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  3. Being an organic deterrent, Pest Rid does a pretty good job against a wide range of critters, including reptiles and amphibians such as frogs. This bio-pesticide uses a variety of kitchen ingredients such as herbs and spices to create a potent smell that pests hate. Because it's all-natural, it's safe around people and pets
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  6. If lizards and frogs are getting into your home, they should be sealed out. Look for any small gaps and cracks that a frog or lizard could slink through. Check around exterior doors and windows. Garage doors seem to be exceptionally vulnerable to lizard and frog entry. By sealing your home from lizards and frogs, you will also be preventing.

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  1. What is the Best Lizard Repellent in July, 2021? - Buyer's Guide. Even though most of us are well aware of how beneficial lizards are - they eat a staggering amount of nasty insects and spiders - the fear and disgust for these creatures have a big tendency to far outweigh any benefits taken from having these little wonders around our property
  2. g so be assured Pest Rid is safe for humans, pets and birds. Pest Rid deters lizards, snakes, iguanas, rabbits, frogs, toads etc. Natural and organic pest and animal deterren
  3. Snake repellents contain the same active ingredient as mothballs. The smell of the product repels snakes and some frogs. Step 2 Apply the snake repellent around the edge of your property according to the package instructions
  4. A solution made of black pepper irritates the lizards and repels them. Mix some crushed black pepper with water and fill the solution in a spray bottle. POPULAR: 18 Quality Home Remedies For Diverticulitis Pain Relief Spray it on all corners, where you usually spot a lizard

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For best results, use the following natural frog repellents but remember to also create less attractive habitat for frogs as well. Advertisement. Spreading salt. Spreading salt near the entrances of your home or around your pond deters frogs, as the salt creates an unpleasant feeling in their feet and skin. If you use this method, take care not. The great part is that reptiles and amphibians share quite a few traits, so the repellent is also somewhat effective against frogs. Stagnant Water - Stagnant or swampy water is a welcome sight for frogs. Not only does it provide a place to lay their eggs, it also means there'll be a lot of tasty insects, such as mosquitos Spraying snake repellent around the perimeter of your yard is often an effective repellent against frogs. In fact, snake repellent is usually about as effective at getting rid of frogs as it is at getting rid of snakes. Use herbicide. Studies suggest that certain weed killers chemically alter male frogs, stripping away their ability to reproduce Lizards stay in dark places, like behind wardrobes, cupboards, furniture, etc. If you don't air and clean the dark places, lizards will have a place in your house. 16 easy home remedies to keep away or kill lizards 1. Egg Shells. You may have heard of this from your granny and aunts

The answer is quite tricky. The ultrasound used in ultrasonic repellents is supposedly made high enough to affect and repel pests. Normally, an ultrasound frequency of above 20 kHz is used for lizards. However, some homeowners have complained that these repellents are only effective at first Pest Rid is a natural, organic animal and garden pest deterrent. Its ingredients are used as bio-pesticide for organic farming so be assured Pest Rid is safe for humans, pets and birds. Pest Rid deters lizards, snakes, iguanas, rabbits, frogs, toads etc. 100% natural and organic pest and animal deterren Frogs and toads are nature's natural bug repellent, so while their singing may get on your nerves they can be very helpful little creatures. Frogs and toads also serve as a source of food for many predators ranging from the lovely cranes, storks, owls, and hawks to even snakes LIZARD CONTROL ^. Controlling lizards is easy. First you should take away their food by doing a little pest control around the house. Next you should set out some repellent granules or repellent spray and lastly, consider setting out lizard traps if they're inside the home Invasive Cuban Tree Frog: grows to the size of a human fist and eats frogs smaller than it.. Frogs and toads are a vital part of the environment, but invasive species are destructive and dangerous. The picture above is a Cuban Tree Frog, which has colonized areas of the southern U.S. including Florida and Louisiana.. It can grow to the size of a human fist and eats any other frog that fits in.

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  1. I built a frog pond but it turned out that i actually built an all you can eat buffet for lizards. I built a frog pond but it turned out that i actually built an all you can eat buffet for.
  2. Frogs think the same (and so do many other pests), which is why coffee grounds are so popular in the DIY pest care world. You can buy coffee grounds from the grocery store and sprinkle them around your yard. But the more effective way to do first use the grounds and then recycle your used coffee grounds as a frog repellent
  3. Yes, apart from keeping away small insects and pests, naphthalene balls also have the quality of keeping away lizards. The peculiar smell of naphthalene balls will distract and ultimately repel lizards
  4. RHACOPHORUS TREE FROG . HOW TO TREAT FOR TREE FROGS ^. Treating for tree frogs is easy. We have a repellent spray which works immediately. Treatments typically last 3-4 weeks and can be made to the side of the home, plants and shrubs where they like to hide
  5. How to Kill Lizards With Repellents Lizard Repellents — Natural. Tobacco and coffee powder balls. Although it is a combination that many of us favor, it can work as a great lizard deterrent. How to use it: Make a mixture of coffee and tobacco; 4:1 ratio. Mix it with some water. Place it in their hiding places
  6. t Essential Oil - so use them to make a spray that you can spray around the baseboards of the house and on the outside of the house near the foundation. Simply take a glass spray bottle that's 8 - 16 oz, and fill with distilled water. Then add 15 drops of each Eucalyptus.
  7. Commercial Repellent Options to Get Rid of Lizards If you are figuring out how to kick out lizards from home permanently, here are a few commercial options you may want to try. Natural pest sprays that can be sprayed around the house to kill lizards Organic granules that can get rid of pests, including lizards

I must have caught 50 in the first week, was nice and relocated them. That barely did a dent in the numbers. Later I found out these Cuban tree frogs are an invasive species and eat other native frogs, birds, and lizards. I caught a total of 200 frogs in my small yard and patio this spring. They all had a cold nap in the freezer Homemade Frog Repellent. According to the Ask the Exterminator website, there are no commercially sold repellents for frogs. This can be frustrating if you a.. Liquid Fence All Purpose Animal Granular 2-lb Repellent 546 This unique blend of ingredients causes a mild irritation to animal's nasal passages triggering the natural instinct to escape and/or avoid the area Repels in 3 ways: sense of smell, touch and tast

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Lizards are known to detest the scent of peppermint oils and will keep their distance. Taking advantage of its repellent properties, all you have to do is get some peppermint essential oil and dilute it with water in a spray bottle. Spray onto walls and other areas most affected by lizard presence A: No repellents work effectively and consistently to repel lizards or snakes. Tales of using kerosene, sulfur or lime are just that — tales. The best way to keep either creature from your yard is to remove anything that looks like food or shelter to them. Remove log piles and rock piles near the house. Seal the foundation under the shed. Cayenne Pepper. Cayenne pepper is another popular repellent spray. Simply mix hot sauce or crushed red pepper to water and spray it in places the lizards like to go. While harmless, the residue will irritate the feet on a wide range of pests, encouraging them not to come back. Both sprays are excellent for home and garden applications

How to Kill Ants Without Harming Lizards & Frogs. Ants can be a pesky problem outdoors, especially where large colonies exist, because they invade the spaces you'd otherwise enjoy on your property A topic of hot debate, ultrasonic pest repellents claim to keep rodents, insects, and lizards away by emitting high-frequency sounds. The sounds won't bother your pets, such as cats and dogs, but are aimed to keep the aforementioned troublemakers away Lizards are a big nuisance for all of us. Though, lizards help us in reducing the population of nasty insects, but regardless this, we simply don't want to see these uninvited guests in our house. Lizard repellents, available in the market, are toxic and may harm your pets and child. So, here are some best home remedies to get rid of lizard, in an eco-friendly manner. 1. Coffee Powder Mix.

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  1. Set up some repellent granules or repellent sprays; Set out lizard traps if lizards are inside the home; These are the effective ways. Call the experts today and go for a permanent solution and get rid of lizards from your home
  2. g your pets).. The easiest way to force frogs and toads to move out of your yard is to get inside their brains and figure out.
  3. Most repellents rely either on a lizard's sense of smell, or its sense of fear of specific predators. Onions keep lizards wa because they have a strong odor and will often repel other insects. Hang onions near the area where you have a lizard problem and monitor it for effectiveness. Garlic also produces a strong odor for lizards. They tend.
  4. Make a fog repellent spray using vinegar. It's very cheap and effective way to keep frogs away. Just mix 50 ml of water with 30 ml of vinegar. Put it in a sprayer and spray it on those areas where you see frogs usually. This solution will create burning sensation in their feet and will keep them away
  5. Lizard Control in Gardens. A common concern from homeowners spotting lizards in their gardens for the first time is how to keep lizards from eating garden plants and produce. The good news is that if the lizard you're seeing is a true lizard and not another type of reptile, you don't have to be concerned- most of these animals are carnivores
  6. Spray Lizard Defence inside and outside your homes. Respray outside, in case of rain, since the water washes away the spray residue. Feedback for this product is good. A regular spray of this repellant keeps lizards at bay. Lizard Blocker Granules: These granules are made from natural elements and are not harmful to humans and pets. Even if.

LizardSkin's premium Ceramic Insulation, Sound Control coating and TopCoat coatings were designed to provide thermal insulation, protect against radiant heat gain, dampen irritating rattles and prevent annoying vibrations. Click below to see how others are already using LizardSkin in real-world applications. See LizardSkin in action Lizards are the reptiles present almost all over the world. In this video I tell best home remedies to get rid of lizards at home permanently and quickly. Wa.. BEST REPELLENT SPRAY FOR CUBAN TREE FROGS. Next, let the Cypermethrin spray sit for a day and then followup by spraying the exact areas whеrе tree frogs аrе roosting wіth PEST RID SPRAY.Thіѕ іѕ а vеrу safe, federally exempt liquid mаdе frоm аll natural ingredients thаt work bу repelling releasing а scent сеrtаіn animals саn detect аnd don't like

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Lizard Repellent - Natural Methods & Other Solutions. Want to repel repellent safely? Lizards are harmless reptile creatures that love living in all areas of the world where the sun shines brightly and they can feel the warmth on their little scaly bodies. Lizards particularly love being close to water since they do enjoy a good swim, but. Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen's mineral-based Face sunscreen is designed for daily wear. The lightweight water gel formula works double duty to protect you from 97% of UV rays while hydrating skin with Hyaluronic Acid and nourishing skin with antioxidants. Shop Now. Smart Bottle and Smart Cap Technology

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You may have found a good recipe, but if the vinegar mixture is too strong it will also kill your grass. {stupid grass} c. concara86. Jul 17, 2012 at 10:53 PM. Get some chickens. They'll help keep the frog, snake, bug, etc population down, and if you get hens, you could get fresh eggs as a bonus This page contains recipes for homemade pest repellents as well as suggestions for choosing a commercial product. This page includes Frog Repellents?, Skin So Soft as an Insect Repellent, Tea Tree Oil as Insect Repellent, Using Borax to Rid Your House of Pests, Herbal Insect Repellent, Making a Simple Mint Insect Repellent, and more

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PEST RID EXEMPT REPELLENT GRANULES 2 LB JUG. 27. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: PEST-RID is a food based granular repellent which works by over loading target pests with naturally occurring essential oils. The larger than normal concentrate of these oils will scare nuisance pests by producing an odor and taste which is disagreeable to a. Onion Spray as a Homemade Snake Repellent. 4 cloves of garlic cut in half. ½ onion rings separated. 4 cups of water. 1 tablespoon salt. tb1234. Boil the water in a small saucepan. Add the garlic and onion to the water and let boil for about five minutes. Turn the heat off and let the water steep for a few hours or overnight Does anyone know of any natural lizard repellents? Please suggest. By Sill from Charlotte, NC. Advertisement. Add your voice! Click below to answer. ThriftyFun is powered by your wisdom! Answer . Sharon. March 9, 2011 0 found this helpful. Unless the lizard is nn your house I would let them alone. They are good bug eater Essential oils as a safe snake repellent. The journal Pest Management Science reported that some essential oils can be useful snake repellents against some species of common snakes. Researchers looked at cinnamon, cedarwood, sage, rosemary, juniper berry, and lavender essential oils as natural snake repellents. They found that 10 g of essential oil in 1 liter of water quickly repelled brown. Electronic Lizard Repellents. These devices when you plug them in give out waves of high frequency. Though we as humans cannot hear the sounds that come from these electronic repellants, they work on keeping lizards away. In fact, lizards are known to detest these sounds and will try to keep away from places that have them

Fly Paper Indoor Insect Repeller (4-Pack) Model #HG-11016. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. 38647BAB-4253-4399-BF34-F2AE8036D83D@1.00x. 5. Spectracide. Bag-A-Bug Japanese Beetle Trap Replacement-Bag Outdoor Beetle Repellent (6-Pack) Model #HG-56903 A Novel Green Technology Kaffir Lime Extract as Lizard Repellent. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering. Todd, B. How to Manage Pests. Pests in Gardens and Landscapes: Lizards. University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources. Chance, W. Controlling Frogs and Lizards. Houston County Extension Service It works by producing an odor and taste which is disagreeable to a wide variety of home and garden animal and insect pests including but not limited to: aphids, beetles, chipmunks, curly tails, deer, ducks, frogs, geese, iguanas, leaf chewers, lizards, mealy bugs, rabbits, raccoons, skunk, spider mites, snails, snakes, squirrels, thrips, toads.

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These compact balls of pesticide are actually a wonderful remedy for Curly tailed lizards, snakes, and even frogs. Apparently, they dislike the smell of naphthalene or paradichlorobenzene, which is the main active ingredient. You can try to spread some of those around your house area. Just remember to keep them out of reach from kids and pets Keep an eye out for lizards and spray the ice cold water on them as soon as you see them. As their movement slows, trap them in a cardboard box. Finally, release them outside of your house. 8. Lemongrass. Insects and pests hate the strong citrus smell of lemongrass. It works as a great lizard repellent, too

Indoor Lizard Repellent Plants. Even though most of us are well aware of how beneficial lizards are - they eat a staggering amount of nasty insects and spiders - the fear and disgust for these creatures has a big tendency to far outweigh any benefits taken from having these little wonders around our property Then, you can introduce a few frog repellents. For instance, natural predators such as cats like to feast on frogs. There are a few types of snakes that like to feast on frogs as well. However, you might want to check whether the type of frog on your property is poisonous or not. There are certain kinds of frogs that are poisonous, so risking.

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Lizard Control Kit. Consists of 2 bottles specially-formulated Eco-lizard repellent that effectively drives geckos away from their favorite hiding and feeding areas. Where to buy: www.pestcontrolinabox.my. How it works: the product benefits geckos away from ceilings, lights, walls etc Reptiles are rarer as pets, but some people do have snakes and lizards. Snakes won't be affected by the ultrasonic pest repellent, no matter how loud it is. Lizards have a better hearing, though, and they will be affected by the device. In fact, some of the devices are marketed as an effective way to get rid of lizards around the home This list of pest-repelling plants includes plants used for their ability to repel insects, nematodes, and other pests.They have been used in companion planting as pest control in agricultural and garden situations, and in households.. Certain plants have shown effectiveness as topical repellents for haematophagous insects, such as the use of lemon eucalyptus in PMD, but incomplete research.

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Herbs are also super easy to grow, and are a natural roach repellent.So no excuses nowlet's do this naturally! Advantages of Using Herbs to Repel Cockroaches. If you have a young family or pets, then you it is only natural that you try and minimize their exposure to dangerous chemicals All natural ingredients in an easy-to-use granular formulation. Prevents damage to plants and property. Application is effective for up to 2 months in all seasons. 3-lb. shaker jug. If you're not sure who's been nibbling at your garden, this all-purpose repellent is a good defense. The all-natural granules cause mild irritation to most. A wood pile is a good place for snakes to hide, so burn your wood before snakes become active in spring. If you keep wood year-round, place it on a rack at least a foot above the ground. • Pick. Read all 18 questions with answers, advice and tips about frog repellent from moms' communities. Some of the advice from Moms is: Frog Repellent, Bug Repellent Safe for 2Yrold, Bug Repellent for Babies

Exotic Environments Bent Log Hide-Away. Quick View. $13.99. Blue Ribbon Exotic Environments Bent Log Hide-Away. 3.0. (1) 3.0 out of 5 stars. 1 review. Compare. Reptilite Sand Baja Tan Maintain your A/C unit on a regular schedule. Have the system checked by a professional once a year. Make sure the technician cleans the components and looks for signs of pest activity in the condenser, vents and duct system. When repair or refurbishment is needed, don't put it off. Commit to keeping your A/C unit in top shape so that it will.

There are also products you can buy, such as Victor® Snake-A-Way® or Safer Brand® Snake Shield ™ Snake Repellent. These granular formulas of snake repellents is easy to use and effective. Put on some gloves and sprinkle the granules along the perimeter you want to protect - these snakes won't cross the line you create with the Snake-A-Way With hundreds of thousands of species of frogs, lizards, snakes, and turtles, to select from, there's a cold-blooded cohort for just about anyone at the reptile pet store. Similar to live fish and other pet species that require a tank for a habitat, reptiles can be particular about their living environment, and will need more supervised care Snakes - scaly, legless creatures that slither into your yard and sometimes even your home. While your first instinct may be to run the other way, there are several benefits to keeping them around. Snakes keep rodent populations under control, with a single snake able to eat 3 to 4 mice at one time. They also eat moles, voles, insects, and even fish Snake Repellent when coming into Contact Face to Fang - Cinnamon oil and clove oil are natural snake repellents and a mixture of these can work really effectively in driving away the snake. Equal parts of both the oils should be mixed and put into a spray bottle. Shake well and spray on the snake. Another spray that can be effective once you. Snakes, lizards and even alligators are venturing out of their natural habitats in search of food and shelter. This poses a serious problem. SerpentGuard snake repellent is a unique formula designed to target the extremely intense senses of smell and taste of the snake. Only snakes will find the odor offensive

Ultrasonic electronic pest and insect repellent devices claim that their high frequency sound waves are intolerable to rodents and insects. However, simply plugging one of these devices in probably won't end your pest woes. Read on to find out more about the effectiveness of electronic pest repellents (toothpaste, bug repellent, soap, etc.) at least 10 feet off the ground and 6 feet from the trunk or use a bear-proof container. Never store food inside your tent. • If a bear or Mountain Lion approaches you back away slowly. Avoid direct eye contact with a bear but maintain eye contact with a cat. In either case do not run

Aptly named Iguana Gone, Abdo's all natural deterrent hit the market at the start of 2017 - to rave reviews. Iguana Gone is made out of 100 percent natural ingredients, no chemicals or pesticides, completely safe for pets and humans, said Abdo. But he laughs, It has a foul odor, smelling similar to rotten sesame oil The preceding examples, from both frogs and lizards that eat ants, which are in general small and low-energy prey, exemplify the complexity of the evolution of diets in ectothermic vertebrates. Based on energy gain alone (i.e., optimal foraging), ant specialization should be a poor strategy and selectively disadvantageous If you have questions about reptiles or amphibians in Illinois, you can contact Scott Ballard, Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Southern Region Endangered and Threatened Recovery Species Specialist/Herpetologist, at Scott.Ballard@Illinois.gov or 618-694-3398. Snakes. Turtles. Frogs & Toads. Salamanders. Lizards Similar to the marigold plant, the Andrographis paniculata is believed to be a good snake repellent. This could be due to the bitter taste of both the foliage and the roots. People could also rub the Andrographis paniculata on the scales of a snake. This apparently causes the snake's skin to become swollen. Furthermore, this plant is used as. The West Indian lemongrass is particularly a lemongrass variant that snakes hate. Aside from snakes, lemongrass is also a natural repellent for mosquitoes and ticks. 4. Garlic. No household exists without cloves of garlic in it so if you have problems with snakes lurking around their soil beds, buy not by cloves but grow them in your own garden

Lizard droppings are black with a white tip on them. This tip is the result of the fact that reptiles have the same opening for urine and excrement, so the white tips on feces are simply uric acid crystals. However, lizard poop identification can sometimes be difficult because it is similar to a combination of rat and bird poop Directions. Place a bit of water ( a couple tablespoons) in the bottom of a blender. Add the cloves of garlic, blend until you have a paste. Add the oil and blend up a bit more. Then, pour the liquid into a jar and keep the lid on for at least an hour before using. Put a couple of drops wherever you want to repel snakes

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Could be harmful to frogs and lizards; Ropel Snake Repellent Granules. This non-lethal barrier is made out of a blend of natural plant oils, and this makes it safe to use around your kids and pets without worrying about them getting sick. The granules are easy to use, and you just sprinkle them around the perimeter of the area you want to guard Anoles range in size from the various Twig Anoles, which barely reach 3 inches in length, to Cuba's Knight Anole, A. equestris, an 18-inch long hunter of treefrogs, lizards, small snakes, and nestling birds. The Grenada Anole, A. richardi, is also sizable, sometimes exceeding 12 inches in length. Most Anoles, however, measure 6-8 inches when fully-grown 2. Preserve the natural enemy of Aedes. i.e. dragonflies, predator elephant mosquitoes, ants, spiders, praying mantises, lizard, birds & frog. Keeping these natural biological control agents shall be beneficial for the long term successful vector control. 3. Long term sustainability to suppress the mosquito population systematically. 4

How to Keep Stray Dogs off Your Lawn. If you've ever had a problem with stray dogs wandering into your yard, you know how annoying it can be. Stepping in an unexpected, unnoticed poo deposit, or. Cutter Citro Guard Citronella Candle For Mosquitoes/Other Flying Insects 20 ounce. 1 Review. $9.99 9.99 $. Free Store Pickup Today. Select 2 or more products for side-by-side feature comparison. Compare. Thermacell Insect Repellent Refill Cartridge For Mosquitoes 0.4 ounce Toy lizards, 12 years of manufacture experience Hight quality, competitive factory price & shart delivery time. Ft Specitication, 1. Eco-friendly and non-toxic material, comply with international safety standard, Lead & Phthalate free. 3. existed, lizards, frog, chameleon, octopus etc shapes, or OEM design available, a kind of nice animal. We are selling venomous reptiles , like scorpion , leopard gecko, snake , Lizard etc , any serious buyer can contact us at 923216716590 or at desertvenom721@gmail.com. Tags: Pakistan Snake Suppliers

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Gimme Shelter! To encourage lizards to your garden, provide the following: Tussock grasses, ground covers and hiding spots in rocks and logs. Protected sunny spots on rocks, logs or brick paths. Natural leaf litter to support insects and larvae. Logs, fallen branches, natural cracks in soil and ground-cover plants PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: NBS Insect Repellent is designed for use in exterior coatings like paint and stain.It will deter and inhibit insects from burrowing through or crawling on exterior coatings and is appropriate for use in residential applications as well as dairy facilities, drive-in restaurants, golf courses, parks, playgrounds, poultry houses, recreational areas, schools, landscape areas.

All. Eco-Friendly Insect Repellent Spray 10mL - First Saturday Repel. $4.99. Mosquito Repellent Bracelet. $3.99. Mini Garden Tools - 3pc In addition to the ick factor, the blood contains canine repellent chemicals. Disgusted and weirded out, the coyote fleas, leaving the lizard to wait for more ants. Pages Businesses Media/News Company National Geographic UK Videos Watch the horned lizard deploy its shocking secret weapo Lizard Repellent 32 OZ Spray 100% Natural Gecko Reptile Deterrent Outdoor or Indoor. S & H: see site. $7.95. Amazon. Lizard, Frog, Gecko. Free shipping. $9.99. eBay. Info. ProRep Plastic Hide Easy Clean Repti Cave Snake Lizard Gecko Tarantulas Tortoise. Free shipping. $9.75. eBay. Info. ProRep Reptile Calci Sand 2.5kg 5kg Various Colours. Rex E. Marsh from University of California — Davis has placed a repellent strip on the floor and let the snakes in one by one. Statistically, one of the two gopher snakes crossed the barrier several times. Moreover, Snake-a-Way's rivals are not known to be versatile repellents either. Homemade and Natural Snake Repellents