former wife to NBA alum Scottie Pippen has a lot of speculation about her romantic relationships. Larsa Pippen is speaking out about her relationship with married boyfriend Malik Beasley. Joseph Leynard Smith was born on the 26th July 1975, in Norfolk, Virginia USA, and is a former basketball player who played in the NBA, being chosen first overall at the 1995 Draft. During his career, he played in 12 different teams of NBA, during his career from 1995 to 2011. How much is the Reggie Miller is a famous American retired professional basketball player who played his entire 18-year National Basketball Association (NBA) career with the Indiana Pacers. After retiring from NBA, he started his career of working as a weekly contributor to The Dan Patrick Show on ESPN Radio.. Reggie Miller was born as Reginald Wayne Miller on August 24, 1965, in Riverside, California

0:00 / 1:19. Live. •. Their marriage may have been short-lived, but Kim Kardashian West and Kris Humphries ' wedding will forever be remembered as one of the most lavish celebrity weddings of. To say they aren't big fans of the glitz and glamour that many fans and some players believe the NBA is all about would be an understatement. people are married and people have kids and people. Shawn Kemp married Marvena L Thomas in 1995 in a private ceremony. Along with Marvena, he has three children. His oldest son Shawn Kemp Jr is a senior basketball player at the University of Washington. Besides that, he is the father of 7 children from 5 marriages. However, details about his other wives are still a mystery Seth Curry, older brother of Stephen Curry, is the son of a Haitian-American woman named Sonya. Sonya's mother, Seth grandmother, is a Haitian woman named Candy Adams (Adams because she was married to Afro-American man named Cleive Ester Adams) NBA champion (2015, 2017), NBA Most Valuable Player (2015, 2016), NBA All-Star (2014-2018 Not too many NBA teams expressed interest in Eaton, but one team decided to give him a chance. The Utah Jazz selected him in the fourth round of the 1982 NBA draft. During his rookie season, Eaton quickly made an impact. He finished the season with 275 blocks, which was a franchise record

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Reflecting on the personal life of Kwame Brown, he is a married man. He is married to a very wonderful woman, Marcia. They tied the knot in June 1989. His wife's profession was as a teacher. The couple is blessed with two children, one daughter named Laurn and a son named Kwame. His son's name, Kwame is an African name that means Born on Saturday. Both of his kids go to DC public school The former NBA player married actress Marita Stavrou in August 1992, but sadly, the ex-couple parted ways in April 2001. They didn't have children together, and their messy breakup made headlines. They didn't have children together, and their messy breakup made headlines Johnson was named one of the 50 greatest players in NBA history in 1996, and was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2002. Magic Johnson Theater Just as he had dominated the courts. As of 2019, the net worth of Williams is about $35 million. He is among one of the richest players. Being an NBA player, he receives $8 million annually as a salary. Lou has made altogether $65,198,36 8 from his NBA career. His property includes his big-budget home and luxurious car as well

Michelle Wie married Jonnie West in Los Angeles, and hereRyan Dorsey Net Worth | Celebrity Net WorthJayson Tatum Biography – Facts, Childhood, Family LifeAashish Chaudhary Net Worth | Celebrity Net WorthRachel DeMita | Wiki & Bio | Everipedia

Washington Redskins player Albert Haynesworth has been indicted on one charge of sexual abuse after a Feb. 13 incident at the W Hotel, in which he allegedly fondled a cocktail waitress' breast. According to the indictment, Haynesworth told a security guard, I didn't touch her and that the waitress was a little black girl and he doesn't even like black girls A lot more was expected from a player once predicted to be NBA's greatest player, but a string of injuries beginning in the 1986-1987 season ensured that Sampson would miss many of the games he was scheduled to play. After playing 10 seasons in the NBA, Sampson bowed out in 1993 and hung up his professional basketball shoes for good in 1994 With a rookie minimum salary in 2016 of $450,000, paid out over 17 weeks, a rookie will earn $26,000 each week. If an NFL wife who wants a divorce will get 50% of what he's earned, choosing to. Kim and Damon were married for four years before divorcing in 2004. Watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians and your favorite shows on fuboTV: Watch over 67 live sports and entertainment channels with a 7-day FREE trial! Seven years later, Kim would once again walk down the aisle this time with NBA star Kris Humphries. The couple's whirlwind. Reggie Miller is a retired NBA (National Basketball Association) player who was a star performer in his team, Indiana Pacers. Reggie Miller Net Worth 2020: Age, Height, Weight, Wife, Kids, Bio-Wiki. Celebrated Name: Reggie Miller Wife/Spouse (Name): Marita Stavrou (m. 1992-2001 NBA's Top 50 Highest-Paid Players For 2020/21 January 4th 2021 at 8:36am CST by Luke Adams While many of the NBA's highest-paid players are on contracts considered maximum-salary deals, the 2020/21 salaries for those players vary significantly depending on when the player signed his contract and how much NBA experience he has