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Treat your varicocele at home, without surgery. Learn more The following are some of the best Ayurvedic medicines for varicoceles. Varuna. Kanchanar. Punarnava. Erand. Rasana. These Ayurvedic medicines contain analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties that provide relief from the pain, swelling, and itchiness of varicocele. Ayurvedic medicines also strengthen the vein valves and protect.

Punarnava: Punarnava reduces the possibility of complications and other issues. It restores the stability of hormones, enhances sperm count, thereby eradicates infertility. Rasana: It can be used for infertility and effective varicocele management. It provides relief from the reason behind varicocele by creating an analgesic effect Punarnava: Punarnava can be used to reduce the risk of complications of varicoceles. It can help restore the balance of hormones in the body. It can also enhance the sperm production and thus, prevent infertility

Ayurveda mentions many herbal drugs — like Arjuna, Manjishta, Punarnava, Guggulu, Sariva, Triphla, Amalaki and Ashwagandha —that help to strengthen the valves of the vein and promote an healthy venous circulation in the body. Classically, both herbal and herbo-mineral drugs which are helpful to get rid of this condition include The ayurveda treatment for varicocele helps in treating the disease without any side effects. Kachanara - This helps in reducing the discomfort and pain and also reduces the swellings of the testicles. Punarnava - It restores the hormonal imbalance and also increases the overall sperm count of an individual Chronic venous weakness is sometimes a major cause of occurence and development of varicocele, which makes it a valuable natural supplement in varicocele treatment. Our own experiences have confirmed this. Horse chestnuts help with varicose veins, hemorrhoids, swollen feet, as well as for cardiovascular diseases such as arteriosclerosis Punarnava is one of the amazing herb in Ayurveda. It is effective to treat large number of diseases. It is the best natural diuretic and beneficial in renal and urinary conditions. It is also used for the treatment of liver disorders such as hepatitis and jaundice

Punarnava Capsules are very helpful in the treatment of edema and water retention due to any reasons. It reduces the swellings and inflammation in a natural way. Planet Ayurveda Punarnava is a pure herbal product. Punarnava helps to promote health of the urinary tract and also helps to maintain healthy kidney function Punarnava Guggulu is an ayurvedic medicine, which has anti-inflammatory, anodyne and anti-arthritic properties.It is mainly used for rheumatoid arthritis, gout, hernia, sciatica, frozen shoulder, backache, urinary bladder pain, and tailbone pain Ayurvedic Treatment for Anal Fissures, Abscesses, and Fistulas. At Ayurherbs in Melbourne, we use all-natural Ayurvedic therapies to provide fissure, abscess, and fistula treatment without surgery.. We Can Help You Heal Naturally Causes of Anal Fissures, Abscesses, and Fistula Castor roots, Manjistha, Guduchi, Giloy, Punarnava, Sariva, Mandookaparni, Punarnavaadi gugglu, Chandra prahbaa, Naagaarjunaabhra ras, are some herbs useful in treating Varicose Veins. Home remedies for Varicose Vein. Powder the drugs vacha, tulasi, turmeric in equal quantity and mix well. Add aloevera juice and make a fine paste

Himalaya Punarnava is a pure herb extract. Punarnava literally means Renewer in Sanskrit. Boerhaavia helps tone the urinary system and promotes health of the urinary tract. Punarnava helps maintain efficient kidney function, with its diuretic action Herbal and herbo-mineral drugs that help to get recover these condition are Punarnava guggulu, Nagarjunabhra rasa, Arjunarishta, Abhraka bhasma, Chandanasava, Rasa sindoora and Sarivadyasava. This is recommended to be the very best treatment for varicose veins. Leech Treatment: In olden days Leeches were used to treat Varicose vein. Once the. Punarnava is an Ayurvedic medicine for liver problems. So, it is helpful to treat gastrointestinal issues including hunger loss, poor digestion, jaundice etc. It can also prevent sudden fever, weight gain, control high blood pressure and swelling

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Punarnava Mandur is an Ayurvedic medicine in tablet form. It is mainly used in the treatment of Anemia, splenomegaly, piles, fever etc. This medicine is more commonly used in North Indian Ayurvedic practice Punarnava crece tanto en India como en Brasil, donde es conocido como Erva Tostao y también se utiliza como un tónico para el hígado y los riñones. Punarnava en Ayurveda: Según el Ayurveda, propiedades Punarnava son amargas, refrigeración, astringente y purificante. Punarnava se dice que el equilibrio los tres doshas del vata, pitta y kapha

Punarnava (Boerhavia diffusa): Punarnava reduces the risk of complications due to hydroceles. This ayurvedic medicint also significantly reduces the swelling in the scrotum. (Also Read: Yoga For Hydrocele) Erand (Ricinus Communis): Erand has an antioxidant effect on the body. This ayurvedic remedy reduces the swelling and pain in hydrocele Varicocele (a situation varicocity shaped withinside the scrotal veins) might also additionally result in infertility in its longer term or if now no longer dealt with appropriately. Risk Factors of Vericose veins. These factors increase risk of growing varicose veins: Age: The danger of varicose veins will increase with age The Ayurvedic approach to healing a UTI is a process of putting your 3 doshas back in balance. There are specific routines for UTI treatment that are targeted toward each dosha. To re-balance vata dosha, you can try a full-body or local massage with vata-alleviating medicated oils or local heat above the pelvis

Male infertility is usually caused by problems that affect either sperm production or sperm transport which include varicocele, infections, ejaculation problems, tumours, hormone imbalances, defects of tubules that transport sperm etc. Blocked fallopian tubes, adhesions (scar tissue) and pelvic inflammatory disease - Guduchi, Punarnava etc. Chandraprabha Vati or as colloquially termed Chandraprabha Gulika or Chandraprabha is a potent anti-inflammatory Ayurvedic remedy used for the treatment of a multitude of diseases of the urinary tract, kidney, pancreas, thyroid gland, bones and joints. Chandra signifying moon and prabha denoting glow, Chandraprabha vati. Hydrocele: It is basically collection of fluid. Now it can be either limited to scrotum or can extend upto inguinal region or can be only limited to inguinal. Depending upon site it can be named as pure scrotal swelling, scroto inguinal or inguina.. Natural Homeopathic Treatment with medicines is very effective for head Scalp dandruff Ayurveda mentions many herbal drugs — like Arjuna, Manjishta, Punarnava, Guggulu, Sariva, Triphla, Amalaki and Ashwagandha —that help to strengthen the valves of the vein and promote an healthy venous circulation in the body Buy 100% Organic Punarnava Powder at reasonable rates. Checkout its benefits & uses for Kidney Problems. Get FREE shipping with every order

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  1. Varicose veins is a common term for enlarged, dilated, twisted and swollen blood vessels, which tend to bulge and protrude on the skin surface. The word varicose comes from the Latin word varix, meaning twisted. Varicose veins are observed in half of people over 40 years old. Punarnava - (Boerhaevia diffusa) and Mummy (Asphaltum).
  2. Punarnava ke fayde - पुनर्नवा एक ऐसी औषिधि है जो अकेली ही कैंसर श्वांस दमा हृदय किडनी इत्यादि रोगों में रामबाण है.अगर बरिश्के बाद इसको एक महीने तक पी लिय
  3. While PV isn't inherited, research suggests that some have genetic inclination toward PV. While PV isn't curable, there are multiple treatment options for managing symptoms
  4. Punarnava hills 60 capsules - Kidney health Support According to Ayurveda, Punarnava is believed to subside all the three doshas i.e Vata, Pitta, Kapha. - Each capsule contains 100 mg Punarnava Powder and 250 mg of extract (as dry extract) from Punarnava whole plant (Boerhaavia diffusa) (8:1) (equivalent to 2000 mg of Punarnava whole plant)
  5. 1. Tribulus Terrestris ( Gokharu ) : Buy a tincture from a Homeopathy Shop and give him 10 drops 2 times in a day. It will take care of his Kidneys. 2. Buy Punarnava extract ( Boerhavia Diffusa ) : give him 10 drops 2 times in a day. 3. Tincture Varuna ( Crataeva Nurvala ) : Give him 10 drops 2 times in a day. Give him this medication for 15 days
  6. Punarnava Powder - 1 kg Pouch. According to Ayurveda, Punarnava is believed to subside all the three doshas i.e Vata, Pitta, Kapha. The plant has traditionally been used to reduce edema associated with kidney, heart, gastro-intestinal disorders. It nourishes and supports the liver and kidney. Benefits : - Acts as a natural diuretic
  7. punarnava chronic renal failure,chronic kidney diseases, nephrotic syndrome Punarnava - urinary tract infection अर्थात kidney की बड़ी से बड़ी बीमारी को अकेले ठीक करने की योग्यता रखता है

Punarnava ( Boerhavia diffusa) Punarnava is a potent herb that possesses anti-inflammatory properties. Its roots act as diuretic agent, reduce swelling and accumulated fluid in the body. This is atremendous herbal remedy for fluid retention. DOSE: - 2 Tablets twice, daily with plain water after meals. 2 Organic India Moringa Capsules (60caps) 205. Dhootapapeshwar Drakshovin Special Tonic (330ml) 185. Jiva Ayurveda De-Toxification Health Care Pack (1Set) 1100 1045 5%. Kudos Punarnava Cap (60caps) 300. Help others by giving answer Varicose veins are veins under the skin of the legs that have become widened, bulging, and twisted. Any obstruction which hampers venous return, e.g. tumors, pregnancy, and thrombosis of deep veins, cause a predisposition for varicosity. The predilection for women suggests a hormonal factor Vataja Shotha. Pain is the dominant feature. It usually affects joints. The swelling will be movable, with thin (transparent) skin overlying it, rough and coarse in nature (touch), have aruna varna (yellowish red colour) or asita (blackish colour), associated with sushupti (numbness), harsha (horripulation), gets pacified on its own without any reason (at times) and reappears again, on.

VARICOSE VEIN. Enlarged, swollen visible veins under the skin are called as Varicose veins. Itching, heaviness and pain are the common symptoms. Obesity, Family history, Pregnancy, longstanding are the common risk factors. Homoeopathic remedies help to alleviate the symptom and avoids further progression of a disease Make the leaves/ roots/ plant parts into chopped, small parts (6 leaves if the leaves are big and fist full of leaves if leaves are small). The chopped parts and leaves are to be added to 1.5 -2 cups of water. Boil on medium heat for about 4 minutes, allowing it to be infused into the water. Filter the contents An Ayurvedic product named Mutrakrichantak Churna, which contains herbs like Punarnava, Varuna, Shigru, Apamarg, etc., is beneficial in naturally reviving kidney failure. It also helps to reduce accompanying fluid accumulation and kidney tissue inflammation. 1 to 2 teaspoons need to be taken twice a day for a week to get the benefits

Varicose veins: Tomato juice, Ivy gourd juice, Night flowering jasmine leaves kashaya: Foxtail ( Korralu ) - 2 days, Little ( Samalu )- 2days, Kodo ( Arikelu )- 2days, Barnyard ( Udhalu ) - 2 days, Browntop ( Andu Korralu )- 2 days: Click Here to listen to Dr Khader: Seasonal diseases for Kids: Stop giving milk to children: Foxtail. PUNARNAVA GHANA VATI by PENTACARE is an ayurvedic herbal concentrate tablet. It is prescribed to enhance the efficiency of kidney and urinary functions. It effectively treats urinary tract infections and helps tone the urinary system. It is a diuretic and helps in relieving swelling

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PUNARNAVA CHURNA by PENTACARE is an ayurvedic single herb powder of Boerrhavia diffusa. It is useful for efficient kidney and urinary functions. It effectively treats urinary tract infections and helps tone the urinary system. INDICATIONS: Kidney disorders, inflammatory conditions. DOSE: 1-2 T twice a day or As directed by the physician In general, brahmi is well tolerated by most individuals. While brahmi has its own uses and benefits, the most common side effect seen in some people is gastrointestinal distress. The main symptoms of gastrointestinal distress including nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. If you want to take brahmifor its above-mentioned benefits, consult a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner or general physician first Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients in Artemisia Absinthium. List of various diseases cured by Artemisia Absinthium. How Artemisia Absinthium is effective for various diseases is listed in repertory format. Names of Artemisia Absinthium in various languages of the world are also given Rated 4.64 out of 5 based on 47 customer ratings. ( 47 customer reviews) ₹ 148.50 - ₹ 269.10. Arthro Ayurvedic Pain Oil helps to get quick relief from Joint Pain, Back Pain , Varicose Pain, Spondylitis, Sports Injury, Sciatica, Sprain and Muscular Body Pain. Select Pack Size. Choose an option 50 ML 100 ML

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Punarnava (Boerhavia diffusa), also called Red spiderling is an ayurvedic plant that has been used in Ayurveda for ages. Punarnava means 'the one that renews or rejuvenates the body' in Ayurveda VARICOSE VEINS super pack. Punarnava. If any of you want to lose weight, this is the way to go. It helps you get to your dream size without having to go through painful surgeries. If you want to look beautiful and lose weight without any side effects, I would highly recommend it these natural products

Chandraprabha Vati (also called Chandraprabha Gulika and Chandraprabha Vatika) is an ayurvedic classical medicine used for the treatment of diseases of kidneys, bladder, urinary tract, pancreas, bones, joints, and thyroid gland. It is also recommended in the the management of diabetes, men's problems, women's problems and mental disorders Posts about punarnava kidney stones written by Dr. Nishal R. The information presented at this page is for information purposes only is not intended to replace the services of a doctor or healthcare practitioner licensed in the diagnosis or treatment of illness or disease

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  1. The Benefits of Guggulu. Guggul is a very important herb in the Ayurvedic tradition and while it is rarely taken by itself, an entire class of medicines has been built around the use of guggul. Banyan Botanicals carries several of these traditional Ayurvedic formulas, known as guggulus—compounds made from a base of purified guggul in a.
  2. VARICOSE VEINS-A REVIEW ARTICLE Dr. Babasaheb N. Gadve*1 and Dr. Madhuri S. Chakote2 *1Professor, HOD and Guide, 2PG Scholar Department of Shalyatantra, CSMSS Ayurved Mahavidyalaya, Kanchanwadi, Aurangabad. ABSTRACT Varicose veins are twisted, enlarged veins near the surface of skin most common in legs and ankles. There are primary as well as.
  3. The word varicose comes from the latin word varix meaning twisted. They commonly affect the legs and feet although they can appear anywhere. Varicose veins are categorized are Superficial Varicose Veins and Deep Varicose Veins Superficial varicose veins are visible and can be painful and disfiguring. However they are generally harmless
  4. Benefits of Amarbel: Improves Hair Health: The plant prevents hair fall and dandruff. Its sap is obtained from the stem and can be used as a hair conditioner and shampoo. It is useful remedy for baldness. Improves Digestive Health: It is used to treat various ailments related to digestive health, control swelling and inflammation
  5. Cloves are a flavorful spice in baked goods and Indian cuisine, but they also have benefits for your health. Here are 8 health benefits of cloves
  6. Punarnava Safety & Interaction Information There are no known safety issues or interactions associated with Punarnava when taken in the recommended doses; however, exceeding the recommended doses can cause vomiting. Safety in young children, pregnant or nursing women, or those with severe liver or kidney disease is not known..
  7. Varicocele: A varicocele is a swelling of the veins that drain the testicle. It's the most common reversible cause of male infertility. Varicoceles result in reduced quality of the sperm. Infection: Some infections can interfere with sperm production or sperm health or can cause scarring that blocks the passage of sperm

Authorized Retail Dealer of Women's Personal Care - Zyrerx Creatinine Reducer tonic, Zyrex Creatinine Reducer Tonic, Zyrex Kutki, Makoy, Punarnava Mix Tonic offered by Zyrex Pharma India, Noida, Uttar Pradesh Veriheal Oil is a unique combination of herbs which are processed in Sesame oil and then presented in the form of lotion for varicose veins. The key ingredients of Veriheal Triphala Fruit, Adulsa Leaves, Bahava Magaj (Cassia Fistula), Chitrak Root (Plumbago zeylanica), Marva Panchang, Halad Rhizome, Brahmi Panchang and Lodhra Sal act by virtue. 5. Dalchini. Dalchini. Cinnamon or Dalchini, has a number of medicinal properties and is perhaps one of the best ayurvedic medicines for weight loss. This bitter-sweet spice contains properties that help improve the body's metabolism. It helps you loss weight and belly fat in an effective way Arthrogold oil is an Ayurvedic formulation to serve as an oil for pain relief, inflammation, arthritis, muscle injury and sciatica. It reduces joint stiffness and muscle spasms and improves blood circulation. It easily penetrates in the skin and provides fast relief with a hot and cold action Punarnava - Boerhaavia diffusa Water for decoction - 49.152 liters, boiled and reduced to 12.288 liters Taila - Sesame oil - Sesamum indicum - 3.072 liters 96 grams of fine powder of each of following, made into paste with water - Shatapushpa - Anethum sowa Devadaru - Cedrus deodara Mamsi - Nardostachys jatamans

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The extract of Punarnava has diuretic properties. It helps maintain effective kidney function. Action: Punarnava helps maintain efficient kidney function, with its diuretic, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory action. It is a very useful herb in treating edema. Indications: Urinary tract infections. Edema (swelling) These are our most popular, top-selling Vitamins, Herbs, and Supplements. All Natural, No Fillers, Additives, Gluten, Corn, or Dairy Guaranteed! Non-GMO, Keto, Kosher. Just wholesome goodness from the Earth. Need a supplement combo for a specific issue? Try our Power Packs and Save 15 Ingredients (Each 10 Gms): Whey Protein 7.5 gm, Skimmed Milk Powder 1.5 gm, Crushed Sugar 1.5 gm. Fortified with : Tal Makahana(Asteracantha longifolia) 980 mg, Shatavari(Aspargus racemosus) 1020 mg, Ashwagandha(Withania somniferra) 460 mg, Vidhari Kand(Pueria tuberosa) 290 mg, Salab Panja(Orchis lantifolia) 250 mg, Punarnava(Boerhavia diffusa) 250 mg, Safed Moosali(Asparagus adsecendens) 250. Pages in category Therapeutic use of Mudra - Varicose vein pain The following 3 pages are in this category, out of 3 total

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Fertility: A Lesser Known Aspect of Health A healthy reproductive system is an asset for both mind and body. Reproductive organs are responsible for producing a series of hormones that affect your physical health. In their absence, you can feel a sudden loss of stamina, menstrual difficulties or penile ailments. In sh varicose veins. Herbs for Varicose veins Manjishta helps to pacify Pitta and blood vitiation Eranda helps to relieves pain and inflammation due to its anti-inflammatory activity Punarnava suppress stiffness and swelling Local application of Snuhi oil helps to maximize venous return supply and dissolution of Grathan Medical tourism is simply health tourism From across the borders to different states, travelling masters it all. From ancient times, medical tourism has been in a haul as people travel to different states or countries in search of better facilities than provided by their own. Although in the present times, this is hardly seen WOMENS PERSONNEL CARE AYURVEDIC AND HERBAL. Prominent & Leading Authorized Retail Dealer from Noida, we offer No More Dialysis, Zyrex Kesh Kalp Hair Oil, Zyrex Varicose Veins Oil and Zyrex Anant Mool Tablet. View More

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  1. Additional Decription Usage : Add 3 times of lukewarm water each time to the kashayam and to be taken twice daily before food in empty stomach. Dosage : 10 to 15 ml for adults and 5 to 10 ml for children or as directed by the Physician. Indication : Hemorrhoids, fistula-in-ano, gas trouble, indigestion and varicose vein.  Caution
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  3. Himalaya punarnava is a pure herb extract. punarnava literally means renewer in sanskrit. boerhaavia helps tone the urinary system and promotes health of the urinary tract. punarnava helps maintain efficient kidney function, with its diuretic action. the herb supports the body's natural ability to remove fluids. boerhaavia is also considered to.
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1. As it is a vata dominant diseased condition veshtana (wrapping of cloth or crepe bandaging) gives symptomatic relief in aching pain, heaviness, numbness etc. 2. Sira Vyadha (blood letting through venesection) is found to be effective in its management. Otherwise, leech therapy can be carried out near the lesion. 3. The line of treatment of gout arthritis (vataraktha chikitsa) is applicable. Punarnava (Boerrhavia diffusa): Punarnava is another herb with health-giving effects, acting as rejuvenate, and providing relaxation to heart muscles and regulates the level of Cholesterol. Pipal Tvak ( Ficus religiosa ) : Pipal Tvak is an effective herb having features to improve strength of the heart muscle

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Subject Category. Subject Category Select Category Astrology (Jyotish) (5) Numerology (4) Palmistry (1) Education & Training (27) Holistic Healing (240) Life Style (122) Reiki (6) Nature Cure (124) Accupressure (8) Colour Therapy (4) Food & Diet (57) Home Remedies (55) Know Your Herbs (23) Magnetotherapy (3) Womens' Health (4) Yoga & Pranayam. Buy Best Quality USDA Certified Organic Punarnava Powder at lowest prices with worldwide delivery. Punarnava (Boerhaavia diffusa) Powder (100% Certified Organic) - Ayurvedic Herb for Kidneys Support. PUNARNAVA literally means the plant that makes one new again and has a special power to renew our health and vitality. It rebuilds the blood and strengthens the kidneys, improving their function. Varicose veins of the testes can be treated using traditional Ayurvedic formulations like Punarnava Guggulu, Kankayan Vati, Arshkuthar Ras, Suranadi Vati, Kutki (Picrorrhiza kurroa) and Kakmachi (Solanum nigrum). Working in an environment of high temperature, and exposure to chemicals and other industrial toxins should be best avoided Hemorrhoid Treatment in Ayurveda Hemorrhoids are essentially varicose veins of the rectum and anus. People between 45-60+ years of age have shown to be more likely to develop them, although they can occur much earlier in life. Internal hemorrhoids are typically not visible and manifest above the anal orifice within the rectal canal. They are [ 13. Pound a few fresh leaves of hog weed (punarnava) and take them two to three times a day. This is an effective home remedy for gall bladder stone. 14. Hot and cold fomentation to abdomen stimulates the circulation of liver and gall bladder and is helpful in the treatment. A cold hipbath, warm water enema, exercise and yoga are also advised

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When the veins become distended and tortuous this condition is known as varicose veins. Causative or weak valves associated with postural strain, which obstructs venous blood flow, cause them. Constipation, irregularity, and jobs with continuous standing are the main causes. Vata constitution people suffer most from this dosorder Boost Ingredients. 10LM. LM potencies are diluted at a 1:50,000 ratio. LM potencies are considered more powerful than potencies with a lower dilution ratio such as X, K, and C. Low potencies in the LM range are considered an indication of more physical issues and higher potencies relate to more mental and emotional issues Dabur Punarnava Mandoor-15gm Used For - Anemia, splenomegaly, piles, fever. Product Description - Dabur Punarnava Mandoor is an Ayurvedic medicine in tablet form. It is mainly used in the treatment of Anemia, splenomegaly, piles, fever etc. This medicin Symptoms of Varicose Vein. Veins that are blue or dark purple in color. Veins that appear bulging and twisted; like cords on the legs. As painful signs and symptoms arise, Heavy feeling or ache in the legs. Throbbing, burning, swelling in the lower legs and muscle cramping. Worsened pain after standing or sitting for a long period of time Dr JV Hebbar Sprouting is the process in which seeds and legumes are soaked in water for many hours. This leads to germination and breaking open of the outer skin of seeds causing a young shoot to grow. Though sprouting is famous as a way to improve nutrition, Ayurveda offers some precautionary insights

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Punarnava Mandoor (Dhootapapeshwar) An excellent Raktavardhak & Shothaghna Yoga specially acting on liver with the ingredients like 'Punarnava' & 'Mandoora'. In Pandu by acting on Liver as well as Pitta it helps in proper excretion of Mala as well as enhances blood circulation. Effective in Shotha being fortified with Gomutra Nature's Secrets brings you a world of natural supplements to help you with your daily well being

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Danshen is an herb. The root is commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is often combined with other herbs. Danshen is used for heart and blood vessel health, cancer, and many other. Punarnava capsule helps to restore the health, stamina, and vitality. It helps to combat the disorders of liver like jaundice, hepatitis, iron deficiency anemia, anorexia and sluggish liver. The healthy liver increases the basic hemoglobin of an individual. Diabetes: Punarnava capsules controls diabetes. It significantly decreases the glucose.

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  1. , aloe vera in your daily diet Adding whole grains in your daily diet and Vita
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  4. Punarnava is good for such as varicocele, a pitta related condition caused by increased blood flow and temperature around the testicles and vas deferens, or hydrocele, a kapha related disorder where excess fluid builds up around the testicles. Other causes may include chronic infection of the prostate, endocrine disorders, anatomical.

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10. It may be anti-aging. Shatavari may be one of nature's best kept anti-aging secrets. According to a 2015 study, the saponins in shatavari root helped reduce the free-radical skin damage that. large purple or brown skin blotches. decreased blood platelets. depression. atrioventricular block, a type of slow heart rhythm disorder. fluid in the lungs. visible water retention. a yellowing.

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  1. Edematic swelling can result from stagnant circulation. Circulation becomes stagnant in Kapha dosha when the blood is too thick and sweet. Sweet blood means blood that is rich in sugars, fats, proteins, or sodium. Sugar and sodium in the blood creates low osmotic pressure, pulling water from cells and obstructing the kidney's ability to drain excess water. Simple Remedies Favor diuretic.
  2. Himalaya Speman Tablet Enhances Production of Sperms 60 Tablets. $11.43 New. Himalaya Wellness Pure Herbs Meshashringi Metabolic - 60 Tablet. $36.58 New. Liv 52 Herbal Tablets Support Liver Health & Activity Himalaya Improves Appetite. 1 out of 5 stars. (1) Total Ratings 1, $20.04 New
  3. GuruPrasadam Platimuch Juice is 100% pure and natural, which is helpful in increasing the blood platelets. It is also effective in Dengue, reduce Blood Sugar, Improve blood circulation, Balance PH Level and more. Buy online today all over India
  4. Punarnava (Borhavia diffusa) Is a herb which helps in flushing out toxins through perspiration. Amrithotharam kashayam,Amritha satva(Sat giloy) are some of the good herbal medicines advised in Dengue fever. Boil tulasi in water and drink this water throughout the day to build up immune system

Punarnava, Eranda, Draksha, Sathavari, Dasamoolam. Indications: It is an effective formulation to treat hernia, digestive disorders like indigestion, flatulence, constipation and related abdominal aches, gynaecological disorders like dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, infertility and ovarian diseases. Dosage: 3 Tablets twice daily From Ayurvedic perspective to manage Abnormal Heart Rhythm, there are various Herbs like Flaxseed, Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna), Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), Punarnava (Boerhavia diffusa), Shankhapushpi (Convolvulus pluricaulis), Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri), Pipal tvak ( Ficus religiosa), Dalchini (Cinnamon tamala), Choti Elaichi (Elettaria. Indian states Chhattisgarh and Odisha are rich in Biodiversity. Pankaj Oudhia is documenting Traditional Medicinal Knowledge about herbs and insects since year.. The Primary aim of this system is to prevent illness, heal the sick and preserve life. This can be summed up as follows:To protect health and prolong life (Swasthyas swasthya rakshanam).To eliminate diseases and dysfunctions of the body (Aturasya vicar prashamanamcha). Our Corporate & Head Office : Dwar Benchmark, Rajarhat Newtown Punarnava is mainly used for liver disorders like jaundice, hepatitis, cirrhosis, anemaia, flukes etc. It performs detoxification and helps even in chemical injury.It is a hepatotonic so tones, balances and strengthens the liver Ayurveda is a holistic system of medicine that deals with the body mind and spirit of a person. The Sanskrit term, 'Ayurveda,' has two components: 'Ayur' and 'Veda'. 'Ayur' means life/longevity. 'Veda' means wisdom/science. Hence Ayurveda means 'science of life' or 'wisdom for longevity'. For many thousands of years, Ayurveda has been a successful primary health.