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The Best Continues to Get Better. The product of more than 30 years of continuous development and improvement, the TA class remains the standard of North American grand touring racing and the flagship of the Trans Am Series, presented by Pirelli, paddock. TA cars are an unapologetic culmination of unadulterated power and one of the most refined. TA2 Class. Pony Up. The Ford Mustang. The Dodge Challenger. The Chevrolet Camaro. Racing side-by- side. In a reflection of the ongoing muscle car battle for supremacy that has raged for nearly 50 years, transcending tracks, showrooms and garages across America, Trans Am is putting the pony back in the paddock and back on the racetrack with TA2™

EVENT DETAILS. 2020 Trans Am West Coast. NEXT RACE. Jun 12 - Jun 13. The Ridge Motorsports Park (With SVRA) Shelton, WA. EVENT DETAILS. LAST EVENT. May 15 - May 16 TRANS AM - Prefix provides Ford, Chevy, and HEMI engines for the Trans Am racing series, including the TA2 CHOICE engine, designed to bolster the TA2 series with a cost-effective and reliable power plant. VIPER - Incredible power and performance from the Prefix 9.0L Viper upgrade.. History. The 'Trans-Am series' is an automobile racing series that was created in 1966 by Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) President John Bishop. Originally known as the Trans-American Sedan Championship, the name was changed to the Trans-American Championship for 1967 and henceforth. The series has in fact gone by a variety of different names through the years (too many to list), some linked. The Trans-Am Series is a sports car racing series held in North America. Founded in 1966, it is sanctioned by the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA).. Primarily based in the United States, the series competes on a variety of track types including road courses and street circuits.Trans-Am is split into the TA and TA2 classes for silhouette racing cars, while its production classes are the GT. Just 697 of these Cameo White, Tyrol Blue-striped 'Birds were built for 1969, a mere eight of which were convertibles. Despite the name, the Trans Am couldn't be homologated for SCCA racing, like the Camaro Z/28, due to the size of its engine. But the Trans Am could more than hold its own against production Camaros and Mustangs, as well as act as a halo model for the rest of the Firebird line

American Motors entered the AMC Javelin in dragstrip and Trans-Am Series racing, an automobile racing series held in North America. In 1968, Kaplan Engineering was contracted by AMC to use two Javelins in the Trans-Am series. A year later, Jeffords, one of the two workers in Kaplan Engineering, left the team and left Kaplan to run the program We even have a combo that will fit under a stock Trans Am Shaker! If your not in the market for a complete, turn-key engine from Butler Performance, or you have some parts of your own (block, heads, intake, etc.), then we can sell any part of this 700+ HP combo in KIT FORM Trans-Am production cars were factory-built pony cars based on vehicles raced in the Sports Car Club of America Trans-Am Series.These cars were used largely for homologation purposes, but also as promotional tools for the series. The first Trans-Am street car was Chevrolet's Z/28 Camaro, which entered production in 1967. By 1970 six makes were producing street cars based on their racing vehicles The Trans Am Series Competition Format. A Trans Am Series race is 100 miles in length, and does not require a mandatory pit stop for fueling, tires or driver changes. As a sprint, it is driver versus driver, and that means its flat out racing from start to finish. The series generally has four to six on-track sessions, including two test.

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Trans Am Race Engineering. 23,505 likes · 5 talking about this. TransAm Race Engineering is an Australian and American company selling all over the world. Providing the very best vintage wheels for.. LS Swap Pontiac Crate Performance Engines: The Pontiac V-8 was the power plant for a whole generation of muscle cars, including the legendary GTO and Firebird Trans Am from the late 60's to early70's. The renewed popularity of muscle cars has restored the interest of hobbyist rebuilding and modifying these engines Pontiac planned on building the Ram Air V in four displacements: 5.0-liter for Trans Am, 366 cubic inches for NASCAR Grand American competition, 400 cubic inches for street use in Firebirds and GTOs, and 428 cubic inches for drag racing. The 5.0-liter engine size was a requirement for Trans Am rules, so Pontiac developed a 303-cubic-inch. 1972 Trans Am Champion a three-year deal was struck for Penske Racing to manage the AMC's Javelin Trans Am program for the 1970, 1971, and c.i. was the 289 c.i. V8. So, Ford entries in the Trans Am series had to use the 289 c.i. engines and could not update the engine to the maximum allowable size. Over time, SCCA relaxed the rules. That current technology was integrated into those earlier engine rebuilds and updates. Notable projects included Roger Penske's 1968 Trans-Am Camaro driven by Mark Donohue/Craig Fisher, Roy Woods Trans-Am AMC Javelin and Carl Haas's one of a kind Lola Can-Am car nicknamed Aircraft Carrier. One memorable race in 1992 was at Road America

Martin in 1967 took third place in the Trans-Am A/Sedan class racing a Rambler American with a 290-cu.in. V-8 bored to 304 cubic inches. That engine, rather than the 304 that AMC introduced in 1970 (created from stroking a 290), became the template for the 1968 and 1969 Trans-Am engines Given its unique history and provenance, RM Sotheby's predicts a selling price between $1 million and $1.3 million. The second Boss 302 Trans Am from the Jim Click Collection is a 1970 model, though it's identified as chassis 3-1971. One of four body-in-white cars shipped to the Bud Moore team by Kar Kraft for 1971, 3-1971 was prepared as a.

Trans Am - America's Road Racing Series. Follow the race and your favorite drivers Start Here. Follow the race and your favorite drivers. Start Here. About some of the greatest names in motorsports have participated in the Trans Am Series. Backdating the Drivers' Championship to the inaugural season, 30 different drivers took titles, with. cube V8 version would not qualify for the SCCA Trans Am Series where engines were limited to 305 cubic inches, and the OHC-6 version was simply not an option against 450+ hp V8's. The Pontiac Engineers had begun development on a 303 cubic inch version of the Pontiac V8 in order to go SCCA racing, but this turned out to be a grueling process The Mopar Trans-Am cars ran 340 V-8s, destroked to 303 cubic inches to sneak in under the 5.0-liter limit. Horsepower was about 450, with weight around 3 00 pounds 289 C.I. Tra-co Cobra Engine Owner: Bruce Canepa © Jim Jones - 200

Texas Speed & Performance is your one-stop shop for all LS and Gen 5 LT1 & LT4 performance parts and engines! We are among the largest LS and Gen 5 LT1/LT4-specific shops in the country, and we machine and assemble all of our engines, camshafts, and Precision Race Components cylinder heads in house! We also have a complete line of Texas Speed & Performance crankshafts, connecting rods, rocker. The Trans Am Race Company and the Australian Racing Group Pty Ltd. have signed a multi-year licensing agreement for the Trans Am 2 Series (TA2) branding to be used in Australia and New Zealand. ARG will build a TA2 National Series that will elevate the status of the TA2 brand to new heights. The company has already established a strong paddock. Get Chopped Australian Trans Am Round 1 coverage 2021 47 This weekend Australian TransAm are on track for the first round of the Get Chopped!! 2021 Championship Head to Lakeside raceway this Sunday 21st March to get up close to the cars in the pits and catch all the on track action This iconic 1969 Trans Am, the first year for that potent breed of pony car, has a full-up Ram Air V engine built by Tom Schlauch. Back in 1969, Pontiac was gearing up for a full 1970 factory assault on the SCCA's Trans Am Series for compact sedans, and for homologation purposes, came up with a short-deck V-8 engine block About The Cars The TA2 race car is a purpose-built racing machine. With engines restricted to 525 horsepower, longevity is promoted while not sacrificing performance. While the TA2 race car is built on a cost effective platform, it still produces speeds that are more than capable of raising eyebrows. The following is a basic summary o

owner: Curt Vogt rule set: Trans Am TA2 chassis: Howe Racing Enterprises TA2 race car engine: Katech-built 377-cubic-inch, 10.65:1-compression spec engine based on Ford 351-cubic-inch small-block, aluminum heads, hydraulic roller cam, AEM Infinity ECU w/spec tune, dry sump drivetrain: G-Force G101 transmission w/Tilton tripledisc clutch, Tiger. By the late 1960s the SCCA's Trans-Am road racing series had morphed into a monster, and Chevrolet's new Camaro was gearing-up to offer pony car competitors a swift backhand to the face. But there was a problem: at the time, there wasn't a suitable production engine in Chevy's lineup that met the series' strict displacement limitations TransAm Racing. TransAm Racing. Please be patient. We're building a new site. Please check back soon! If you need to contact us, please use the e-mail button at your left

Extra power isn't what made the Trans Am exceptional. It was the improved handling and unique looks that set it apart. It was created to partake in the SCCA's road racing series. This Trans Am was given a de-stroked 303-cubic-inch V8 that never made it into the production car. Pontiac came to an agreement with the racing organization to pay. Dyson takes Trans Am win at Mid-Ohio Motivated Drissi gets second chance, wins Mid-Ohio Trans Am pole. There is room for development, and options in the cars. There's a choice of brand — Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger or Chevrolet Camaro, and racers can use the corresponding engine from the manufacturer or the new Choice engine from Prefix While Trans-Am has morphed into several forms, today's spread of classes represent a spectrum of modern stock cars in every stretch of the phrase This pic shows the car with 303 Pontiac engine, reasonably early in the season. The car still uses the American Racing 200 wheels, and the grill is the '69 Trans Am Firebird item that was synonymous with the 303 use. Pic by Kanji Sato

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Johnta1 races a 1970 Formula Firebird with a 455SD and Turbo 400.Johnta1 also races a Pontiac powered dragster that has a 455 Pontiac with Ram Air IV heads and a powerglide. Julsta1 races a 1970 Trans Am with 400 Pontiac and Turbo 400.She also races a 1993 Grand Am in powder puff races. Jeff raced a Junior Dragster, now races a 1970 Esprit (Formula clone He's been in racing, as a title-winning driver before he became an entrant, for 10 years. He probably holds the record for being protested. And not one protest has ever been upheld, Not one. Building a Trans-Am winner starts at the factory. This is not to say the Sonoco team is a factory team The most famous of the Mopars were the E-Bodies AAR Cuda and Challenger Trans Am. AAR Stood for All American Racing (Team) and the Series was The Trans Am (Trans America). The Engines were limited to 5.0 Liters. The Mustang Boss 302 and Camaro Z28 were Ford and Chevys entry for Trans Am Racing. They both had 302 CI motors, s The Trans Am Race Company announced that Prefix has been selected as the Exclusive Supplier of the brand-new TA2 Choice engine.. The Choice engine is a lower-cost engine that performs at the same level as current engines, and is durable as well. The Choice engine is eligible to be used in all three marques in the TA2 class MOORESVILLE, NC (March 2, 2021) The Trans Am series named Pro Motor Engines (PME) as the newest Approved & Certified Engine Builder/Rebuilder (AEBR) for the Trans Am TA2® class. The Mooresville, North Carolina, engine builder and tuner can now build race-ready and race-legal V8 engines for the TA2® class Camaros, Mustangs, and Challengers

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In 1966, the SCCA added the new Trans-Am Sedan racing series to its calendar. Based around FIA Group 1 and Group 2 rules plus some additional measures mandated by the SCCA, the new Trans Am series would become wildly popular throughout North America and result in some of the fastest and most collectible high-performance cars ever produced 1980 Pontiac Firebird Turbo Trans Am Pace Car Edition Mecum. The first Firebird to pace the Greatest Spectacle in Racing was the turbocharged 1980 Trans Am. Painted white with gray accents, Pontiac sold 5,700 replicas, all with T-tops and the WS6 Package. A Trans Am would go on to pace the Indy 500 only once more, in 1989

Richard Goldsmith - Belllingham, Washington1970 Trans Am Dodge Challenger #77Originally Driven by Sam Posey. Color Sublime. Built by Ray Caldwell's Autodynamics. Engine: 303 cubic inch 460 hp (destroked 340) Weight 3200 lbs. Street Car Challenger T/A Video of engine running before it was removed from donor vehicle. Please visit our store for pricing and other available engine packages. https://www.ebay.co.. All Trans Ams were Polar White with blue racing stripes, tail panel, and decals. The hood, a Trans Am exclusive, had functional air inlets that could be closed by the driver. Rear-facing fiberglass fender scoops covered fist-sized holes designed to vent the engine bay. A 60-inch air foil spanned the rear deck 1970 Trans-Am Javelin. Owned by: Larry Weymouth, Washington, MI. Restored by: Mostly original. Engine: 390ci/325hp V-8. Transmission: BorgWarner T10. Rearend: AMC 20 with 3.91 gears and Sure Grip.

Chrysler (273), Ford (289 & 302), AMC (290 & 304) and Chevrolet (302) all had engines that met the 305 limit, but Pontiac didn't, their smallest V8 was a 350. People at Pontiac wanted to see the Firebird racing against the other pony cars in the Trans-Am series, but didn't have a 5 liter engine It was developed strictly to make Firebirds competitive in Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) Trans-Am racing, but only about 25 cars were fitted with these short-stroke, tunnel-port V8s. For showroom customers, the 400-cid Trans Am model of the Firebird was introduced in 1969. For 1970, a bored-and-stroked version of the Pontiac big-block V8. Tony drove the second factory Dodge Challenger on Sam Posey's Autodynamics team at the final Trans-Am race of 1970 Tony says that the car was not good because even after a year of racing, the rear axle still wasn't located properly like Gurney's Barracuda

Trans Am returns to Mid-Ohio this weekend for the Vintage Grand Prix. Stream all the action live on the Trans Am by Pirelli Racing App: https://bit.ly/34qQfCG #GoTransAm l #MOVintageGP. 167. Trans Am's Production Class Masters Wet Conditions at Lime Rock Park. 44. Tomy Drissi Passes Andy Lally for Podium Finish. 27 Here's a look at Pat Musi's legendary Popeye Pontiac Trans Am coming together! Pat is joined by Steve Grebeck and Willie Rells as they finish up work on the car in 1998. It was great to see Mike Bankston buy the car last year for NMCA Nitrous Pro Street competition, where it's currently leading the championship points with Tricia Musi behind. In an article for the Fall, 1988 issue of Classic Chrysler Quarterly, Tom Quadrini wrote about the engine and outlined a few of the problems with campaigning it in NASCAR: The 305 cu in. engines were being run on the 'Trans-Am' circuit and were quite developed at that point, putting out around 450 hp, which was somewhat less than the typical 430 cu. in. NASCAR G.N. engine 1969 Ford Mustang BOSS 302 Trans-Am For the 1969 Trans-Am Season, Ford and Kar Kraft helped both Shelby and Bud Moore prepare race versions of their M-Code Mustang to take on the Penke Camaros. Unlike the street cars these were completely reengineered and shared on some very basic components with the road-going BOSS 302. Unlike previous seasons which were handled almost exclusively by Shelby. Trans AM Race Engineering SPL1510245 - Trans Am Race Engineering Superlite Wheels. Wheel, Superlite, Aluminum, Silver, 15 in. x 10 in., 5 x 4.75 in. Bolt Circle, 4.5 in. Backspace, Each. Part Number: TAE-SPL1510245. Not Yet Reviewed. Estimated Ship Date: 8/2/2021 (if ordered today) Drop Ship

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The tunnel port engines just didn't have lasting power. Engine failure after engine failure keep the Mustangs from finishing the races. Penske's Camaros dominated the 1968 Trans-Am racing. 1968 Tunnel Port 302 Cylinder Head Casting number C8FE- 6090-A. The Boss 302. After a very disappointing 1968 racing season Ford designed a new engine. In 1969, Pontiac unveiled its Trans Am model Firebird, and since racing rules required engines of less than 5 L (305.1 cu in), Pontiac unveiled the 303 for racing models only, never available to the public. Bore and stroke were 4.121 in × 2.84 in (104.7 mm × 72.1 mm) 303.63 cu in (4,976 cc) The Trans-Am series features a 12 race season, which features some of the best road racing courses on the planet. Tracks like Sebring, Daytona, Circuit of the Americas, VIR, Detroit Grand Prix, Indy, and Laguna Seca play into some exciting racing during the season. If you are a Mopar fan, the team to watch is the Stevens-Miller Racing team. The. Nearing the engine's 7500-rpm limiter, the entire car -- a 1969 Camaro Z/28 from the original Trans-Am race series of four-plus decades ago -- quakes and shudders and boils with the relentless. From the 305ci AMC engine built from a destroked 360 to the correct brakes and suspension, paint, and, well, everything. The world of vintage Trans-Am racing is primarily filled with Fords and Chevrolets for obvious reasons

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The Trans Am Series website says that the TA Class is No limits. No restrictions. No excuses. The way racing should be. The engine is a naturally aspirated 358 CID carbureted OHV V8, and in this car's case is rated at 900 horsepower and paired to a sequential transmission THE TA2 MUSCLE CAR SERIES WILL CHANGE YOUR RACING EXPERIENCE. Designed, built and tuned with only one thing in mind —performance. The TA2 formula is built on a cost effective platform, combining the prowess of a purpose-built racing chassis and a 525 horsepower engine package that causes every head in the paddock to turn and take notice Ford. Racing. The 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 Trans Ams built by Bud Moore occupy a special place in the hearts of the Mustang-faithful - it was to be the year that the Boss 302s would win the SCCA Trans-Am championship, finally beating out the the Camaros, Barracudas, Firebirds, and Javelins. Much of the success enjoyed by the Boss 302.

And sitting at the top of the Camaro lineup, and all the more necessary for homologation in Trans Am racing, stood the 1969 Chevy Camaro Z/28 with the legendary DZ302 engine. That's right, Ford's BOSS 302 wasn't the only 5 liter in town and was just as potent ENGINE As mentioned above, the Trans-Am Javelin came equipped exclusively with AMC's 390-cu.in. engine. Introduced for the 1968 model year, engineers of AMC's second-generation V-8 took into account future expansion, therefore ample room was provided for the 390's large 4.165-inch cylinder bores Watch old Footage classic muscle cars such as Mustang, Camaro, Cuda, Challenger, Javelin and Cougars battle it out on the race track. The 'Trans-Am series'.

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Chrysler, like Ford and GM, dropped its official Trans-Am support by the end of the season, and the #76 Challenger reportedly became a USAC racer afterward, racing through the late 1970s. Then in the early 1980s, while restoring one of the two AAR-built Trans-Am 'Cudas, Kentucky collector Ed Skanes came across #76 and eventually restored it as. Trans Am Racing Trans Am Racing offers both short-deck and 351 Windsor-based stroker engines. While the 347 Street Demon is a great engine, the all-aluminum King Cobra 427 also sounds like a.

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Trans Am racers were production-based cars with engines of 305 cid or less. Chevy worked a forged steel version of the 283-cid V-8's crankshaft into its 327 V-8 to get 302 cid. Big-port Corvette heads, solid lifters, a hot cam, a baffled oil pan, and a Holley four-barrel on a tuned aluminum manifold were specified The 100 limited edition cars owe a tremendous amount to four men who were directly & indirectly responsible for the limited edition 1970 Trans-Am Javelins and their racing image. Ronnie Kaplan, Richard Teague, R.W. McKnealy and Roger Penske Pro Racing SCCA has a long history of professional racing to go along with its amateur ranks. SCCA pro series started with the USRRC sports cars and along the way have included the ground-pounding Trans Am and 1,100-horsepower Can Am cars

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  1. Hendrick and RCR team up for engine development. Hendrick Motorsports and Richard Childress Racing will join forces next season for the good of the Chevrolet engine program. The two organizations released a statement Thursday morning announcing they will formalize a joint venture focused on engine R&D and the establishment of a common Chevrolet.
  2. According to David Tom, author of The Cars of Trans-Am Racing 1966-1972, and the gentleman that restored the No. 1 car, Hall's team needed all the information they could get. The newly-designed Camaro was so different from the first generation, that the engineering challenges were akin to starting from scratch
  3. um Connecting Rods 400 421 428 455 Racing GTO Trans Am. $774.95. $28.50.
  4. Prefix Corporation, also backs two Dodge Challengers in the Trans Am Series. While they might be racing Challenger, the company also builds engines for several of the Trans Am teams. Now Prefix is adding support to other Trans Am teams for expanded the offerings of their engine packages. Dodge Challenger TA2 Race Car. (Chris Clark)
  5. The year nineteen-seventy-two was the year when the Trans Am began to feel the pinch of the new horsepower ratings. All horsepower now was rated as SAE net , where the engine's hp numbers reflected the as installed configuration. This meant the engine's output was measured with the alternator, water pump, fan, exhaust system, etc., all installed
  6. Trans Am WS6: LT1 or LS1 engine. 2001 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am WS6 Mecum. In its run of final Firebirds, Pontiac used two versions of the small-block V-8, both displacing 5.7 liters. From 1992-97, all Trans Ams and Formulas were powered by the Gen II LT1 small-block
  7. Racing since 1974, Team 7 Racing has developed into one of the most competitive, finely tuned race car teams in North America. Performance at its finest; Team 7 Racing delivers a true experience for fans — the roar of the engine, the excitement of the chase and the awe of side-by-side racing

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  1. 1999 Riley and Scott Clone Trans Am/GT1 Turn Key. SCCA Trans Am / GT1 Camaro, full tube, all the best parts. Show quality with 0 hour engine. $40,000 worth of spares, Newer 24 ft. 102 wide trailer included. 2002 Chevy Silverado 2500 listed seperate. US $59,000
  2. This is our entire crew's favorite car of SEMA 2018: Riley Stair's WIDE and LOW (yeah, all caps) 1970 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. But what's even better about..
  3. Restore A Muscle Car's 1973 Trans Am. Project cars from Restore A Muscle Car featuring Butler Performance Engines. 1973 Trans Am Pro-Touring. 700HP Butler Performance Engine - Assembly by Restore a Muscle Car Kicker Sound System with Clarion Head unit. YearOne BRE rear deck speaker shelf
  4. The engine is a 302ci V8 as per Trans Am rules. We have it on good authority from dyno sheets supplied by Chevrolet development engineer Bill Howell and comments from former Traco employee Gordon Chance that the basic single four barrel Trans Am engines of the Penske era averaged about 425-435 horsepower
  5. Re: 302 Chevy engine building articles [late '60 - early '70s] Al Bartz also built 302 Chevy engines for Trans-Am and Formula 5000 competitors. Of course, he built motors for several in the Can-Am series as well. Here is an excellent Al Bartz article from a January 1968, Sports Car Graphic: There is a whole chapter on Al Bartz in Phil Henny's.
  6. Use our free online horsepower calculator to accurately size injectors for you application

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  1. The Trans-Am competitors would be running a 24 hour race for the first time against the fastest sports racing cars in the world. The Jerry Titus/Ronnie Bucknum Mustang won the Trans-Am class and finished an incredible fourth overall behind three sports racing cars. It was a great beginning of the 1968 Trans-Am campaign
  2. The Trans Am Race Co. has selected Prefix Corp. as the exclusive supplier of the brand new TA2 Choice Engine. The Choice Engine is a lower-cost engine that performs at the same level as current engines, and is durable as well, according to Prefix. The engine is eligible to be used in all three marques in the TA2 class
  3. Although the Trans-Am series allowed any engine size up to 2.0 liters, it is best remembered for the fierce battles between small-block engine pony cars, such as the Camaros and Mustangs, fielded by America's leading racing teams and operated by some of the finest drivers of the day. And in 1970, several giants of American auto racing collided
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  1. It's about enjoying what you do and knowing that when you strap yourself into your race car with 500 horsepower at your fingertips, you're competitive. You set your sight on the finish line and complete the race. That's what our goal is at Mike Cope Racing Enterprises, Inc., to step up on that podium every race
  2. In 1987, the car was purchased by Bruce Nesbitt and returned to professional racing, this time in the SCCA Trans-Am series. In 1987, Nesbitt posted six top ten finishes, and a seventh place in the season point standings. In 1988, the car again placed in the top ten six times, while qualifying in the Fast Five on a number of occasions
  3. Engine News Trans Am Returns to Racing at Mid-Ohio. By. Engine Builder. on. Jul 1, 2020. Some four months since the Trans Am Series presented by Pirelli has last raced, the series announced it is ready to return to race action in a big way this weekend. Advertisement
  4. In this video I went to my local drag strip and made a few passes

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With Tony Angelo, Lucky Costa. We've done Chevys, Fords, and Dodges, lots of 'em! But we've never done an AMC. The American Motors Corporation was a scrappy little upstart company that made big waves in racing. The AMC V-8 has long been seen as a strong engine, but they just aren't durable. Watch Tony Angelo and Lucky Costa build up a 401ci AMC V-8 that will live to take any abuse you can. 1972 T310 Lola Can-Am Traco 510 C.I. / 800 HP BBC Owner: Bob Le

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chevrolet monza trans am car - $220,000. Now Reduced to $195,000! In the beginning, Pat Stair built this Chevrolet Monza road racer for John R. Jack Sandberg, owner of J.R.S. Racing / Metal Masters of Minneapolis, and their 1980 SCCA Trans Am effort. Initially, the JRS Racing Chevrolet Monza was only driven once by Carl Shafer of Wyoming. 303 Engine Story HOME Page 2 Page 3 303 Ram Air V,Ram Air V Pontiac hemi heads,Pontiac hemi tractor. 303 Engine Story HOME Page 2 Page 3. The engine size was a result of the SCCA's 305 cubic inch displacement limit in the Trans-Am series at the time. The 302 turned out to be one of Chevrolet's finest small block offerings, and the engine stood in stark contrast to the ever increasing size of the big blocks used in the muscle cars of the day Pickett Racing and its Altwell Mustang has returned to Katech, running the engine that has helped Ernie Francis Jr. and Breathless Racing win back-to-back-to-back TA team and driver championships beginning with the 2017 series. They will make their debut at the Trans Am Championship West Coast opener in Sonoma on March 15

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Allan Moffat's immortal 1969 Trans Am Mustang is one of the greats of Australian motorsport. The car won 101 of 151 races it contested, and today it continues to thrill crowds as part of the incredible Bowden Car Collection. The Moffat Mustang is the cornerstone of our muscle car collection, Bowden claims As the modern car world continues to evolve and change, the desire for classic muscle cars grows in tandem. One of the latest examples is this pristine 1970 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Ram Air IV.

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  1. The victory generated so much interest among aspiring Boss racers that Ford took the unusual step of commissioning Kar Kraft to produce two books on how to modify Boss 302 chassis and engines for racing. This 1970 Boss 302 Trans Am racer from the McMurrey Collection is the original Kar Kraft project car, the modifications to which were.
  2. PontiacEngines.Net Custom Built Motors and Parts. Pontiac Heaven Dedicated to preserving vintage Pontiacs forever. Trans Am Tech Trans Am and Firebird information and fan site. Starchief Garage 1950's Pontiac e - group. The Grocery Getter. Bonneville Attitiude Performance is Power & Power is Attitiude. Coffey Racing 9 sec LS1
  3. As per Trans-Am regulations, the Camaro's interior was a stripped off version of the road car. Only a handful of features remained in place, such as the door panels and part of the center tunnel
  4. The Trans AM TA2 Dodge Challenger has a 580 hp V8 and is essentially a stock car, tube frame with a 4 speed manual and smaller brakes. It runs on 15 steel wheels and Hoosier bias-ply tires
  5. Engine 6-231 3.8L VIN K 8th Digit Fits 95-98 CAMARO 5491803 (Fits: Pontiac Firebird) $691.38. Was: $832.99. Free shipping. or Best Offer
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A list focused on dominant racing engines wouldn't be complete without the inclusion of Porsche. The brand's 4.5-liter Type 912 Flat-12, for instance, might just be one of the racing world's most important power plants. When the engine was first introduced in the latter half of the 1960s, it made its debut as the largest model within the. Trans-Am. Trans Am cars are tube framed cars with body work that resembles a street cars. There are some engine equivalency formulas, but most cars use pushrod engines that displace roughly 310 cubic inches. Cars are front engined, rear drive American. Cars. Classic Cars. This 1973 Ford Mustang was built to race in the Trans Am series, with a heavy duty tubular frame developed by the Le Mans-winning Ford GT40 veterans at Kar Kraft, a highly modified Windsor 351 V8 built by Jack Roush, a close-ratio 4-speed transmission with a Hurst shifter, and a 4.11:1 locked differential