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  1. experience india's first water dip bungee jumping in goa with sea water sports With regards to the safety, we offer a jump from a height of 70 meters to experience adventures like never before. So experience the India's first bungee jump destination at Latambarcem, almost 34kms from Panjim, is a tiny village located at North Goa
  2. Bungee Jumping In Goa Highlights. Boost your adrenaline in a free fall of 55 m over the edge of Mayem Lake. The entire activity will be done under the supervision of a jump master all the way from New Zealand. This package is valued at INR 4,100 in the market. Get your experience of bungee jumping in Goa recorded to take these unforgettable.
  3. The relatively newer activity of bungee jumping is a perfectly safe adventure sport that is attracting brave-hearts from around the world in this tiny Indian state. One of the top bungee operators - The Gravity Zone - is the place to be during your next Goa trip.Located near the famous Anjuna Beach, The Gravity Zone operators throughout the year
  4. Bungee Jumping In Goa: See What exciting activity Lies In This Tourist Paradise. In Goa, Bungee jumping is one sport that can give extremely high adrenaline rush and goosebumps to even a highly seasoned adventure sports enthusiast. What sets apart the electrifying experience of Bungee jumping in Goa is the tranquillity and picturesque beauty of the impressive locations of Bungee spots
  5. Bungee jumping in Goa is not very expensive, however, the cost can drastically change depending on the operator you have visited. The cost of bungee jumping with some of the operators are anywhere between Rs.1250 - Rs.3700. Some of the operators even charge more than Rs.3800 for a full-size adult during the season's peak
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After the increasing popularity of bungee jumping in Rishikesh, Goa Tourism Development Corporation assigned Jumpin Heights to install the bungee jumping station over the Lake Mayem in North Goa.Jumpin Heights was the first company to bring bungee jumping sport in India in Rishikesh in the year 2010. The height of the bungee jumping in Goa is 55 metres whereas it is 83 metres in Rishikesh After operating over 1,00,000 jumps since its inception in 2010 in Rishikesh, and earning recognition from the Ministry of tourism, Govt of India for their international safety standards, Jumpin Heights, the Bungy People - now bring their magic to Goa! Run by ex-Army officers and with Jump Masters trained extensively under Experts from New. Yes. Bungee jumping in Goa is an absolutely safe outdoor adventure sport. All the places in Goa where bungee jumping is done constitute highly trained and certified bungee jumping professionals. All of them follow the safety standards of STANZ (Standard of Australia and New Zealand) guidelines Bungee jumping in Goa is the latest entry to the list of stunning high end adventure sports that one can engage in. What sets apart the electrifying experience of Bungee jumping in Goa is the serenity and picturesque beauty of the impressive locations of Bungee jumping spots. Most of them are near the beach fronts and are simply unmatchable.

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Bungee Jumping from the above 50m platform. Tourists who wish to try out bungee jumping from heights in excess of 50meters could try out their options in Goa with tripraja.com for jumping from 50m, 60m, and 73m heights. The tour operator specifies that the minimum entry age is 10yrs but those youngsters up to 17 must obtain a signed consent of. Bungee Jumping In Goa Nothing can stop you.. Goa offers a platter of adventure sports for the tourists. The state has a bounty of alternatives for adventure junkies. Thrilling sports that are accessible in Goa are trekking, parasailing, water skiing, scuba diving, jet-skiing, bungee jumping, speed boating, and a lot more Rs. 1,200 Rs. 25,937. SPECIAL OFFERS. Bungee Jumping In Goa. 1H. Goa, India. Activity location: Mayem Lake, Bicholim district, GoaActivity Timing: Between 10:00 AM to 5:00 PMHeight: 55 metersActivity date: Every day (Tuesdays Off)Age limit: From 14 to 60 yearsWeight Limit: Below 110KgBungee Jumping is considered as one of the most extreme.

Bungee Jumping in Goa is a thrilling experience that can open up various vistas of gorgeousness and tropical landscapes. However, make sure you go through a licensed operator as numerous safety precautions need to be taken care of before embarking on this adventurous expedition The bungy adventurers who are looking out for something incredible and off-limits can give a try to Bungee Jumping in Goa. Here, safety has continually been our topmost priority! For this activity, we have set up certain age restrictions for those who want to try it out. The participants need to have an age of more than 10 years GOA BUNGY 61 mtr Bungee Jumping Centre in GOA Water dipping Bungy jump Bungy Pass with 1 Year Validity. BOOK NOW. PUNE BUNGY 60 mtr Bungee Jumping Centre in PUNE Water dipping Bungy jump Bungy Pass with 1 Year Validity . BOOK NOW. DELHI/NCR BUNGY 55 mtr Bungee Jumping Centre in DELHI Bungy Pass with 1 Year Validity Goa is an amazing place to be at when you have an adventure on your mind, I tried bungee jumping over here and according to me, it is the best place to try bungee jumping in India. Joshua Kaiwan Bungee Jumping in Goa is an amazing thing to try, I am so happy that I did this thrilling activity

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The launch of bungee jumping and beautification of Mayem Lake adds a feather to the state tourism cap. The Union government is also assisting Goa with funding for infrastructure development for tourism purpose, and in the coming months, Goa will see huge development of tourism infrastructure, new tourism activities and projects, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant said after he inaugurated the. Bungee Jumping in Goa. 4,850.00 4,700.00. BUNGEE JUMPING - Plunging into Happiness. Have you ever done something in life that has left a tag of awesomeness on it? Well, if you haven't, here is your time. Take the plunge of faith, then free fall until you rebound. Yes we are talking about Bungee Jumping and it has now come to Goa Best Time To Do Bungee Jumping in Goa. One of the most interesting things about Bungee Jumping is, that you can enjoy bungee jumping in goa throughout the year. So, you can enjoy any time for Bungee Jumping in Goa. Bungee Jumping in Goa Price. The price charged for Bungee Jumping in Goa differs from company to company

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  1. The Bungee jumping in Goa is mostly attract adventure loving people across the world. One of the newest and exciting trip in Goa is now bungee jumping which happens in the north of Goa. The highest safety standard set by our company adheres to Australia and New Zealand Standards of Safety for Bungee operations
  2. Best Bungee jumping Packages in Goa. Over so many years, Rishikesh has become one of the most famous for Bungee Jumping for the tourist but now Goa is placed in India where you can take new experience adventure sports like bungee Jumping in goa. Goa was before famous for Water sports , Scuba diving in goa but now you can enjoy Bungee jumping also
  3. Bungee Jumping in Goa. From 28th August 2019, the travelers can enjoy this activity at the Mayem Lake in North Goa. To add a tinge of thrill, you will be leaped up from an altitude of 55 meters above the edge of the lake. For more knowledge, this is as high as 15-floor building and is a perfect sport for an adventure junkie. Apparently, to.
  4. More Details about Bungee Jumping In Goa. Know Before You Go for Bungee Jumping In Goa. Follow the instructions given by the instructor carefully. The jump will be permitted only after a health inspection and at the sole discretion of the Jump Masters. Permitted age is 12 years to 45 years and permitted weight is 40 kg to 110 kg

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If you are planning to go to Goa any time soon, you can try your first bungee jump at the Gravity zone. Since the jumping platform is not really high, you can always choose Gravity Zone to be your first bungee jumping location. Adventure activities are best explored in the state. The state has ample choices for journey lovers Bungee Jumping- Most popular adventure sports in Goa. Thrilling adventure activity. Go with Go Adventure Marine | Book No About Bungee Jumping at Vadaval,Goa. Goa offers a platter of adventure sports for the tourists. The state has a bounty of alternatives for adventure junkies. ~Bungee jumping has already taken baby steps in Goa and is comparatively new activity. ~This movement is exciting as well as amazing. ~There is no particular time to enjoy bungee jumping.

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Bungee Jumping is a relatively new adventure activity that turns out to be quite safe if followed by the safety precautions and the operator's instructions. This is what mostly attracts bold hearts from all over the world to Goa. One of the top-rated water sports activities, bungee jumping in Goa should not be missed during a goa trip. It can. North Goa tour day 2 (second time visiting). In this video we are going to cover the following places. 1. Bungee jump at jump in heights. 2. Arambol beach. 3. Mandrem beach. 4. Ashwem beach. 5. Square sparrow restaurant. 6. Mackie's Saturday market ( still closed) 7. Arpora night market (still closed) #goa #goatrip #goatour. Goa day 1 video

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BUNGEE JUMPING In Goa Calangute, Goa, India , Anjuna Beach, Goa. Modify. Details. Description . We are introducing India's best adrenaline dive in Goa. This package has been our long term dream and finally it is all coming true. We are super siced to inform our adventurers that we are on with our bungee jumping and we can't wait to see you. This bungee jumping facility in Goa is run by ex-army officers with jump masters trained by experts from New Zealand. They strictly follow international standards of safety protocols to make sure you have a safe experience. Where: Mayem Lake, North Goa Jump Height: 55 meters Organized by: Jumpin Heights. Rock Climbin

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Bungee Jumping In Goa Overview. Location : Mayem Lake, North Goa Timings : Open from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM Duration : 1 Hour (One Jump + Training) About Bungee Jumping In Goa : Mayhem Lake is among the most famous places when it comes to bungee jumping in Goa. The lake is situated in North Goa surrounded by hilly areas and slopes covered with. About Bungee Jumping at Mayem Lake, Goa. Apart from the scenic beauty and wonderful beaches, Goa offers much more to the Adventures people also. Bungee Jumping happens to be the most Adventurous sport amongst all. It is Goa's first permanent Bungy site- in Mayem Lake, North Goa. Run by Ex- Army Officer Bungee Jumping Goa.. Bungee Jumping Goa.. #bungee#jumping#bungeejumping#goa#views#subscribe#shorts. Bungee Jumping from helicopter at Budaörs Airshow 2019. Our First Bungee Jump @ RISHIKESH | An Ultimate Adrenaline Rush. Search for: Recent Posts. Cube Surfer - Level 57. In Surfing Bungee jumping is a newly added adventure activity in Goa especially for brave hearts who can face and conquer their fears. Surrounded by the exquisite Mayem lake Bicholim, a free fall of 55-meter bungee jumping is an ideal place to experience adrenaline like never before

Bungee jumping season commences in Goa. For people across the country, the summer of 2020 has been like no other in recent memory. Among many other restrictions, the pandemic led to cancelled or. Bungee Jumping in Goa is one of the easy and risk free activites. It can be enjoyed by any age group. Avail offers and enjoy Bungee Jumping in Goa

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Goa now offers two bungee jumping spots, out of which one is located at Anjuna beach and operates from a height of about 80 feet, while the other spot was recently inaugurated by Jumpin Heights on 27 th August, 2019 near the Mayem Lake, North Goa. So, if you are planning to go to Goa any time soon, you can bungee jump not once, but twice The launch is on the 27th of. August which is a Tuesday. It will take place at the beautiful Maem Lake in North Goa, Bicholim District. Sharp at 10:30 am, the 2nd most thrilling Bungy Jumping Destination after Rishikesh, will begin! We can't wait to go bungee jumping with Jumpin Heights in Goa Bungee Jumping Activity in Goa Anjuna Beach is one of the most popular place for adventure activities in Goa, particularly for Bungee Jumping. A tower which is 25-meters in height is used for the sport and each jumper, accompanied by a professional instructor, is lifted to the caged metal grid with the help of a crane

Planning a Goa trip, do try your first bungee jumping Goa. these are the best place for Bungee Jumping in India. It is placed near Anjuna beach The cost of bungee jumping in Goa ranges in INR 2550-3750 depending on the age of the person The 55 meters bungy jumping platform stands tall over the gorgeous Mayem lake, in North Goa, about a 45 minute drive from the popular Baga Beach. Adventure sports are gaining traction in India and. Bungee jumping in goa Stunning is the latest entry in the list of high-end adventure games that anyone can join. Apart from the electrifying experience of bungee jumping in Goa, the impressive locations of the bungee jumping spot have peace and panoramic beauty. Most of them are near beach fronts and are simply not available with the experience.

Explore bungee jumping at anjuna bungee jumping at anjuna, Goa is a perfect destination for a great time with your dear ones. Enjoy the attractions of this popular tourist spot. With so much to lure your senses and offer you recreation at its best, get drenched in the spirit of adventure that you get to explore at bungee jumping at anjuna, Goa Overview. Bungy Jumping - Now in GOA! After operating over 80,000 jumps since its inception in 2010 in Rishikesh, and earning recognition from the Ministry of tourism, Govt of India for their international safety standards, Jumpin Heights, the Bungy People - now bring their magic to Goa Explore the fun Water sports in Goa with Discover Water Sports. You can choose from scuba diving, bungee jumping, Paragliding, Parasailing, Jet Ski & more We offer Jet Ski Ride, Banana Ride, Bumper Ride, Speed Boat ride, Parasailing and Bungee Jumping. Ray's Tours and Travels, not only provides marine watersports but also other day tours like Dudhsagar waterfall, the one of the most beautiful and highest waterfalls in India and loved by the travelers who come to visit Goa

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Bungy Jumping. Jumpin Heights is currently India's Highest Bungee jumping in Risikesh, at a height of 83 mtrs. This is also India's only fixed platform Bungy- performed from a professional cantilever, to separate it from entertainment parks, and create instead, an extreme adventure zone. Book No Bungee jump cost in Goa: Rs. 500. Bungee jump costs: Depending on the location, height of the jump, and quality of equipment used, you'll pay anywhere between INR 400-3000. There are different combo packages offered for those who want to do bungee jumping, flying fox and giant swing together Goa. Next time when you are in Goa, you should definitely try bungee jumping at Gravity zone. You can easily find this spot around Anjuna beach, as it is one of the major crowd pullers in Goa. Set.

At Anjuna Beach, Goa, you get to witness this along with the thrill of bungee jumping. Located near the beach, Gravity Adventure Zone is perfect for people of all levels of adventure quest. Moreover, when you go bungee jumping in Goa, you get the opportunity to experience plenty of water sports and other extreme adventure sports too 4. Rishikesh. Rishikesh. The peaceful city of Dehradun, a famous bungee jumping destination in India. With a height of 83 meters, it is the highest Bungee jumping place in India, giving you the opportunity to experience this exciting experience. There is a bracket built above a rock that gives it this height Do not carry anything in your pockets as it may get lost during a jump and the operators will not be responsible for it. Bungee jumping in Goa has an additional feature that allows you to choose your height to jump. The state has an abundance of alternatives for enterprising junkies. The state of Goa lies on the west coast, or also known as the Konkan Coast, of India and thus, providing ample.

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Bungy Jumping in goa,Goa is one of the amazing and best Outdoor adventure activities for adults that travellers can perform,play or ride. Use ClearHolidays travel app to find Bungy Jumping activity in India After partying at the beaches of Goa and swimming in its cool waters, add thrill to your vacation and try this bungee jumping activity! This exhilarating experience by Sea Water Sports will allow you to jump from a 25m tower while you enjoy the view of a verdant forest Hi, I would like to correct and help people looking for this question. In Goa there are 2 bungy jumps available. Indya Bungy Goa and jumpin height rishikesh recently launched Bungy jump in Goa. Indya Bungy Goa is of 61mtr where else jumpin height.

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The bungee jumping facility at Mayem Lake, North Goa, will open for public on 28 August. You can jump from an adrenaline inducing height of 55 meters (180 ft) from above the edge of the lake. Image Credits: Holidify. But no need to be afraid. The entire facility will be looked after and have a trained and specialised crew that will take care of. Goa . Scuba Diving in Goa; Advance Water Sports; Paraseiling; Exclusive. Kayaking; River Rafting; Snow Park; Bungee Jumping; Fly Boarding; Body Zorbing; Dolphin Safari; Dudhsagar Waterfall; Goa Rides. Jet Ski Ride; Banana Ride; Speed Boat Ride; Bumper Ride; Goa Trip. Adventure Boat Trip; Grand Island Boat Trip; Goa Tours Package. North Goa Tour. The bungee jumping zone has been constructed over Mayem Lake in North Goa. It will be open for tourists from August 28, 2019 and adrenaline junkies can jump into a free fall from 55 meters Bungee Jumping is a recreational activity in which a person climbs at a certain height then the person trying this activity is tied to a rope with a safety kit and then the person jumps. Best Place for Bungee Jumping in Goa There are many places in Goa where you can do Bungee Jumping but one of the best places for Bungee Jumping in Goa is.

Experience the thrill of free fall from lofty heights at exotic location in Goa. Now book spine-chilling bungee jumping adventure in Goa at just ₹3125 per person For all those who stay in Goa or are visiting the place, don't miss on experiencing the actual bungee jumping in Goa at the gravity zone. There are some strict rules for the people while taking this up. People over 50 can only take part in the jump if they produce a medical certificate of their fitness. Kids below 14 years of age have to. The southern and northern ends of Anjuna beach, which stretch along the golden shoreline, provide a variety of activities. While the southern end has a rocky outcropping, the northern end offers water activities such as bungee jumping, rough banana rides, and more. Goa's multidimensional entertainment hub is Anjuna Beach

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Bungee Jumping in Goa (61 Meters) Highest in Goa These are Advance water sports packages, Bumper Ride in Goa, Parasailing in Goa, Snorkelling in Goa, Water Sports Package, Body Boarding, Scuba Diving at Grande Island and Scuba Diving at Malvan The Goa Tourism Board has teamed up with Jumpin Heights, the company that runs India highest bungee-jumping pad in Rishikesh, for the latest addition to Goa list of adventures. The Upcoming Bungee-jumping at Mayem Lake is nearly 15-storey tall. The bungee jumping facility at Mayem Lake, North Goa, will open on 28 August Bungy Jumping in Goa ₹4,110.00. Combo - Bungy Jump, Flying Fox & Giant Swing ₹8,250.00. Bungy Jump ₹3,550.00. See All. Photos. See All. Videos. We're ten! 8. 1. Face your fears! 9. 2. THE WAIT IS OVER! We are all set to reopen India's HIGHEST Bungy in Rishikesh from the 1st of October Goa. Bungee Jumping in Gravity Zone in Goa is situated close Anjuna beach in Calangute. Gravity Adventure Zone is a good place for first timers Bungee Jumping. Gravity Zone Anjuna Beach 25 Metres 500 INR Person. Delhi. Bungee Jumping is also available in Delhi from a 130ft high crane in Greater Kailash

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GOA. Good experience of bungee jumping in Goa at Gravity Zone. Its height is less and for those who are experiencing it for the first time, this is the right place. DELHI. Delhi also boosting Bungee jumping spots. Wanderlust in Delhi is the best location. Most importantly the entire staff is trained in Germany and they are efficient in. The company is re-starting its Bungy Jumping operations in Goa from the 1st October. After submitting a 4-page safety protocol including all preventive measures to be followed on the jump zone against COVID-19, Jumpin Heights has received official permission to resume operations It might not be very safe jumping off a platform being held by a crane but people enjoy this adrenaline-filled experience. Price: Rs 400. Goa. Located near Arjuna Beach, one of the most popular beaches in Goa, the Gravity Adventure Zone conducts bungee jumping from a height of 80 feet. Price: Rs 50 If you have been daydreaming about doing the bungee jump here some great news. Jumpin Heights, the Bungy People, are all set to bring their expertise to the state with a 55 meters jump over the Mayem lake. The project is supported by the GTDC. Ex- captain Rahul Nigam, managing director and owner of Jumpin [

The 55 meters bungy jumping platform stands tall over the gorgeous Mayem lake, in North Goa, about a 45 minute drive from the popular Baga Beach. Adventure sports are gaining traction in India and Goa, as India's favourite travel destination, was a natural choice for the next big adventure zone If you are planning to visit Goa put bungee jumping at first place in your list. The setup is established at Gravity zone near one of the famous Anjuna beach. The stablished set up is permanent and the height for the jump is 25-meter. The jumping platform is not so high you can prefer it for your first jump

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My First Travel Podcast on Bungee Jumping in Goa. Bungee Jumping is the newest addition in Goa's Adventure Activities. There are 2 Major Companies operating Bungee Jumping in Goa. The jump lasts for about 2 to 5 minutes and is absolutely worth the price that is INR 2999 to INR 4,200 per head including the taxes. Don't forget to mention your health conditions to the team before you plan to jump Bungee Jumping in India. Bungee jumping is relatively new in India, and there are only a handful of destinations that offer the activity. Rishikesh, in Uttarakhand, is the country's first bungee site, and easily the best known. Jumps take place from a cantilever platform constructed on a rocky bluff looking out over a tributary of the River.

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The bungee jump in Goa is close to Anjuna Beach. In the last years, the bungee jump in Goa has always become more popular due mainly to its cost. The cost for doing a bungee jump in Goa is around 20-40$; these largely depend on the seasonality. Cost of Bungee Jump South Africa GOA'S GRAVITY ADVENTURE ZONE: Goa is a dream destination to many and when you are actually in this dreamland, you have the opportunity to get thrilling travel and adventurous travel memories. So, you could try bungee jumping at the Gravity zone of Goa while roaming around Anjuna beach which is one of the famous attractions here Bungy Jumping is an Outdoor Adventure Sport & popular breathtaking recreational activity among travellers. Enjoy Bungy Jumping Outdoor Activities in India at Goa,Manali,Kerala,Pondicherry,Uttarakhand locations