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Schau Dir Angebote von Cattle Dog Australian auf eBay an. Kauf Bunter Today's ropers have a wide variety of options available from Cactus Ropes that are tailored to their specific needs. Many of theworld's best ropers use and actively endorse our products

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  1. Weaver Leather Cattle Rope Halter, Cow, 35-7901-BL/BK. SKU: 101966599 Product Rating is 4.5 4.5 (19) See price at checkout Was Save Free In Store Pickup Standard Delivery Eligible Same Day Delivery Eligible Compare Choose Options [ ] Weaver Leather Neck Strap.
  2. Shop roping ropes from the #1 seller of roping supplies in the USA. From head ropes to heel ropes, we have a huge selection of lariat rope from brands you trust such as Classic, Rattler, Cactus, and Fast Back. Plus, enjoy optional auto shipping for new ropes every 1 to 8 weeks. Place an order for cowboy lassos from National Roper's Supply, and find out why our customers come back again and again
  3. Find quality ranch ropes for sale online from NRS, the #1 seller of cattle rope and roping equipment in the US. Produced for men and women alike, our genuine nylon ropes are competition grade. Order your own ranching rope from NRS‎. A Beginner's Guide to Cowboy Mounted Shooting February 25, 2021 Cowboy mounted shootin
  4. Longer than their rodeo cousins, ranch ropes range between 50 and 60 feet in length and are perfect for catching cattle and horses. When you want top-quality ranching rope for roping activities, South Texas Tack has you covered

Allie Bear's Long Ranch Ropes are the working ropes tested and used by real buckaroos. This is the place for you to order those special ranch ropes so popular in the Buckaroo country of the Great Basin and throughout the west. These ropes give you the edge you need when roping cattle and horses for a living Cactus Ropes 5116 E State Highway 97 Pleasanton, Texas 1-800-SPIN WIN Customer Servic USED LARIAT / ROPE. $ 10.00. Used rope / lariat. USED ROPE REBATE: For each used rope you bring us, get $5.00 OFF your purchase of a New rope. In Stock. SKU: LRTUL Categories: Calf Ropes, Head Ropes, Heel Ropes, Ranch Ropes. All ARENA EQUIPMENT BARN & HOME BIRD, FISH & GAME BOOKS & DVDS CATTLE CLOTHING & ACCESSORIES DAIRY EQUIPMENT EXOTIC. A calf rope for instance is about 28' long out of the box. Not a whole lot of room there roping calves in pasture to tag, vaccinate, band. Loading one in a trailer, it's really short. Even a heel rope is only 35'. A good usin rope is about 45' or even longer. All ropes are expensive, and ranch ropes are especially expensive Cattle ropes, leads, reins etc are all made in 12mm. We can make this in other sizes if requested. Basics Item Prices: Horse halter $25 Lead 7ft $28 10ft $35 12ft $40 Reins 7ft split $50 10ft joined $40 7ft sports reins $35 Float ties $25. Cattle halter $30 Neck rope $30 Nose lead $20 Or as a cattle set $75 Hackamore $45 With a leather nose.

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Will not rot. Strong polypropylene rope runs through core of entire rub and at each end for hanging. Has breaking strength of 2700 lbs. To use suspend between two posts or trees, and charge with 4 gallons of insecticide-diesel fuel mixture along the length. Works best with Face Flyps (one set per cattle rub). Face Flyps sold separately, #16482 With a wide range of products for beef and dairy cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, llamas and alpacas, Weaver Leather is your source for quality-made livestock products Rope Halter Description. Our high quality handmade rope halters offer an extra foot of rope. Size is 1/2 diameter rope, 13 ft. longg. SKU: H Categories: Cattle, Dairy, Rope and Show Halters, Rope Halters & Neckties $ 6.50 - $ 74.50. COLO 2.0 Phantom Cattle Cable Halter w/Ghost Grip. Cable Halter $ 35.00 Select options. Add to Wishlist. Cable Halter Leads. Lead for Cable Halters $ 18.75 Select options. Add to Wishlist. All black slide ring rope halter makes ease of halter breaking. $ 8.95 - $ 103.50 Select options. Add to Wishlist. DOUBLE LEAD ROPE HALTER, BLACK W/ WHITE. Calf roping, also known as tie-down roping, is a rodeo event that features a calf and a rider mounted on a horse.The goal of this timed event is for the rider to catch the calf by throwing a loop of rope from a lariat around its neck, dismount from the horse, run to the calf, and restrain it by tying three legs together, in as short a time as possible. A variant on the sport, with fewer animal.

Shop for Battle Ropes in Exercise & Fitness Accessories. Buy products such as Pro Battle Ropes - 100% Poly Dacron Heavy Battle Rope for Core Strength Training, Cardio , Crossfit, Home Gym & Fitness Exercises. 1.5 Inch Diameter 30, 40, 50Ft Length at Walmart and save Cowboy Piggin' String. The term Piggin' String has a special meaning to outside cowboys who rope and tie down wild cattle and doctor and brand calves. There are other names for this handy piece of rope. In the Southwest, it is sometimes called a hogging rope.. In Texas and New Mexico, cowboys call it a tie-down rope. Details. Size: 5,000 denier to 50,000 denier. Yarn: Polypropylene yarn - high tenacity. Colour: Shinning White, Golden Yellow, Orange, Blue, Black, Red, etc. Packet: Coreless cross-winded cheeses. tightly packed, available from 250gm size to 9kg big packets. Packing: Baler Twine can be packed in carton boxes in pair or raffia woven sacks in bulk Shipping: Flat Rate $6.95/Order (Free Shipping on Orders $75+) Cattle Rope Halters quantity. Add to cart. This easily adjustable rope halter is constructed from top quality poly rope, and offers the perfect combination of durability and value. Cow lead measures approximately 7′ long

Rope live cattle with NO header Rope live cattle with NO header Rope live cattle with NO header. Patent Pending. Contact us Now. Featured Products. Watch The Heel master. Want to heel more steers? No header? No Problem! Rope Live Catlle. Live Cattle Easy way to practice Easy way to practice Information. Reviews. Shipping & Return Policy. Made from a twisted, tight weave polypropylene, these ropes feature an easy slide adjustment to fit any neck size and a braided snap end for maximum strength. Brass plated hardware. Measure 1/2 x 10'. Request Additional Information. FARM CARE ARTICLES. Other products by Weaver Livestock Cactus Ropes has pioneered the rope-making industry for more than 25 years, creating specialized products for ropers of all kinds. We are proud of our history and we are pleased to provide you with the highest quality ropes and service. Learn More Ranch Ropes - Cowboy Cordage. Our Open Range Ranch Ropes are manufactured by us right here in Idaho Falls, Idaho and come in 40′, 50′, and 60′ lengths. They are nylon and nylon/poly blends and are waxed just like our team ropes. The rest of our ranch ropes listed here are imported. They are manufactured for us in large coils (600′ and.

Poly Ranch Ropes Blended Ranch Ropes Specialty Ranch Ropes Rope Accessories Product Categories. Apparel & Accessories; Bits; Bosals & Hackamore Accessories; Breast Collars & Martingales; Buckaroo Canvas; Cavesons; Cinches; Curb Straps; Halters & Leads; Headstalls; Hobbles; Mecates & Get-downs; Media; Quirts & Whips Rattler Rope carries a full line of products designed for faster times through leading innovations in ropes, consistent strings, and quality products for competitors at all levels of competition made in Stephenville, TX. Whether goat tying, tie-down, breakaway roping, or team roping - Rattler Rope is dedicated to the success of our customers We stand behind our ropes and use them daily ourselves, but due to the nature of the job and the stress that can be put on these ropes, especially with trailer loading or roping larger animals, we cannot guarantee they will never break. *If you are roping larger animals, such as bulls or cows, we recommend checking out the Lt Blue Citation Uoza.

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Foreign orders only. accepted by email kingropes@fiberpipe.net. or fax 307-672-5235. International orders cannot be paid via Pay Pal. King's Saddlery is a complete Western tack store. We have a large inventory of merchandise for the cowboy, cowgirl and city-slicker! We carry a wide selection of saddles, ropes, bridles, bits, headstalls, reins. Cattle Guard History. Cattle guards, or cattle grids, have been implemented by humans since before Romans inhabited The British Isles. The first recorded domestication of cattle were by Western Asian peoples somewhere between 6,000-8,000 years ago. During ancient times reflective stone tile was used in place of wood or metals Gray cowboy hat, cattle rope and a chair with a black background. Vertical. Holding Cattle Rope In The Sunshine. In path of glowing afternoon sun, man dressed in blue jeans pants with a towel hanging from its back pocket, light blue. Holding Cattle By Rope. Bright glowing afternoon sun, the back of a man dressed in blue jeans pants with a towel. Show Cattle Starter Pack $ 123.55 $ 99.95 by Weaver Livestock Read more; Tail Bag $ 15.75 by Sullivan Supply Add to cart; Extra Heavy Cattle Rope Halters $ 15.45 by Weaver Livestock Add to cart; Search Products

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  1. Team roping ropes are also available, these ropes are specifically designed to meet the needs of the header or heeler roper: Heeler lariat ropes - these ropes are stiff, so they stay open and allow the roper to capture the hind feet of the steer. Header lariat ropes - softer than the heeler lariat so it can securely curl around the horns
  2. The new hop is the EXACT replica of a live cattle in tow, and has even been matched correctly to live cattle movements by a mechanical engineer professor from Baylor University. Ideal for headers and healers and families that rope together, this is THE roping dummy machine to own if you want the PERFECT PRACTICE
  3. antly adult cattle, lie down or become recumbent. The rope is used to apply firm, consistent pressure to points on the cow's body, causing the animal to lie down with

Team roping gear and horses—made by team ropers for team ropers. Learn about the tools of the team roping trade We are now carrying Pioneer Coupler Cattle Oilers. - Apply oil and insecticide onto ropes by gravity, no pumps and gadgets. - Oil is more gentle on animal than diesel fuel. - Oil treats hair coats and reduces flies and lice. - Animals use oiler instead of rubbing on fences and feedbunks. - Built out of 2 7/8 pipe and heavy duty plates for. Mexican Imports. Most Mexican roping steers are born and raised in Mexico until their horns are big enough to rope. Leonard Lansburgh, owner of Rocky Mountain Cattle Moovers, has been raising his own herd in Mexico, as well as buying other herds south of the border for sale in the U.S., for over 10 years Allie Bear's Long Ranch Ropes are the ropes tested and used by working buckaroos and cowboys. This is the place to order those special ranch ropes so popular in the Buckaroo country of the Great Basin and throughout the west where long ropes are the rule

Dairy Cattle Excessive restraint frightens. Halters - Haltering Loosen chin rope. Go over nose and under chin with left hand. Tighten chin rope by pull of lead rope with left hand. Place headstall with right hand over poll and behind ears. Stanchions Milking parlor Treatment pe WesLynn is the Midwest Territory Representative for JUG Livestock Waterer, Freeze Guard and Champion Tow Ropes products and parts. Located in Central Iowa Cell: 515-771-6036 | Email: wes@weslynn.ne Our range of cattle leads are strong, durable and look good. Some are more suited to the show ring while others are designed for everyday work. We stock leather main leads, leather nose leads , rolled leather main leads for cattle, rolled leather nose leads for cattle, cotton rope main leads for cattle, cotton rope nose leads for cattle, flat cotton rope main leads for cattle, flat cotton rope. Fact check: Decades-old joke about cattle guards ropes in Biden, Obama Abby Patkin, USA TODAY 10/28/2020. Musk says Tesla will accept bitcoin again as crypto miners use more clean energy Cattle Back Rubbers 5 ft or 10 ft. Model WI-0004488. The Back Rubber for cattle is made of tough polyester with an acrylic polypropylene rope that runs its full length.To Use: Suspend between two trees or posts. Charge with 4 gallons of insecticide-diesel fuel mixture along the length. Choices are the 5 ft backrub or the 10 ft backrub

However, rawhide lariats are not the best choice for practical uses, like roping cattle. Manila is a popular option, as it is strong and sturdy. However, manila tends to alter flexibility with the weather. Reportedly, manila ropes become stiff when they are wet and limp when they are cold The Cattle Curtain is a non-mechanical device for applying insecticide to livestock. It uses a wicking action to concentrate insecticide in the rope. The Cattle Curtain should be positioned to hang in a gate or alley and the insecticide is wiped on animals as they pass through the curtain. Simply fill the tube with insecticide and the Cattle. A rope halter is good to have around for cattle, sheep and goats, and it's an absolute necessity around the farm and ranch. It's much cheaper to make an adjustable halter than to go and buy a horse halter from a feed store and find out it's not the right size for the animals you're needing to use it on The Prozap Bovi-Rub backrubber is designed for effective and economical control of flies, grubs, lice, and ticks on cattle and other livestock. Superior insecticide charging with wicking action allows for low-stress application of insecticides on cattle This method of casting cattle, devised by Dr. D. R. Burley of Georgia, has many advantages over the other casting methods. First, it is not necessary in this method to tie the rope around the horns or the neck. It is simply passed around the animal's body which takes less time

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  1. MVP Pitcher Madison Bumgarner Has A Secret Life — As A Champion Cattle-Roper The left-handed pitching in which one horseback rider ropes the front end of a steer while a second rider ropes.
  2. Cattle Rope Oiler - LLCOLR. Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on. 2. customer ratings. ( 2 customer reviews) Gravity flow rope oiler. 2 way valve rather than pump. 2 7/8″ pipe for stand. 5 Year Warranty on the rope
  3. PLS Ropes, Kempsey, Worcestershire. 19 likes. We are an Australian owned company, producing hand made lead ropes in a variety of lengths and colours. Pm us for more detail
  4. Chuck Wagon The cooking and supply wagon used by ranch cooks during roundups and cattle drives. Named for Charles Goodnight, an early cattle baron, who invented the first chuck wagon. Clove Hitch A knot commonly used by cowboys to tie a rope or lariat to a post. Coosie Nickname for the cook, an Americanization of the Spanish word cocinero.
  5. Halters & Lead Ropes. By ordering this item you confirm that you are the owner or keeper of livestock. As your order contains a PML or POM-VPS medicine you may receive a telephone call so that we can confirm the order. Please ensure we have your contact details, a mobile telephone number is always helpful
  6. Roping Cattle: 9 - Corriente Steers - Texas. Straight Corriente. Solid colors. Shots and wormed. $525 Each Posted 04-17-21. $525.00. Roping Cattle: 6 - Fresh Yearling Ropers - Texas SOLD. 4 solids, 2 with spots. These are the heritage breed Criollo descended Texas Longhorns

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Cattle thieves leaving just ropes, manure for angry owners. retired policeman Cyril Evans, lost two large cattle to the bandit/bandits. Cattle thieves are preying on farmers' animals in the Argyle/Akers area leaving only the ropes and manure behind, and last month slaughtered two cows within three weeks belonging to the same farmer Catholic church in St. Louis ROPES OFF unvaccinated members like cattle, bans them from parish hall Submitted by Dave Hodges on Tuesday, May 25, 2021 - 13:09. By Ethan Huf It is a large sock that you soak with insecticide and hang up for the cattle to rub on to get rid of biting flys during the summer. Here is a picture of ours, we have since rebuilt it so that the mineral barrels are mounted on the rear axle. E. Emma Well-known member. Joined Feb 7, 2008 Messages 172 Reaction score 0 Locatio Calf & Cattle Roping Equipment | FarmRanchStore.com. Vendors Vendors Powder River Priefert Stay-Tuff WW Manufacturing Equipment Handling Equipment ―Cattle― Squeeze Chutes Squeeze Chute Accessories Corral Systems Sweep Systems Sweep System Components Loading Chutes ―Horse― Round Pens Stalls Horse Stock Fly Control Systems Gates & Panels. Weaver Cattle Rope Halter. Be the first to review this product. $5.95. ONLY 4 LEFT! SKU. 35-7900. Color. Make It a Gift. Choose the Gift Wrap. Western Themed Everyday Wrap. $6.95. Depending on the package size, twine, ribbon or bows will be used or included. Gift wrap patterns may change throughout the season

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Roping Cattle: 3 - Ready to Rope - Texas SOLD 3 head ready to rope, some potentials too. Cube broke nice set of cattle. Posted 12-19-20 $350.00. Roping Cattle: 8 - Fresh Roping Cattle - Arizona SOLD 8 head Fresh ropers ready to go steers n heifers Posted 12-13-20 $450.00 BRAWLEY — The 2021 Brawley Cattle Call Queen competition has officially begun, as orientation took place Tuesday evening. The eight girls in this year's competition were able to learn the ropes on how they'll be competing for one of the four royalty titles during the hour-long introduction held inside the Elks Lodge Regular price$176.90. Clew Palliser Cattle Oiler Replacement Rope The large diameter 3 Strand rope is long lasting. Individually sold

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This rope halter for cattle is made from quality silver rope, is easily adjustable and all ends are spliced. 12mm Silver Rope. Bull halter. $12.00. Cow halter. $12.00. Heifer halter. $12.00. Calf halter Roping Equipment. The most widely used chute in the country, Priefert Roping Chutes are the official chute of the National Finals Rodeo and the top professional cowboys. We offer a full line of roping products for all your roping needs. Roping chute Add-on Sections, Steer Pushers, and Stripping Chutes are just a few of the accessories offered Cactus Team Ropes. Cactus Ropes has pioneered the team rope making industry for more than 25 years, creating specialized products for ropers of all kinds. Cactus has had many great individuals influence the team rope making process over the years. Clay O'Brien Cooper, Jake Long, Chad Masters, Trevor Brazile, Lari Dee Guy, Hope Thompson, Stran. Mexican Imports. Most Mexican roping steers are born and raised in Mexico until their horns are big enough to rope. Leonard Lansburgh, owner of Rocky Mountain Cattle Moovers, has been raising his own herd in Mexico, as well as buying other herds south of the border for sale in the U.S., for over 10 years Apr 8, 2021. #17. I have roped them on foot and horseback but never off a machine. Too many bad stories of the out come from doing that. I have seen the neighbor pull calves out of a 1,200 pound cow in a big open field by roping one hind leg then drive up on to the rope. Then take a wrap on the tire

FRONTIER TRAILERS & ROPING SUPPLY. Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality products at affordable prices, and we've been following through on that promise since 1989. You won't find a more helpful trailer dealer and roping supply store in all of Utah. Stop in or visit our online store Xplosion Youth Rope by Cactus Ropes. Bad Boy Heel Rope by Cactus Ropes. Bad Boy Head Rope by Cactus Ropes. Waxed Braided Roping Rein. $26.99. $39.00. $38.00. $15.00. $10.50 A cattle rancher for more than 29 years, Mr. Hill got the idea for the fork in 1991 while watching his son rope calves. As he watched the calves pass by with their heads in the air he came up with the idea of the Nord Fork to shorten the time each calf is worked and to make handling easier on the calves Calf rope definition is - —a cry of surrender. How to use calf rope in a sentence Cattle Halters in 4 sizes and 8 rope types from £3.50 Sheep Halters in 3 sizes and 4 rope types from £3.25 Lead Ropes in 2 sizes and 5 rope types from £4.00 You can view my products and prices and create your order from the range available or call me for any specific requirements

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  1. CATTLE-DRIVE ROPE 'CATTLE-DRIVE ROPE' is a 15 letter phrase starting with C and ending with E Crossword clues for 'CATTLE-DRIVE ROPE' Clue Answer; Cattle-drive rope (5) LASSO: Noosed rope (5) Dogie-bagging rope (5) Loop on the range (5) Roundup line (5) Oater rope (5) Mustering rope (5
  2. o acids, and from tomb scenes, we find that one method was hand feeding them fresh green produce and bread dough, which became important.
  3. Conductors - Rope-Twine-Wire-Tape Premier's low-tension electric fence conductors are visible, safe and reliable. They are proven by extensive field-tests and backed by our expertise, world-class reputation and legendary service
  4. Lead Ropes for Mini Cows | Mini Cattle Supply Halters and Lead Ropes for Mini Cows. 1/2 x 6' foot BRIGHT Two-Color Cotton Leads. $7.95. 1/2 x 6' Traditional Two-Color Cotton Lead Ropes. $7.95. 3/4 x 10 foot Heavy Cotton Lead in EIGHT Colors. $12.95. 3/4 x 10 foot Heavy White Cotton Lead with Chain
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The cattle get used to the curtains quickly and walk through the ropes with their heads up to get a thorough coating. Davis recommends installing the curtain, which weighs less than 50 lbs. when filled with 3 gal. of diluted insecticide, on a crossbar over a gate where cattle go to drink or lick mineral blocks A halter is really necessary on the farms to restrain cattle, goats and horses. The leather halters available in the market are way too expensive to purchase and you might give up the idea of buying a halter for leading your calves. However, you can make a halter rope at home and avoid spending all those bucks halter for cattle, measure and cut off about 12 to 16 feet of rope. Lay it out in the manner shown below. At the end of the nose piece (A), attach rubber electrical tape to prevent raveling. Then measure from end (A) a length of rope about 14 to 16 inches long; make the loop for the lead rope to go through. For illustration purposes

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Price. $0.00 - $99.99 5 items. $300.00 - $399.99 1 item. $500.00 - $599.99 2 items. $700.00 - $799.99 1 item. $900.00 and above 1 item. Size. Replacement Ropes Calf Puller 1 item. Replacement Ropes Beef Puller 1 item Beastmaster Rodeo has a wide selection of bull ropes for sale. We offer brazilian bull ropes,custom bull ropes, youth bull ropes, and etc Basic rope work & restraining of animals 1. Basic Rope work 2. Contents • Basic rope work • Cattle restraining • Sheep & goat restraining • Horse restraining • Dog restraining 3. Knots • Knots are prescribed ways of fastening ropes and webbing to objects or each other. • Paly a prime role in Animal handling 4 4 Basic cattle handling system with curved race, round crowd pen and curved lane. A person on a platform over the pound yard can easily open and shut the gates with ropes or levers. A triangular block gate is used to stop incoming cattle and control cattle flow into the pound yard. It consists of 1.52 in high solid sided triangle with 76cm.

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We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us Poly Rope Cattle Halter -. Purple/Black/Teal (H36) Item #: 12018-16. UPC: 000399702110. Mfr #: 35-7900-H36. Buy in Quantity of 1 for a Case. Available in cases, when you. buy in quantities of 1. Weight: 0.67lbs

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Interns will learn the subtleties of reading cattle, cutting, sorting and driving cattle with class, and roping cattle for the purpose of branding and doctoring. Interns will also learn to doctor cattle while on the ground (i.e. setting ropes, giving injections. Unlike other people who offer roping cattle for lease, FSR Cattle Company LLC, is a legitimate company run like a business, not a hobby. Our client's phone calls are returned promptly. Our cattle are available for pick-up 6 days a week. A monthly, itemized invoice is sent to every customer, and we accept all major credit cards Loose objects such as ropes or cables can cause a few problems. Cattle or handlers could get caught on the rope or cable and injured. If it's a breezy day, or the rope or cable flaps at all, or makes noise, it can scare cattle, making handling more challenging and potentially causing injury to the livestock or handlers

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China Ropes For Cattle, China Ropes For Cattle Suppliers and Manufacturers Directory - Source a Large Selection of Ropes For Cattle Products at jump rope,textile rope,rope basket from China Alibaba.co Cattle. Displaying 1 - 20 of 50. 3/16 All-Purpose Snap. 33 Calf Neck Strap / 33 correa de cuello de ternera. 40 Cow Neck Strap / Correa de cuello de vaca de 40 . 45 Cow Neck Strap/45 correa de cuello de vaca. Heavy Nylon Neck Strap w/Buckle--Black Stripe. Jumbo Connecting Link, Black A rope halter is good to have around for cattle, sheep and goats, and it's an absolute necessity around the farm and ranch. It's much cheaper to make an adjustable halter than to go and buy a horse halter from a feed store and find out.. Electric Fence For Cattle. Beef Cattle. There are several fencing options for beef cattle. The type you chose will depend on factors such as expense, ease of construction, and expected life of the fence. Traditionally barbed and woven wire materials have been used for beef cattle

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  1. Panels should be made of sawn or bush timber, steel pipe or special cattle mesh. Wire rope or cable is well suited for the outer fence in circular yards, and sheep mesh with bush timber rails on top works well where the yards are to be used for holding sheep as well
  2. In this method the cattle are tied up with rope and the rope obstructed with a pillar. Feeding and milking process done in the same place. Try to clean the house regularly and make the house in such a way which is very comfortable for the cattle. Fixed cattle house are of two types. One row and two row cattle house
  3. the cattle were out in a pasture grazing, and allowed to rest. They were fed two bales of hay per day for all ten head, with free access to water 24 hours every day. The cattle were roped 2-3 days a week, and about 3-5 sets a day. During each practice session, the cattle were first rounded up from the field and herded into the arena
  4. SHOP NOW. WITH CATTLE CURTAIN! Ready for an easier, more effective way to apply insecticides to your cattle? Then be sure to get your very own Cattle Curtain below! As a revolutionary invention, you can purchase Cattle Curtains and replacement wicks right here. For questions, please feel free to call us at (501) 412-0698
  5. Hope Rope Halters™ (made from halter cord), yacht braid, accessory cord and diamond braid rope halters. Whether you're looking for natural horsemanship training rope halters, or every day rope halters, we have what you need. Each halter features the fiador knot at the chin, our special throat latch knot, and lover's knots throughout. Extra noseband knots and wrapped nose bands also.
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Cattle under 30 months of age carry a slightly thick fat covering over the top. The brisket, flanks, and cod or udder appear moderately full and the muscling is moderately firm. a. Cattle qualifying for the minimum of the Choice grade will differ considerably in cutability because of varying combinations of muscling and degree of fatness. Select Roping cattle in the pasture is the least stressful method for doctoring. When you're running yearlings in big fields, the only way to doctor is horseback. You need to rope and doctor the sick ones as easy as possible. Nowadays, guys don't cowboy as well because the only thing they know is how to arena rope

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