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  1. Restraint Lanyards are primarily used for travel restriction and work positioning. Lanyards for travel restriction are used to restrain a worker from reaching a fall hazard. Lanyards for work positioning are used for stabilizing a worker at an elevation. They can be ordered in fixed or adjustable lengths. Each lanyard comes with a forged steel.
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  3. 3M™ DBI-SALA® Web Adjustable Restraint Lanyard - Use with Nano-Lok™ 1231075, Yellow, 6 ft. (1.8m), 1 EA 3M Product Number 1231075 , 3M ID 70007438396 Overvie
  4. Positioning and restraint lanyards attach to D-rings on the hips of a worker's safety harness or body belt. They help keep the worker correctly positioned while working, which allows the worker to have both hands free for work and reduces the energy it takes to work in place for long periods of time

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Restraint Lanyards. Ever feel the need to lean away from the wall your working on to work with two hands? A positioning lanyard can do just that. Or you could get a non shock absorbing lanyard that will keep you from even reaching the edge in fall restraint Miller Positioning and Restraint Lanyards. Rope: Cable and Web Lanyards recommended for work positioning and restraint only. Adjustable Miller® fall protection positioning/restraint lanyard helps hold the wearer in place, away from an unprotected edge, to allow hands-free work at height. Adjustable Miller® fall protection.

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• The travel restraint lanyard shall be connected to an approved rear dorsal D-ring A type full body harness. Safety belts are not accepted. • All application work undertaken at an unguarded roof edge shall be completed from the kneeling position, while wearing a personal travel restraint system FALL RESTRAINT SYSTEM. With a restraint system, the length of the lanyard prevents a user from getting close to the edge of the working platform. The safest way to do this is to use a lanyard with a fixed length (usually ≤ 2,0 m). In this case, the length of the lanyard is based on the distance between the attachment point and the roof edge A quick -stop lanyard must be used when you have less than 18 1/2 ft. of fall clearance as it will stop your fall within a few inches. Use in conjunction with a harness and an anchor for a complete fall-arrest system. When used properly, the system meets applicable OSHA requirements. Single-leg lanyards require a carabiner to connect to a harness

Aerial Lift Travel Restraint Lanyard. Lanyard is made of Tattletale™, 9,600 lb. Tested, 1 polyester webbing that is adjustable. Lanyard has captive eye carabiner hooks on each end and allows for adjustment ensuring the user can be properly restrained while travelling in a Man Lift ASR™ LANYARD The ASR™ (ADJUSTABLE SAFETY RESTRAINT) LANYARD is designed to be used in conjunction with the LRB™ (LOAD RATED BELT) as a travel restraint during transit in aircraft. The ASR™ LANYARD quickly and easily adjusts from 18 to 30 inches and is officially approved for use by USSOCOM. Features. Exceeds USSOCOM safety lanyard specifications. Fall restraint is sometimes referred to as 'Restraint' or a 'Work Restraint' system. When you are working near a fragile surface, narrow ledge or unusual building or roof shape and are using lanyards or a rope, there is a good chance you might fall off or into the building The 4-Foot Rope Restraint Lanyard features single-leg construction and utilizes 5/8-inch 3-strand polyester rope for resistance to UV light and abrasion, with a tensile strength of 8,500 pounds. This lanyard also features double-locking snap hooks at the attachment and anchorage ends

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  1. Travel Restraint Lanyards must prevent the user from reaching or being exposed to a fall hazard. - Never use this lanyard (i.e., a non-energy absorbing lanyard) as a primary fall arrest device. - Inspect the device before each use, at least annually, and after any fall event. Inspect in accordance with the User Instructions
  2. g everything in your fall arrest system functioned correctly, you will be left dangling in the.
  3. Restraint Lanyards This manual is intended to meet the Manufacturer's Instructions as required by ANSI 2.2 Restraint Anchorage Strength: Anchorages selected for restraint, and travel restraint systems, shall have a strength able to sustain static loads applied in the directions permitted by the system of at least:.
  4. A self-retracting lifeline is a type of lanyard that allows a user to move around freely within an area. The lanyard rolls out and retracts based on the user's movement. The retracting function ensures the lifeline is always kept taut. When a sudden increase in speed is detected, e.g. a fall, the automatic speed brake is activated and the.

maximum lanyard length limit. Machines with a 30-inch maximum lanyard length limit have a decal located next to the lanyard anchorage point indicating this maximum length. Where fall protection equipment is to be used on machines with a 30-inch (76 cm) maximum lanyard length limit, a fall restraint system must be utilized Fall Restraint System Components. Fall restraints fall under the category of fall prevention. Covers for holes and guardrails are other forms of fall prevention equipment. A fall restraint system will prevent the worker from being exposed to a fall hazard by restricting the worker's travel along an elevated surface

Workman Restraint Lanyards feature webbing and self-closing, self-locking snaphooks. Lineman's Pole Strap, a climbing aid or linemen. Rebar Assembly is designed for work positioning applications such as tying rebar or constructing concrete forms. Markets: Construction, Oil & Gas, Utilities, General Industry, Mining Three factors determine the arresting force from a fall: lanyard material type, free fall distance and the weight of the worker. The use of a shock-absorbing lanyard or a higher tie-off point can help reduce the impact force. Body belts with a D-ring located on the rear waist are for travel restraint and hip D-rings are for positioning. Over 1 Million Products At Zoro, 7,000+ Trusted Brands, Hassle Free Returns V-SERIES™ Restraint Lanyard. MSA offers several types of reliable restraint lanyards, which are primarily used for travel restriction and work positioning. The V-SERIES line of restraint lanyards offers lengths ranging from 3 -10 feet for a variety of applications. Restraint lanyards come in both fixed length and adjustable options

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For travel restraint, lanyards simply connect between the user's harness and an anchorage, without the use of fall arrest tie-off to restrict users from reaching fall hazards. For these common and recurring applications, we provide multiple solutions in a variety of materials to fit your exacting needs MSA Fall Restraint Lanyard is a single-leg safety lanyard made of a 1 nylon strap. Restraint Lanyards are primarily used for travel restriction and work positioning. Lanyards for travel restriction are used to restrain a worker from reaching a fall hazard. Lanyards for work positioning are used for stabilizing a worker at an elevation Trsmima Hunting Safety Harness, Safety Lanyard Adjustable Tree Climbing Belt Restraint Lanyards for Hunting, Hanging Stand, Tree Work, Installing Steps, Rescue, Linemans Belt, Emergency Gear. 4.4 out of 5 stars. 41. $20.99 Tool Lanyard,10 Pack Safety Tool Leash,Retractable Bungee Cord with Aluminum Lock Carabiner and Adjustable Loop End, Maximum Weight Limit 13.6KG / 30lb, Fall Restraint with Shock Cord Stopper 4.5 out of 5 stars 19

and includes a 4 ½ foot BuckYard lanyard, a great value add. Meets ANSI Z359.11, Z359.13 and ASTM F887-13 for arc flash. Standard Package Price: $145.00 Broken Package Price: $170.60 TRAVEL RESTRAINT BuckIt™ Restraint System (Part # 126A) The easy-to-install BuckIt™ Restraint System keeps the user secure in the bucket, while allowing freedo Workman Restraint Lanyard: Meets applicable OSHA regulations, ANSI 10.32, certified to CSA Z259.11-05, certified to EN 358; Sure-Stop Restraint Lanyards: Meets ANSI, OSHA, and CSA requirements; Sure-Grab Positioning Lanyard: Meets applicable ANSI and OSHA standards; Restraint Lanyards with Sewn Loop: Meets applicable OSHA and ANSI standard

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WORK POSITIONING AND TRAVEL RESTRAINT LANYARDS Lanyards within this section must be designed and tested to withstand a static load of 5,000 pounds force without breaking. Z359.3 Safety Requirements for Work Positioning and Travel Restraint Systems Rebar Chain Assembly tified Anchor ARREST ength o times e POSITIONING ength o times e AND TION. This allows the operative to set the length of his lanyard to limit his travel and provide restraint up to the maximum of his work area. It can be easily be adjusted as work and space demands. In the event of a fall the aluminium cam acts as an energy absorber, arresting the fall within a matter of inches (tested to EN353) and arrest forces.

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  1. A travel restraint system allows a worker to travel just far enough to reach an unprotected edge but not far enough to fall over. The basic travel-restraint system consists of. Rope grab to attach harness or lanyard to lifeline. Safety belts, (The use of safety belts is not recommended; however, they are permitted in some jurisdictions.
  2. In those situations, workers must use a travel-restraint or fall-arrest system consisting of a full-body harness with an energy-absorbing lanyard connected to a lifeline that is affixed to an adequate anchor point. An arrested fall puts a tremendous amount of force on the body and can sometimes cause serious injury
  3. TOTAL RESTRAINT SYSTEM This fact sheet will help you to select and use a total restraint system (sometimes referred to as a travel restraint system) for working safely at height. WHAT ARE TOTAL RESTRAINT SYSTEMS? A total restraint system is a full-body harness that is connected by an energy absorbing lanyard to a suitable anchorage point o
  4. If the harness is part of a travel restraint system, it may, in some areas, be acceptable for it to have a body belt. However, when as part of a PFAS harness, Lanyard: A lanyard is a required safety feature included in all roof safety harness kits. It is a shock-absorbing system that helps reduce the severity of your fall
  5. lanyards and self retracting lanyards should never be used for restraint or positioning systems. Connectors: A device, which is used to connect parts of the personal fall restraint system together. It may be an independent component of the system, such as a carabineer, or it may be a
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A fall restraint system prevents the worker from being able to reach fall hazards. Fall restraint equipment normally includes a fixed-length lanyard connected to a suitable anchorage point at one end and the worker safety harnessed at the other. The length of the lanyard is selected to prevent the worker from being able to reach a fall hazard Positioning and Travel Restraint Lanyard 4 ft L. Out of Stock Available for backorder. Price $542.54 / EA. Qty EA. Add to cart. Manufacturer: NORTH SAFETY. Manufacturer #: FP21122/4. 13537848.pdf 13537848.pdf Description. Nylon rope - positioning and restraint assembly. Specifications. Brand Name: Honeywell Safety.

The restraint technique uses fall arrest rated equipment in a way that limits the user travelling to a position that free fall could occur. By using adjustable fall arrest lanyards or assembles the user can adjusts the length to ensure they do not come close to the fall hazard. Restraint at its simplest Z359.3 focuses on lanyards and [work] positioning lanyards only. This is a change from the previous revision of 2007, which focused on positioning and travel restraint systems, and included other components such as rope adjusters, full body harnesses, and positioning harnesses in addition to lanyards and positioning lanyards This Work Positioning/Travel Restraint Lanyard is intended for use as part of a complete personal fall protection system. Work Positioning/Travel restraint lanyards are used to prevent the user from reaching or being exposed to a fall hazard. Use in any other application including, but not limited to, material handling, recreational or sports.

Self-retracting lifeline/lanyard: A deceleration device that automatically adjusts its length under mild tension and arrests a fall. Travel restraint system: An assembly of components capable of restricting a worker's movement on a work surface and preventing the worker from reaching a location from which he or she could fall 3. All information pertaining to personal energy absorbing lanyards and energy absorbing lanyards has been moved into ANSI Z359.13-2009 (see pages 15-16) 4. Previously, the ANSI Z359.1 Standard only allowed the front D-ring to be used for ladder climbing, fall restraint and positioning. Section allow

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wire rope lanyard; broken strands can cause injury. While rotating the wire rope lanyard, watch for cuts, frayed areas or unusual wearing patterns on the wire. Broken strands will separate from the body of the lanyard. 3. Web Lanyard While bending webbing over a pipe or mandrel, observe each side of the webbed lanyard. This will reveal an For use as a adjustable personal retention lanyard in a helicopter or vehicle. U.S. Military ONLY (Proof Required) HELO ADJUSTThe HELO ADJUST is a restraint device intended to limit passenger movement while traveling inside of helicopters when seatbelts or other restraint systems are not available or being used Depending on where the location of the anchor point is, and the height of the worker, an appropriate connecting device must be used to ensure the worker is in travel restraint at all times. The connecting device can be a fixed length lanyard or energy absorbing lanyard as long as the length is short enough to keep the worker within the guardrails

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Lanyards Instruction Manual. Purpose . The Harness Depot lanyard is intended for use as part of a personal restraint, work positioning, suspension, or rescue system. D-ring extension assembly may be used as part of a personal fall arrest system (PFAS) only when attached to a self-retracting lifeline or an energy absorbing lanyard Again, the intent is to prevent the worker from falling out of the basket. So, a fall restraint system is what they should use. This consists of either a body belt or a full body harness, and a positioning (also called 'restraint') lanyard. Body belts are only allowed in fall restraint applications Positioning and Restraint Web Lanyard 1 Legs 310 lb, 25 ft L. Manufacturer: NORTH SAFETY. Manufacturer #: 210WLS-Z7/25FTYL. Inventory. Out of Stock Available for backorder. Price $176.44 / EA. Quantity. EA. Add to cart. nor fp21122-4. Positioning and Travel Restraint Lanyard 4 ft L. Manufacturer: NORTH SAFETY. Manufacturer #: FP21122/4.

It's also an ideal choice for fall restraint or called travel-restraint to prevent users from approaching fall hazards, e.g. working on the roof when the workspace is obstacle-free. The use of a rear attachment can also allow users to approach the work area without having the lanyard to get in the way Rotate the rope lanyard and inspect from end to end for fuzzy, worn, broken or cut fibers. Weakened areas have noticeable changes in the original rope diameter. Replace when the rope diameter is not uniform throughout, following a short break-in period. The older a rope is and the more use it gets, the more important testing and inspection become The distinction between fall arrest, travel restraint, and work positioning applications should be made by the worker and the appropriate equipment should be selected. 1.3 Exclusions This Standard is not intended for lanyards that are used exclusively as anchorage connectors or used for recreational activities such as climbing or mountaineering For low fall clearance sites, an adjustable lanyard may be the best choice. A shorter lanyard, when anchored below your waist, will limit the distance you could free fall. When there is low fall clearance this becomes more important. Shortening a lanyard by half a metre could reduce free fall by a metre and fall clearance by almost two metres Self Retracting Lifelines Shop fall protection anchors Confined Space Entry/Retrieval Shop confined space kits and equipment. Vertical Lifeline Systems Shop for vertical lifeline systems Engineered Modular Unit Shop Access systems Anchorage Connectors Shop fall protection anchors Shock Absorbing Lanyards Full Body Harnesses See all full body harnesses Drop Prevention Michigan Safety Products.

Lanyards for foot tie-off. Can be used at your feet, allowing a 3.7 m (12 ft.) free fall and maintaining forces below 1,800 lbs (8 kN) Use for 1.8 m (6 ft.) falls for heavier workers up to 190 kg (420 lbs The lanyard helps protect against falls by by limiting the average arresting force to 900 lbs. or less Meets the ANSI.13 standard 1in. webbing with ANSI-compliant steel hooks The SOS backpack is a great way to keep the kit organized and protected from the elements Key Specs. Item# 50996: Brand: Guardian Fall Protection. Includes universal fit Class A harness, adjustable from size M thru XL, 6' Adjustable travel restraint lanyard and mesh storage bag. (1) DFP2601DU Class A Harness, Back D Ring (1) DFP63211/6 6' Adjustable Lanyard (no shock absorber) (1) Mesh Storage Ba Travel restraint system. Travel restraint system means a combination of an anchorage, anchorage connector, lanyard (or other means of connection), and body support that an employer uses to eliminate the possibility of an employee going over the edge of a walking-working surface travel restraint system means a combination of an anchorage, anchorage connector, lanyard or other means of connection, and body support that an employer uses to eliminate the possibility of an employee going over the edge of a walking-working surface. Sample 1. Sample 2


A self retracting lifeline can be used as a travel restraint system only if the distance when it is completely drawn out is shorter than the distance to the fall hazard. If the self retracting lifeline prevents the worker from physically reaching the fall hazard, it can be used as a viable alternative to shock-absorbing lanyards The lanyard of the travel restraint should be connected to a full-body harness (A type) with a rear dorsal D-ring which also passed approval. Do not use safety belts as an alternative. If any work should be done in the edge of an unguarded roof then the worker should complete the task while kneeling and wearing a travel restraint Using a travel restraint system is part of a fall protection program. Please also see the following OSH Answers for more information: What should be done when using a travel restraint system? Adjust your connections to the anchor or change anchors - It may not be appropriate to use a lifeline and/or lanyard with the same length if you are. A: Permanent fall restraint systems, such as single anchor points and horizontal lifelines, must be designed for fall arrest. The reason for this requirement is to protect against accidental misuse that may occur during the lifetime of the system. As a result, permanent fall restraint systems must also comply with standards for fall arrest PN286 (A) (2.0M) Restraint System needed at height. Connecting element or component of an arrest system. The splices are protected with a sleeve. With QB-PN-136 aluminium rebar hook. QB-PN-114C STEEL KARABINER (TRIPLE ACTION LOCK) QB-PN-RG-07 ALUMINIUM ROPE GRAB

ABM-TX5: ZERO Single Adjustable Webbing Lanyard with Snaphook & Scaffoldhook. ABM-TX5 Adjustable lanyard is a fall restraint lanyard designed to remove the risk of falls with a shortened lanyard. Ideal for working in fall restraint. Recommended for Elevated work platforms. Simple and effective, an adjustable length webbing lanyard from 1.2m to 2m A travel-restraint system is an assembly of components designed to prevent the employee from reaching an unguarded edge. The system consists of a lanyard, a lifeline and a safety harness or belt. The lanyard and lifeline are adjusted to let you travel only so far. The safety harness or belt attaches to the lifeline directly, or through a rope.

Restraint Lanyards, Fixed Length & Adjustable Quick Ref: CN-1588 Collective restraint is protecting everyone in the working area against a fall and should be the preferred option while working at height, for example having a physical barrier such as a handrail Travel restraint system An energy-absorbing lanyard should not be used in combination with a self-retracting lifeline, unless the lifeline manufacturer specifically includes one for use within the system. A self-retracting lifeline should be attached directly to the dorsal D-ring on a full-body harness. A sternal D-ring connection may be. MSA Web Restraint Lanyard with RL20 self-locking, double-action steel snap hooks measures 6' is used for travel restriction and work positioning. Lanyard featuring adjustable length design includes a loop that permits connection to D-Rings on other nylon/poly loops for a no-metal connection. Heavy-Duty 1 wide straps offer strong performance

The most commonly utilized fall restraint is a tie-off system that restrains the employee from falling off an elevated working surface. The general layman description is like being on a dog leash. The worker can reach a leading edge and may travel side to side, but the system will not allow the worker to go over the edge MSA offers several types of reliable restraint lanyards, which are primarily used for travel restriction and work positioning. Approvals subject to change without notice and may differ based on configuration, part number and/or country. Contact Customer Service or check approval label on product for specific approval information work), and also equipment that limits travel to the edge of a fall hazard zone (where no portion of body weight is permitted except in an emergency). When exposed to a fall hazard, a fall arrest system must be used additionally. Both work positioning and restraint lanyards must be 5000 lbs minimum strengt Travel Restraint - The most common point of attachment on the harness in restraint mode is the back D-ring. In some designs, an integral body belt may be incorporated with the full body har- lanyard to your harness fall arrest attachment (back D-ring)

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It is important for you to understand the difference between a fall arrest system and fall restraint system. These are most commonly used in the construction industry, but may apply to many other situations where employees must work at heights. FALL RESTRAINT: A fall restraint system consists of the equipment used to keep an employee from reaching a fall point, such as the edge of a roof or. Fall arrest and fall restraint are two seemingly similar topics. Both of these concepts are discussed under the umbrella term of fall protection, but the words arrest and restraint have two very different implications when applied to fall protection systems. When a system provides fall arrest, it protects the worker who is already in th 1926.104 (a) Lifelines, safety belts, and lanyards shall be used only for employee safeguarding. Any lifeline, safety belt, or lanyard actually subjected to in-service loading, as distinguished from static load testing, shall be immediately removed from service and shall not be used again for employee safeguarding. 1926.104 (b Falltech also utilizes a wide variety of connectors and lanyard configurations designed to give you flexibility while making safe connections when tying off. FallTech also has a variety of positioning and restraint lanyards designed to prevent you from falling from your work position, giving you the ability to work hands free with complete. Category: travel camping. 4.8/5 (645 Views . 12 Votes) lanyard and a full-body harness, first add the length of the shock-absorbing lanyard [6 ft. A non-shock absorbing lanyard is only good for restraint. A lanyard needs a shock pack when it will be used for fall arrest

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(8) NEW Reliance 717505 9600lb Max Aerial Lift Travel Restraint Lanyards. Model: 717505. The lanyards are unused. One of the units was removed from the bag for photo and inspection purposes. Aerial Lift Travel Restraint Lanyard Inspection and Maintenance. The requirements for the maintenance of height safety equipment are included in AS/NZS1891.4 2009 which covers the selection, safe use and maintenance of industrial fall arrest systems and devices designed for use in restraint technique, limited free fall and free fall applications. This Standard should be referenced. Restraint Lanyards. MSA offers several types of reliable restraint lanyards, which are primarily used for travel restriction and work positioning. view details. Featured compare . V-EDGE™ SRL. MSA's V-EDGE SRL is designed to be used for horizontal, overhead, and leading edge applications, taking the guesswork out of equipment selection.

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fall arrest systems and restraint devices. Rule 3214 (1) states: The employer shall provide a safety harness that has a lanyard which is in compliance with construction safety standard Part 45 Fall Protection, R 408.44501 to R 408.44502 and which is affixed to attachment points provided and approved by the manufacturer Restraint Lanyards. MSA offers several types of reliable restraint lanyards, which are primarily used for travel restriction and work positioning. view details. Featured compare . V-SERIES Stretch Shock Absorbing Lanyard The Industrial Strap. This strap is primarily used in industrial work spaces choked around steel beams, or in conjunction with the Horizontal Static Line. Your safety depends on quality. You need the best solutions for optimal protection, and we can provide all the necessary safety equipment to make your job site the safest it has ever been Rope Lanyard: These systems offer some elastic properties for many different types of fall arrests, and are mainly used for restraint purposes. Web Lanyard: which travel on a lifeline and are used to allow for ascension or descend on ladders or slop surfaces and they automatically engage the lifeline and locks,.

designed for travel restraint, work positioning or suspension. In summary: A fall arrest system must be adequately secured to an anchor point. A lifeline, rope grab or static line may be used as well, as long as they meet requirements listed in Section 3(2,3&4). A lanyard that is appropriately configured so that it prevents a fall tha Z259.1-05 (R2010) - Body Belts and Saddles for Work Positioning and Travel Restraint. Preface This is the fourth edition of CSA Z259.1, Body belts and saddles for work positioning and travel restraint. It supersedes the previous edition, published in 1995 under the title Safety Belts and Lanyards Travel Restraint Systems Where guardrails have not been provided, a restraint system may be used to restrict a workers travel distance and prevents them from getting to near the roof edge. Travel restraint safety equipment is comprised of an anchored lifeline and an adjustable lanyard that attaches to the workers safety belt or harness Body Belts and Saddles for Work Positioning and Travel Restraint . Section E138 Definitions . Subsection E138(a) Anchorage point - means a secure point of attachment for a lifeline or lanyard. It can also be defined as a connection point on a permanent structure or part of

Model: 717505. Aerial Lift Travel Restraint Lanyard. Manufacturer: Reliance. Usage: Positioning, Restraint. Design: Single Leg Positioning. The lanyards are unused. One of the units was removed from the bag for photo and inspection purposes Travel-restraint systems (PPE) Travel restraint systems will allow a worker just enough freedom of movement to come close to an edge but will restrict their movements before they reach a dangerous area. Components of a travel-restraint system: CSA-approved full-body harness. Lanyards. Lifeline This is similar to scaffold erectors where lanyards become a greater hazard. Obviously, all precautions should be maintained, fall protection should be used where possible and distance from the edge kept to a maximum. Z359.3-2007: Safety Requirements for Positioning & Travel Restraint Systems II. Shoulder straps Work Positioning and Work/ Travel-restraint Connection Means The means of connection for work positioning and travel restraint is often a simple lanyard (with length adjuster) made from rope, web or wire rope. These may also include specialised work positioning assemblies for rebar work, they are constructed from chain or. include a lifeline, rope grab, lanyard, and full body harness (body support). Applications include: protection of a worker on scaffolding, powered platforms, or riding a boatswain's chair. Maximum permissible free fall is six feet. B. RESTRAINT: The rope grab is used in combination with a lifeline, lanyard or connector, and body support t

MSA 10100916 Nylon Web Restraint Lanyard, 25' Fixed LengthMSA 10036029 Web Restraint Lanyard, 3'3M Protecta PRO 1385501 Rope Restraint Lanyard, 6', White

In addition, work positioning and travel restraint attachment elements (D-rings) must withstand a dynamic strength test consisting of a 3.3-foot free fall with a 220-pound test weight. Lanyards under this section must be designed and tested to withstand a static load of 5,000 pounds force without breaking 3M™ PROTECTA® PRO Adjustable Web Positioning Lanyards offer compliance and confidence, with 3,600 lb. (16kN) gated hooks, durable lanyard material construction, and plated alloy steel hardware for strength and corrosion resistance.Designed without shock absorbers, these lanyards are ideal for positioning or restraint applications. This is a single leg 6 ft. (1.8m) adjustable web lanyard. >4 feet Guardrail, travel restraint, or equipment guarded to eliminate the hazard. Guardrail system, safety net, travel restraint, personal fall arrest system Part 2. Walking-Working Surfaces, Rule 1910.28(b)(6) Unprotected Edge 4 feet Guardrail system, safety net, personal fall arrest system Part 2 Z259.1-05. January 1, 2005. Body belts and saddles for work positioning and travel restraint. This Standard specifies requirements for the performance, design, testing, marking, and instructions of body belts and saddles. Body belts and saddles are used as part of work positioning and travel... CAN/CSA-Z259.1-95