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In Procreate, the easiest way to cut out the background is to use the eraser tool to erase off and cut out the background you do not want. When erasing the background first crop the image as close as possible, so you have less background to erase. Then you can start to erase the background you do not want by using the eraser mode on Procreate Set the blend mode of the layer to 'Screen' and it will remove the black background To make a transparent background in Procreate, open your layers panel and scroll down to the layer at the bottom of the list that shows your art's background. Tap the checkmark on your background layer to uncheck it. This will remove your background from your Procreate art and make it transparent A place for any topics that don't fit into the other Procreate discussion boards. Be creative You can Unlock your layers from this same location. Duplicate creates a copy of the layer's contents on a New Layer. Delete deletes the selected layer. Note, if you only have one layer, you'll see Clear instead of Delete, which will instead delete the layer's contents

The mystery of the missing foreground and missing background feature in the Procreate 5 animation has been solved. This drove me so crazy, and all the other answers I read were missing key facts, so after solving the mystery of the missing foreground, missing background, I created this short video so you can discover how easy this feature is to use once you know this 1 thing: https://youtu.be. A place for the discussion and support of artistic learning. Questions, solutions, guides, and tips are all welcome here Removing an image from its background : top left corner tap the little Sshape icon then tap the bottom of the screen where u see (freehand /automatic) mak..

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Tap a frame to select it, and tap it again to open Frame Options. Tap Duplicate to create a copy of your selected frame beside it in the Timeline. Or, to get rid of a frame, tap Delete. Undo either option with a two-finger tap Private layers won't reveal reference images or other content you don't want in your final artwork. A Private Layer does this without having to delete or turn off that layer in your file. A Private Layer works like a regular layer in all aspects. The only difference is it won't appear in a Gallery preview image, exported Time-lapse video or replay Select a Solid Background Paper in the Layers Panel. Go to the 'wrench' icon at the top left-hand side of the screen Another way to delete the white would be to use Image Mode>Grayscale, and then just Duplicate the Channel, and Save it as Mask. Open your original again, and drag that Mask Channel to the Image, then Delete. This is what you get: To remove the background from the Background Layer, do not forget to Dbl-click on it, to convert to a regular Layer

How to use the eraser tool in Procreate The eraser tool allows you to delete the strokes that you have traced in the current layer. You can modify the size and the transparency of your eraser in the left bar (just as you would do with a brush). You can use this tool with the stylus I needed to actually remove the background. But I didn't want to waste my time erasing the background or fooling around with tons of adjustments. I still wanted something fast. The Expert Way. So now, let me show you the oh-so-better but still-pretty-quick way to remove your backgrounds

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  1. 3. Use the Color Fill Tool to Change the Color of Elements on Your Procreate Layer. To use the Color Fill tool, the first thing you need to do is make sure you have the correct layer and color selected. Next, click on the Selection tool in the top menu bar and choose the Color Fill tool on the bottom right
  2. Procreate creates a blank canvas with two layers, a white background and a transparent layer. We'll brush in our texture on to Layer 1. Layer 1. We'll use the grunge brush. It comes free with Procreate and you can find it in the Texture's brush collection. Grunge brush. With the colour set to black, paint the layer liberally with the.
  3. Discover seven must-know, time-saving tips for illustrating in Procreate including how to fill color, working with color palettes, liquify, the symmetry tool, quick shapes, alpha lock and more. Includes simple instructions with animated GIFs to help you work faster and more effectively in the popular drawing app

In the Procreate Gallery screen click on the + button on the top right corner, You can hide everything except the Pattern and Background layers. (If you don't want a background color, Delete all the unwanted layers and go to Actions (small wrench icon on the top menu),. Step 1: Create The Letters. The first step we need to take to create a logo with Procreate is open a new canvas and turn off the visibility of the background layer. We're not going to delete it, but we will be leaving it off for the duration of the tutorial because logos need to have transparent backgrounds Select alpha lock for each layer, select black, and then click fill layer. Turn the layers back on that you want to import. You will have a big black blob. Turn off the background layer

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By default, Procreate will add a background color to all your drawings. For a transparent composition, remove the background color in the Layers Panel. Receive Digest. Receive a weekly digest that highlights the most popular articles on The Artistry. Subscribe . Get unlimited fonts Step 6: Applying the Layer Masks in Procreate. Masking is a great non-destructive way to erase details. If you don't like it you can simply delete that layer and not have to repeat everything we did to get the text the way we wanted. Tap on the text layer again and choose MASK (not clipping Mask) Using Transform in Procreate. This area allows you to further edit your selection. I use this option a lot to resize and move items in my art. Transform can be access by clicking the area at the top left of the screen. If you don't have an object selected, it will select the entire layer. Transform Interface Bounding Bo

Click on the small N on the layer thumbnail to open the layer blend modes and change it to color burn (you may need to use a different blending mode depending on the original color of the clothing and the one you chose. Step 8: Add the background For the background, use a complementary color that will create a nice contrast with the clothing or. Feb 11, 2021 - How to Remove a Background From an Image With Procreate on iPad - YouTube. How to Remove a Background From an Image With Procreate on iPad - YouTube. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures Fill your new layer by selecting Edit > Fill. Set your Contents to Use: Black as shown above. Hit OK when you're finished! Your line art is now in a separate layer. Turn off the background layer to better see your results. You're now free to do whatever you please with your drawing, whitespace now removed Canvas Size. Procreate dynamically calculates the maximum number of layers. The larger your canvas, and/or the higher the DPI, the fewer layers you'll have to work with. In the example below, I've created a custom canvas of 12×12. At 300 DPI that gives me 37 layers to work with (left)

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  1. 1. Export your Lettering from Procreate. Step 1. Open your artwork in Procreate and turn off your background layer (tap the the check box next to the layer thumbnail in the layer panel). You should now see the lettering on the Procreate grid background. Step 2. Next we'll export the artwork as a .png file
  2. When you tap on the checkmark and uncheck a layer, it disappears from your art. If you want to remove the background and make it transparent, simply tap the checkmark to uncheck it. This will remove your background and make it transparent. Once you uncheck your background layer, you will see the default Procreate grid appear
  3. Tap on the background layer to open up the colour interface, it looks similar to the colour interface I talked about in the previous tutorial.. Change colour of the background layer with any 1 of the 4 colour interfaces I talked about in the previous tutorial.. Hide the background by unchecking the box on the right of the layer if you wish to export your artwork in PNG format
  4. A super handy tool for those working in line art. I created a video tutorial and an article on it that you can read/watch here: Procreate Reference Layer Tutorial + Color Drop (Video). Combine Down. Combines the selected layer with the one below it into a group. Merge Down combines the content of 2 layers into 1 layer
  5. Once you get your design extracted onto a new layer, remember to clean up any stray pixels. Filling a layer with a bright green color underneath will quickly show you any stray pixels needing to be removed. Delete that layer, save your PNG with a transparent background, and add the new design to your portfolio
  6. On the background layer, we're going to color drop to fill the layer with this light peach color. Then moving to our Clouds layer, we're using a white color, and for our brush we're using the Big Fat Pencil from The Instant Artist Procreate Brushes and Stamps
  7. Then press the X button to delete the layer. Now save the image by selecting File > Save. Now you can add a new background to the foreground detail. Open a new background image by selecting File > Open, and then click Layers > Import From File. Select the image you removed the background from as the new layer

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Step 3. Selecting Mask will attach a Procreate Layer Mask to the active layer. In this example, I've given the layer Example a Fill Color—it's all green. Note the Layer Mask on top of it in the Layers Panel, below. When looking at the Mask Preview, the black space is hidden and the white space is visible Finally, select the layer mask applied to the light layer, create a new layer beneath it and fill with black. Tap the shape down and to the right a few times. Apply a motion blur in the same direction, then apply a slight gaussian blur. Apply a multiply blend mode and reduce the opacity as desired for the final paper cut out look

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5. Create a New Design Layer. At this point, you can turn the background layer on. Create a new layer above all others and three-finger-swipe down again but this time you will select Paste. Now you have everything on one layer. You will need four identical layers. You can continue to Paste each one or you can duplicate the first layer you pasted Play Video. step-by-step. 1. Export individual artwork with transparent backgrounds. Gather all the artwork you would like to print as stickers. Open each file and turn off the background layer to create a transparent background. In Gallery View, select all of each of the files, then tap Share, and choose PNG Tap on the layer and tap to invert image to have the shape with black background, then export your image one by one - converting all the brushes with a black background. This new brush shape photo with the black background will be what you import back into Procreate to create the actual brush

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To keep the background transparent, save it to the PNG format. And then you can use your image at any time for things like creating collages, without having to erase its background again. And if for example you want to add a different background to your picture, just create a new layer and drag it downward in the layer list You should see the background color layer, as well as the first layer. If you want to create a new layer, just tap the + icon in the top right of the layer menu. You can swipe left on any existing layers to have the options to lock the layer (not allowing any changes to be made to it), to duplicate the layer, or delete it If you paint on a new layer, the brush strokes will be recorded there exclusively. You can edit the content independently of layers below or above it. Swipe left in the panel to delete, duplicate, or lock an element. On the layer and a menu appears. The individual settings allow you to rename the layer or turn the layer into a clipping mask Delete Specific Colors on a Procreate Palette. If you do not want to delete the entire color palette but want to delete one color, this is also very easy to do on the Procreate app. The first thing you need to do is to open the color palette you want to change. Use your finger or pen to hold down on the color that you want to delete In the layers panel, pinch to merge the leaves layer with the stem layer, leaving just a single empty background layer below, and the texture layers above. On the layer with the cilantro, grab the smudge tool. Set the size to around 4% or 5%. Using small, short brush strokes, smudge to create a flooded, watery effect

Let's merge these layers now. Tap on the top background layer and choose Merge Down from the drop-down list. Or you can take the two layers (one finger on one, and one finger on the other) and squeeze them together. Pick the Eraser Tool to delete the background color from our character Go to the color wheel and change your brush color to white. Then click on the layers tab, tap the layer image (the little thumbnail) and choose select. Create a new layer, tap the thumbnail next to it and select fill layer. This will create a new layer with all elements of the image recolored to white. Delete the original layer Get unlimited Procreate brush downloads with an Envato Elements subscription.. If you'd like to find the best Procreate brushes for your digital drawings, scroll down after this Procreate custom brush tutorial. We've got a selection of premium Procreate brush sets from Envato Elements and Envato Market.. Watch How to Create Procreate Brushes. If you prefer to watch this Procreate custom.

5. Add your Mid Layers by using a wet-on-wet technique 6. Finalize your illustration by adding shadows and details. CLASS PROJECT 2. Challenge yourself by transforming your illustrations to patterns using Procreate. 1. Take a photo of your Monstera Illustrations 2. Clean the background using procreate 3. Duplicate and Layout your patterns using. In the layers panel, select the layer contents of the stems layer, and use the eraser tool to lightly remove the color from any places that the stems and leaves overlap and intersect. Merge Now in the layers panel, pinch to merge all the painting layers together, leaving just a single empty background layer below, and the texture layers above Add a Background. Get one of the brushes from Procreate for sketching and put the colors on top. You can also divide the background into two colors and use the same layer. Add a circle in blue and add dimension to it To save your Procreate images, select the layers you want to show up and click your Actions wrench. Then click the Share symbol. Next select the format you want to save your project in. Then Procreate will allow you to choose if you want to share your project text, email, Airdrop, etc On the layer mask, a darker color will result in lower opacity and lighter color will result in higher opacity of the paint. The opacity of the layer itself can also be lowered or increased to add strength to the effect. Creating a Seamless Pattern. To make digital papers, you first need to know how to create a seamless pattern in Procreate

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Let's merge these layers now. Tap on the top background layer and choose Pick the Eraser Tool to delete the background color from our character. Procreate tree brushes are a great way to add realistic natural elements to your drawings. This Procreate brush pack is one of the most popular Procreate tree brushes we've got Layer 3 - is the second shade of the color glow (more bright) Layer 4 - Is the white lettering we did in the previous step; Step 6 - Add the colors. Select your neon color. I've picked mine from the website I mentioned earlier. I just found the palette I like the most, took a screenshot, and imported it directly into Procreate Procreate tutorial: Keeping your layers of colour separate is a handy feature of digital drawing. TIP - to create believable dimension, give components of your drawing that are further away a duller, more faded looking colour. Reserve brighter colours and details for components that are closer or that you want to stand out If you are working on a lighter background, do the opposite. Once you've selected your color, click on the thumbnail once again, and select Fill Layer. It will automatically color your layer in the currently selected color. After that, remember to turn off the Alpha Lock mode

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Then reduce everything to one layer. Activate the Animation Assist. Tap Actions (wrench icon) at the top left and activate the Animation Assist under Canvas. A menu appears at the bottom. Here you can see the layers that will later make up your animation. The layer of your immobile objects can already be seen at the bottom as the first frame Procreate tutorial: capturing different textures is made easy with the Apple Pencil. How to Draw Shoes Step 5: Shading and Colouring. Now you've got a lovely outline drawing of your shoe. Time to colour it in! Again, this is where layers come in very handy. Go to your layers menu and first, delete your rough copy layer 5. Procreate will automatically import and open the file in the app. 6. Exit Procreate and open the folder link again and repeat the process for the remaining Procreate file. 7. Both files should now be in Procreate. *The Photoshop file is included in case you don't have an iPad and want to use a computer to make the tags basic dark purple color on our default background layer. Let's add some texture and a pattern to make our image more stylish. Create a New Layer on top of Background color. Pick a new brush, Nebula, from the Luminance set and a blue color to add some mistiness to the background. Reduce the Opacity of the layer to 60%

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Are you an admirer of how cool Procreate is? Undoubtedly it is the best and most powerful digital illustration software for the digital artist but th S-layer, slime layer, or capsule. Usually a layer of polysaccharides but it can also contain polypeptides. A slime layer is poorly organized with weak attachments to the cell wall. A capsule is highly organized and strongly attached to the cell wall. It is a specific capsule identifier that is unique to some bacteria How to reproduce hanging indent styled indices? I want to reproduce the style of index as seen in Page:A_Handbook_of_Indian_Art.djvu/369 such as for entries 'Akbar' or 'Aryans'. In another work I was recently editing, many proofreading errors were because without the indentation people got lost in scanning the text For some background, I live in a decently sized two-story home with my mom and older brother. We have an office with a computer downstairs and I frequently stay up late, goofing off on the internet until my body tells me it's time to go to bed. Last night, it was around 2 a.m. when I finally decided to call it and head to my room Remove White Background in Procreate | How To Remove White Background in Procreate. May 2021. Here is how I export my artwork with a transparent background. It's really useful if you want create a selection of individual paintings and then combine the..

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Now it is time to do so! Tap on the 'Background Color' layer. You will then be greeted by a color wheel named 'Background'. Now, mess around with the wheel and pick a color you like! Blending Modes affect how the selected layer interacts with the other Procreate layers in your canvas. Delete - Deletes the selected layer วิธีบันทึกภาพพื้นหลังใสใน Procreate บน iPad. หลังจากที่เราวาดภาพเสร็จแล้ว ให้เปิดดูที่ Layer จะมี Layer ที่เป็นพื้นหลังอยู่เป็น Layer สุดท้ายเสมอ และจะตั้งค่า.

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My purpose is to delete all of the background behind of a drawing, and use that image on top of other images / alter it etc. I've managed to upload one of my ink drawings, turned it from a greyscale image into just black and white, but now I want to select just the black 'ink' portion, in order to delete the white background Note that we can rearrange these layers within the group. You can also use this same method to move layers in and out of the group. Swiping Left will give you the same Lock, Duplicate, and Delete options as you would see in a standard Procreate layer. Step 7 2. Layer Options in Procreate Step 1. Tap on a layer to reveal additional options

3. Select another (background)layer by clicking with the move tool on it (with automatic selection enabled) 4. Pressing the backspace or delete key doesn't delete the layer anymore This happens only in this specific situation though. Deleting the layers through the menu works Procreate Shadow Tutorial. The layer will now show a checkered background in the thumbnail, and anything you draw on the layer will only show where your design already is. Remove the alpha. Here is the problem, I need to have only the lines and remove the background. Obviously, when I open the file, the whole thing comes in as a background. So I select the magic wand, mess around with some settings, go through picking every line, create new layer, and now I have all these outlines on the new layer Double-click the new layer thumbnail to open the Blending Options dialog. In the Blend If section, drag the This Layer black slider to the right to remove the completely black background, then hold down Alt (Option on Mac) and drag the right half of that slider further to the right until you see the effect you're looking for

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Activating and using the selection tool. To activate the selection tool, tap on the selection icon on the top menu and its options will show up at the bottom. The selection tool can remain active when other functions are being used, such as the brush tool. When the selection tool is activated, only the selected area on the canvas can be edited Join Karen Larson for an in-depth discussion in this video, Introduction to layers, part of Learning Procreate Layers are essential for most artists to be able to confidently progress a piece and make changes easily, without affecting the whole creation, and there are lots of ways to interact with layers in Procreate. You can create a new layer by tapping the + icon in the Layers panel. You'll then be able to give your layer a name and choose from. Learn how to use clipping masks, layer masks, and alpha channels in this easy to understand tutorial for Procreate. Discover the difference between each type of mask and the pros and cons of each type of mask. This article includes plenty of visual examples and animated GIFS to demonstrate concepts 1) If working with an artificially created gradient (like mine), duplicate that layer. If working with a normal photo, merge your edits onto a new layer. What we are doing could quickly become destructive editing if you don't retain a backup. That's why you MUST duplicate the layer

Remove white background If you didn't select remove white in the image trace settings, use the direct selection tool to select and remove the white background. Depending on your design, some parts of the background might be closed off and will need to be removed individually with the direct selection tool Transparent Layers for Digital Art Learn How to Create Transparent Layers for Digital Art on Procreate. If you are new to the world of digital art or need some refreshers, we will be talking about transparent layers and opacity toggles on the apple digital art platform, Procreate.Digital art truly shines with the ability to create layers while painting

For our example, the theme is in the face of a red background, but the smoothness in the scene shifts somewhat. The background is darker to the tops and bottoms and lighter to the center. In the background, we also have some smooth elements to capture. Learn: How to Add Image to an Existing Layer in Photoshop; Fix Frizzy Hair in Photoshop; Nois Drag the Background Layer in the Layers Panel to the little trash icon at the bottom of the Layers Panel.. Or... Highlight the Background layer in the Layers Panel and then merely tap the Delete key on the keyboard.. Additional:. For artboards this is largely controlled by the New Document window.If you create a new document with artboards and set the background color there, it will be.

In a new Procreate document, import your texture on its own layer within Procreate. To import a texture, hit the wrench in the upper left corner > insert > insert flat image. Choose 'photos', then choose the location of the texture on your iPad. Resize the texture as needed. This will always be your bottom layer while you work The remove background tool allows you to highlight the subject of your photo and create a transparent background, so that way you can place your new image into a variety of new designs and destinations. Place it on a colored backdrop or add a new background to put your subject in a completely new environment Click on the blue arrow on the top-right. Drag and drop and new image into the Procreate canvas. Click on the blue arrow again to deselect it. 7. In the layers tool, click on the top layer and select merge down. 8. Click the layers > drag-and-drop the background layer below the hand lettering worksheet. 9 Procreate imports the image into a new layer. I scale and adjust it to size. Imported and adjusted reference image. Note that while the latest version of Procreate has a reference window, I find the iPad Mini's screen is too small for this to be usable. It's easier for me to work with the image sitting in a background layer Press Ctrl+J form your keyboard. A new layer will create then rename the original layer. how to remove white background photoshop. After completing the rename now select magic wand tool from the toolbar and click on the copy layer of the photo. There will create a selection around the photo. Right now you can isolate the photo from its

Step-by-step Guide on How to Remove Background from Logo with PhotoScissors. Step 1. Import Image. The program has to be installed to your computer and then launch it. That will allow you to come up with a fresh slide. From the menu bar, you will be able to insert the images carrying the logo you are editing On the top right of the screen, click the + > import >. choose the mockup/background image from your camera roll or cloud folder. Your mockup image will look like this: Now, you can paste a digital ring paper or a digital planner over the background image. Note: You can only add images to the Procreate canvas

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This was fixed in Procreate 4! Organize your piece into logical groups (background, a foreground character, etc) and name the groups well! If you do need to move a bunch of layers at once and plan on transferring the piece into Photoshop later anyway, Just wait to move the layers in Photoshop Next, we'll make a new layer based on the line art. (1) Create a new layer by selecting Create a New Layer from the Layer panel. (2) A canvas with the dimensions of the selected area will appear. (3) Select the Edit menu > Fill. (4) Select a color to fill from Contents. (5) Uncheck the Preserve Transparency option and click OK How to Paint a Background in Procreate Step 1. Now, let's create a simple background. First, I started by Creating a New Layer below the character artwork. Fill this Layer will a blue color. You can do this by selecting the Layer and then choosing Fill. Step Taking a snapshot in Procreate at Luxor temple to clarify the kilt area on the kneeling figure of Amenhotep III. In our previous Tidbits entry, we covered some useful tricks to enhance the background photo when working in the field using Procreate on the iPad. In the following entry we'd like to show you how to take advantage of your tablet's camera during digital penciling, as we.

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Change the opacity of a layer by tapping the N on that layer and adjusting the slider. You can merge layers by pinching them together. You can also duplicate a layer or delete a layer. There are a lot more layer options so play around and see what they do. For a full tutorial on Alpha Lock and Clipping Masks, click here Latest Video. Subtractive method for lettering in Procreate. Start by creating a brand new artboard. Be sure to make your artboard the size, resolution and print quality your final piece will need to be. Next, create a new layer and rename it texture. This will be the colorful texture that appears to be in the lettering of the final project 37. Move this layer to be directly above your monogram and turn on Clipping Mask again. You can turn off the dark background and add a lighter background. 38. For a light background, add a new layer above the dark backgrounds but below the monogram. 39. Fill it with a light color such as a tannish yellow. Then add a new layer above that. 40