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  1. 7 days ago. Here's a picture of the long bois that the Furby club are currently working on. These are from the imaginations of some excellent year 7 kids. 19. 3 comments. 178. Posted by
  2. r/ LongFurby. Happy Cakeday, r/LongFurby! Today you're 2. Let's look back at some memorable moments and interesting insights from last year. Hello, I have created this long furby, but can not think of a name to match it's beauty, help. by u/oneandonlybread. My new long girl is done! She's still at the shedding stage by u/djgh1412
  3. I've known about long furbies and custom furbies for a while, but I just bought my own furby buddy off ebay and I love them so much. I was planning on longifying the boi, but I was wondering if I should make them into something else? maybe a furby whale out of an old stuffed animal?? For a first-time furby owner, what do you guys recommend.
  4. No one knows the exact genesis of the Long Furby, but it seems they've been around for a couple of years. There are fans and customizers on Tumblr, and over the last year, a community of Long Furby fans has congregated on Reddit, where there are now more than 6,000 people sharing their customized long Furbies and Furby journies with each other
  5. The Reddit community is filled with helpful tutorials for how to make your own long Furby: Cut the fabric off the bottom of a Furby (keep the feet and tail to later sew to the end of your long.

The long furby to end all long furbies. This incredibly thick long furby boi is yet another brainchild from @long.furby.fam and seems to have been constructed using a body pillow and the detached face of a furby toy. RELATED: 10 Collectibles From The 80s That Are Worth A Fortune Toda The Long Furbies in the pictures you see here (via LaughingSquid) are the creations of Brooklyn Williams and her girlfriend.Williams, who goes by the moniker boots_with_the_furb on Instagram and.

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Spin Master's Hatchimals WOW grows up to 32 inches tall. Its name is Llalacorn, and it's part unicorn, part llama. Llalacorn is the first re-hatchable Hatchimal, so you can relive the joy of. This sentence is false :3. This sentence is false :3. An blog for my arts, crafts, and misc thoughts. Praise the all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-loving Long Furbies. I will do commissions of furby art for about £5 each. After quarentine I'll do long furby commissions Humanoid/long legged. Uncommon. Have human like hands or other other body parts. May have pair of long legs as well. Examples: Buttered Noodle from @buttered-noodles and Handsome Ryan from @well-i-guess-i-own-a-furby-now About Furbies in general, including their history; All versions of Furbies are good, so no matter what version you collect or like, I will too. If you interact with this post in any way, I will check out your blog and likely follow you. You do not have to follow me back, but if you decide to, it's a win-win

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☼ Merch: https://represent.com/store/strange-aeons ☼ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/strange_aeons_/ ☼ Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/STRANGEAEONS ☼ T.. Typically normal size furbs will start at a base price of roughly $50 and long furbies will start at a base price of roughly $150 (this can rly change depending on how long they are) I make furby buddies from scratch as well which typically sell for $20. If you message, I'll probably ask for an email or discord handle to continue talking Furbies were already disturbing enough on their own. But of course people had to take it a step further. I thought I hated the long, limbless Furby Courtesy of Sara Torres and Facebook Courtesy of Reddit And then I found the horror that is FURBIES WITH HANDS Courtesy of Sara Torres and Facebook Mother of GOD Long furby Species guideI keep seeing a bunch of different types of long furbies, and I started categorizing them in my head- So since I'm bored, I thought I'd make a post for it. EDIT: I made a part..

safe furby furby furbies original furby furblr furby fandom furby community furby 1998 oddbody furby furby buddy long furby allfurby furbycore furbler 38 notes Mar 3rd, 2021 Open in ap Furbys came in all shapes in sizes! This Orange Sherbert the Long Furby recently sold for $340 on eBay. eBay Also, make sure it's clean, without stains, matted fur or scuffs on the plastic parts He is approximately 4 feet long, and so very very fluffy. He has 8 talons for hugging and a sharp little birds beak - all hand sculpted using Aves Apoxie Sculpt. He took nearly a millennia to complete, but is fully functional and fully loveable. His voice is glitchy as fuck, though, and it definitely adds to the charm Long furby, but wide instead of long ; Artist's depiction by @par-vollen; And there we go! Please tell me if I missed anything, or if you find credit for me to add. I know there's more, however these are the species I could come out with-I hope this helps you all make the right choice if considering summoning a long furb

I'm selling some long furbies and furby paintings too! Im pretty proud of how its all turned out!!! furbies toys furby furby fandom furblr furby buddy custom furby custom furbies 90s toy customization art show lisa frank neon rainbow me myfurbs my furbs my furbies Long Boye Weston. This is Weston and he is long. Inspired by the original long furby created by FurbyFuzz 26. Where did you buy your furbies? 27. Do you buy clothes and accessories for your furbies? 28. Were any of your furbies gifts? 29. Did you used to think furbies were creepy? 30. Do you have a long furby? 31. How long have you been interested in furbies? 32. How long have you had your furby? 33. What got you interested in the furby community? 34 Me: It's not a phase mom, I'm a gamer boi *dabs and jumps on the battle bus*. Okay now that I've Lana del Rayed it up, time to post my kinnie list, ahem-. Puss N Boots. I emotionally relate to him, and he is my comfort character. Sometimes in life you want to be the lil meow meow but you are also NOT BABY. I am not BABY I am a very.

Dec 18, 2020 - A subreddit dedicated to those beautiful long creations. Dec 18, 2020 - A subreddit dedicated to those beautiful long creations. Pinterest. Today. Explore. Saved from reddit.com. So I hear you guys like long furbies, this is my girl Pepto Bismol . Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; mora-of-pogtopia. lyrasnowchester. hello everybody i am here to ask what the fuck is going on. im sorry but what the Hell what the Shit what the absolute Bafoon is going on in this hellhole . i had someone from the eggpire come tell me that the egg can give me as many long furbies as i want 1] The first thing men look for in a potential victim is hairstyle. They are most likely to go after a woman with a ponytail, bun! , braid, or other hairstyle that can easily be grabbed. They are also likely to go after a woman with long hair. Women with short hair are not common targets. 2] The second thing men look for is clothing I T S D I N N E R T I M E. Long Boye Weston. This is Weston and he is long. Inspired by the original long furby created by FurbyFuzz

A new cryptid is was discovered in an abandoned Toys R' Us

The Fascinating Story of How Gizmo Became a Furby. As parodied in the holiday classic Jingle All the Way, a staple of each and every Christmas season is the it toy of that year - the one. Just hold the door open for everyone. my art character design shoebill character design art character art. She swam all the way from the deep sea to give advise. isopod giant isopods giant isopod painting digital painting ocean my art isopod hour isopods deep sea creature deep seacreatures. netoey Long Furby Species Guide Part 2. So, soon after posting part one of the guide, I was flooded with various new species I had yet to discover. But, I had already hit tumblr's photo limit, so I had to make a whole new post He is my first long furby and is a Pride Month inspired, genderless Furby who uses he/him pronouns. He is a massive 6 feet long and sports a gigantic rainbow mane going down his back. His eyes are the bisexual flag (for his mother) while the sensor spot between his eyes is the rainbow flag Here, the pictures and memes took an even more bizarre turn and rocketed up the ranks of Reddit. The musical fruit that makes you toot is something you'll either love or hate, so a community dedicated to baked beans being put in weird places will be pure nightmare fuel to some. Long Furbies

Long Boye Weston — Here are some Fashion Foward Furbs! I sewed up... 1.5M ratings furby furby furby fandom furblr furby community custom furby longboye longfurby safe furby oddbody furby furby clothes clothes for furbies furby 2005 2005 furby 1998 furby furby 1998. Saved from reddit.com. Longinus Furbine, my long son. A space for enthusiasts to gather and share our love of the tiny robot bird-mammal creatures known as Furbies!. Saved by Flying Beef. 680. Cursed Images Beautiful Creatures Cool Stuff Fur Babies Creepy Weird Kawaii Funny Memes Pictures

It should look something like this: 16. Place the eyes you made in the head plate. Make sure to place them the same way you did before. Make sure they look how you want them to. What I did to check this was hold it in place with one hand holding both the eyes in position and the head plate. Then pick it up About Furbies in general, including their history; All versions of Furbies are good, so no matter what version you collect or like, I will too. If you interact with this post in any way, I will check out your blog and likely follow you. You do not have to follow me back, but if you decide to, it's a win-win Instructions: 1. Design the eyes for your Furby! You can be realistic or do whatever you want! 2. Trace an epoxy sticker twice. The ones I linked on Amazon are the perfect size to fit in the 2012 Furby faceplate! 3. Draw whatever design you decided on the circles New shop drop! May I present a hot new concept. Long Furby Scrunchies! You can find them for sale over on my Etsy! OddlyLongCuriosities . These fun fashion accessories look great around a bun or ponytail and wrist

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  1. Hey guys sorry I haven't shared much on this blog I haven't been in the best of weather but I'll try and keep making customized furbies to sell! It's a little hard since two long furbies before haven't been bought and because of that money was sunk into waste so it's hard to buy more furbies to customized when the others haven't.
  2. thewollfgang. melancholymango. I did the being edgy and self-deprecating thing, it gets old. I wanna be soft and lovely and easily impressed. I wanna appreciate all the little things that make me happy the same way I've dwelled on every single thing that upsets me. Source: melancholymango
  3. Furbies are supposed to take naps when they are put in a dark, closed space. But one redditor remembers a time when they placed their Furby in the closet, and they weren't in a napping mood. Let me set the scene, anonymous writes. I am 6. My room is very small, with a built in wardrobe
  4. Aquatics Oddbody Furby Shop. A finished furby commission!!!! . all furby furby furby fandom safe furby oddbody furby custom furby long furby furby buddy furby 1998 forest forest floor goblin aesthetic goblincore mushrooms modded furby cottagecore. 704 notes

Catra Applesauce Meowmeow. This girl at school tried to convince people she got pregnant from having a juicy time with another girl and she figured it out by finding sperm in her cheek cell sample for biology class when we were using microscopes. i dont even know whats real anymore this would make a great wattpad fanfiction wattpad fanfic. her name is ma'khia bryant. i'm such a small blog but i'm begging y'all to spread this story. i can't speak directly to this- no matter how hurt and angry and thrown by all of this i am, my voice isn't the one that matters. i recognize that. but i'm still begging for this to not be overlooked. say her name, remember her- remember that this fight never ended, and keep fighting it hey! i got these plush fakies in a bundle with a hoodypet and despite lots of research i cant find anything about them. the tag says theyre made by a company called patamates, which makes various plush toys, but i couldnt find evidence this line of knockoff furbies anywhere. i cant even find them on the furby wiki, or online at all and i know pretty much every fake there is lol. the only. this is the most interaction on literally anything ever and the fact its my 'Saturn devours his son' parody painting, is a blessing. Also, I'm surprised so many people actually recognized it, didn't think I did a good job of making it look like the original but here we are : I saw someone else take a cozy furby pic so I had to fallow suit with Beatrice. furby fandom all furby furbies furbish oddbody furby cute kawaii custom furby my furby safe furby furby family. 113 notes. 113 notes. Jun 5th, 2021

finnfurbs. Meet Lord Pepto Bodysnatcher IV! He is gay and has a phobia of 1970s era lamps. This blog will likely focus on this boy but I am planning on adopting some more furbs in the future so stay tuned for that. (Faceplate by MrDsPrintedCreations on Etsy, eye chip pattern by @sunshinefurby Reddit Fans: Here's Some Of The Weirdest Subreddits Of All Time. January 22, 2020. January 22, 2020. Tom Chapman reddit. Reddit can be a dark and dangerous place at times, but it's also somewhere you can share your thoughts and celebrate all things weird. Ryan Reynolds even wanted to make his own horror movie based on a Reddit story

I believe that the original long furby was made with a furb buddy face. Most of my stuff has used mcdonalds furbies. Furby buddy faces are pretty hard to take off and re-attatch, so I'd reccomend cutting the surrounding fur and sewing it onto the new body I make long furbies and oddbodies . DM if you have any questions ! Posts; Ask me anything; Submit a post; Archive; puppiangel. Source: carnival-toys. 76 notes Dec 22nd, 2020. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Pinterest; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; cutiemushi. pocket-furbs. here's furby with his new apron!! the heart on the front is a pocket. Furby time Cayden, He/Him, ftm and gay, no discourse, I just wanna enjoy some furbies, my long furbs name is Nemo, my 2012 furbys name is Citrus and i love both of them, this blog is mostly just gonna be pictures of them and any other furbs i collect as time goes o

It's very long and picture heavy, so it's going under the cut. Lmk if you have any more questions! After having to skin and wash eight 2012 and Boom furbies, I finally got the hang of it and decided to make a tutorial so that other people don't have to struggle quite as much as I did at first Furbies And Squirmles Are All I Need To Live. Furby and a little bit of a squirmle account! I'm 16, and I collect/customize furbies. I currently own 48 (not counting McDonald's furbs) furbies and 11 squirmles. Instagram: fuzzyfurbyonastring netoey. 'Saturn devouring his son'. spiteandcaffine. this implies that worm on a string grow up to be long furbies and im here for it. netoey. furby larvae. mageless. Art by @netoey. Source: netoey Long Furby Species Guide Part 2. So, soon after posting part one of the guide, I was flooded with various new species I had yet to discover. But, I had already hit tumblr's photo limit, so I had to make a whole new post. Part 1 can be found here Well, let's begin-————————————————— Chonk. Rare; Similar.

Fun goth lesb who makes fun of Onision and toxic Christian women youtube (also long furbies and cursed tumblr) Recommend, idk you're true vibe but I feel like you'd like her . YO i have not!!! she sounds really fun though i'll actually have to check out her channel later. i need something to watch that isnt old kurtis videos KEKW ask anon he's full of love ! i'm star ° lvl 19 ° 2 bby furbs, 4 1998s, & 1 furby boom | I follow from my main blog which is @ lollipopgutz | icon art by fubbyandfroots!! | header art is by @ furbiiz!! Johnny Chiodini shared a photo of a massive homemade Furby on Twitter, and users can't get enough of the meme-inspired toy. Chiodini's wife made the Furby as a birthday present for a friend.

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I only get broken furbies for my customs because I don't want to damage a working one in the process. I vaguely recall seeing a working 2012/Boom long furby, though I'm unsure if it had a spine. There are a few functioning long furbies made with 98s/99s so I imagine it would be possible to attach a spine to one of the newer models, though I. meloncholor. meloncholor. Faust in every route: arimesi. arimesi. a little get-together at Portia's cottage!☕️! Illustration made back in last May for the cover of @vesuviancuisine! i hate how this turned out but POV you watch this stupid doctor actually smile. the arcana julian devorak doctor devorak stupid doctor man mmmm. opinions-of-things asked: I see you in my reccommended bar every day and I think 'lemon'. ~Lemon~. ╰ (*´︶`*)╯♡. *shoves furbies into the hole in my heart to feel less empty*. custom furby furby furby fandom furby baby furby buddy oddbody furby furbies long furby furblr allfurby. My robots hi friends! just wanted to share that I make pre-made and custom furby face plates for all your furby needs ! odd bodies / long furbies / etc ! these are a few that are pre-made and ready to ship in my shop rn, I'm also always open for customs ! I can do any color combos and have lots of fun glitter / additive options ! etsy shop ! Cryptid type furbies evolve into a Creeby and a Crawlby. fubblers. There's no need for a gay type because all of them are already gay. fubblers. Long type furbies evolve into Tallby and Longby. fubblers. Friend type furbies evolve into Friendby. Every Friendby has a unique friendship necklace

LONG FURBIES: Long furbies are home made furbs with (usually) authentic faces and bodies that are sewn into a long tube like thing. The practice is to actually extend the furby. These can be commissioned by artists but most people make them at home. They often have a plastic skeleton inside Makin' it long . And this is Pachinko the morning I completed him! A lovely creature! I make Chinko in the process of two all-nighters, which, may explain the wonkiness on measuring his long self. Hopefully with my next long furb (who is gonna be given being this week!) will be less wonky, and more regal

meet Sushi! 2 of my cats passed away this month, so i decided to make a kitty furby to honour them and their place in my family. i was inspired to do a calico by the lovely @raptorfurby and their gorgeous furby Buddy. furby safe furby furby fandom furby community custom furby furby mods all furby furbies furbylove cat cats of tumblr Source: figdays these are wonderful 15/10 furbies furbys furby all furby long furby safe furby furby art furby oddbody oddbody oddbody furby furby custom custom furby 3,847 notes May 4th, 2020 Open in ap

Reddit E-mail Embed. 9,641 notes. 28-07-2020 fuzzy-furby-on-a-string: Long furby Species guide. I keep seeing a bunch of different types of long furbies, and I started categorizing them in my head-So since I'm bored, I thought I'd make a post for it. EDIT: I made a part 2, which can be. There will you find discounted furbies. Aside from there, eBay is another good place but be wary of steep prices. 2. I have no idea where the community is moving to (if it's moving anywhere). I don't know of any NSFW furby blogs so it hasn't really affected the community in that way Wow!! I started this blog back in August when I made my darling long son, Longinus Furbine, and I truly have found so much joy in the furby community since then! So much creativity, resourcefulness, and welcoming acceptance, it's been truly a joy to be a part of something so awesome!! So, to celebrate I'm doing a furby giveaway!!

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They're long furbies I made inspired by the colors of spring! As always, I don't have room for more long furbies, so they are both for sale!! Each are $100 shipped in the US. If you're international, I'll cover $15 worth of the shipping cost. If you're interested in adopting either of them, feel free to DM me beautiful, fluffy furb spotted, (amazing interiors on netflix, episode 6. it features kelly eden & dre ronayne's adorable dollhouse-esque apartment The other factor is that all Furbies are preprogrammed to react to one language and that is why all Furbies sold have been preprogrammed with English and 23 other languages. All these Furbies would react only when spoken to by those particular languages. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Reddit Tumblr Pinterest Vk. My mother was a nurse. I don't really care about Twitter, but someone just posted these updated icons... and I cannot stop thinking about them... It's so cute Tiegan, 21, arospec gay trans guy This blog is basically where I throw my general thoughts on things, so it's a ton of leftist and pride stuff BLM, fuck cops, support queer/LGBTQIA+ people,..

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  1. the-inner-workings-of-a-bunny. if you got 2. make it dream. adn then do the fwt marriage. but furby style. the-inner-workings-of-a-bunny. the first time i draw anything remotely similar to ship art and its this shit. velvetiscake. these ideas. i like how you think
  2. furby furbys long furby my furby furby baby furbylove furby collection furby fandom 2005 furby furby art furbs furbies furb ebay furby furbaby safe furby 417 notes Jun 15th, 2020 Open in ap
  3. Just hold the door open for everyone. 1.5M ratings 277k rating
  4. ine to western audiences while still maintaining as.
  5. About Furbies (singular Furby) are robotic toys created by Tiger Electronics (a then recently acquired subdivision of Hasbro) that were extremely popular in the late 90s, being the must have toy immediately following it's launch. Origin. In 1998, Tiger Electronics released the Furby, a robotic toy resembling an owl with ears and covered in fuzz. The toy was incredibly popular during its.
  6. 2005 furbies are island dwellers, giving them direct access to coastal regions which leads me to believe 2005 furbies may regularly encounter shelbys. This further implies to me that 2005 furbies' monster feet are for cracking open shelby shells for consumption. Sorry shelby :/ u a snac
  7. no hold on, wilbur is shown to be a furby in one of the drawings. because of this, we can assume that it was either two furbies or a furby and a fish. additionally, this means philza is either also a furby or the fridge he fucked was a furby
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A furry (or plural furries) is a term that is used to describe the fandom behind furry art. In an article about the furry community, Vox writes that the term e ncompasses a wide spectrum from people who are simply fans of TV shows and video games featuring anthropomorphic animal characters (like Sonic the Hedgehog or Pokémon), to people who develop a highly specific furry character. hi, anonymous! i am james, the head of Gothrobotic Furb-Lengthening Operations Inc., and, since a lot of people seem interested in making their own long furbies.. here's a (written) tutorial on how to do so. hopefully beginner-friendly info under the cut. erred on the side of caution, so there are a lot of words - oops. Keep readin

What are some long Furby names that are long? : LongFurbiesLong Furbies Pls — Can’t wait for Jayden’s growth spurtCustom Furbies are the shit!DANCE! BOOGIE! DO DO DOO — 💙 Kween Frostine enjoying the