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The Modified Continental Clip is a variation of the traditional Lion Cut. This is the style most often seen in the show ring on standard-sized poodles as opposed to miniature or toy variants.. This pattern has started to go out of fashion in show rings due to new regulations that stipulate a dog cannot be shaved to the skin but must have a minimum of 0.5-1.5 inches of hair depending on their size 10 Popular Poodle Cuts in 2021. Here are some of the more popular Poodle Cuts that you can consider for your Poodle. 1. Lion Cut. The lion cut, otherwise known as the continental cut, is perhaps one of the most popular Poodle cuts that most owners will choose for their Poodle. It is elegant in its own right, and it can be easy for you to. Sturdy black Standard Poodle in Continental with full-coated front legs stands in a stable or kennel with forepaws on a barrel-top addressing a mixed group of attentive dogs The HCC or the Historically Correct Continental is a variation to The traditional Continental being a shorted and more easily managed version on this cut. The hip poms are optional. Eden. The traditional show puppy cut that a poodle puppy must be in to be shown AKC. This is an 8 month old mini poodle being shown in UKC so no Hair Spray This is the Continental Clip, 1 of the clips that is accepted in conformation for Poodles that are 1 year and older. The face, front legs between poms and elbow, hind quarter to the pom area and with the exception of the hip rosettes, feet, and base of tail are all shaved very closely. The pack area is left very, very long and scissored into shape

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This is a video explaining how to carve a Poodle out from the Show Puppy Cut to the Continental. This is a video explaining how to carve a Poodle out from the Show Puppy Cut to the Continental That's a great question! I don't have the answer for variations in the show cut, but the history of the cut is very practical! The poodle was bred to be a water retriver, but their dense coat often got water logged and the poodle would drown. To solve this issue the owners shaved off the needless hair and kept the hair around joints and main. 5. Modern Clip / Modern Cut. Meet Meghan, a black Poodle that had a Modern Clip Cut - Image source. The Modern Cut is a glamorous cut, designed to accentuate a Poodle's features without being as voluminous as the Continental Clip. In this hairstyle, the topknot is fluffy and round, blending into the neck and shoulders If you are going to show your Poodle in conformation, keep in mind that the Continental Poodle Clip is accepted only for the dogs who are of age of 1 year or more. The Continental cut consists of closely shaving the feet, the face, the base of the tail, the hindquarter (to the pom area, while the hip rosettes are not shaven) and the front legs. 1. Lion cut. The lion cut is probably the best known and most extravagant of all the poodle haircuts. The dog's limbs are hairless, with only a pompom around the front and back paws. The tail should be rounded off and the chest, stomach and head should be left with hair

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  1. Jan 14, 2013 - Everything you want to know about Poodle cuts and clips and Poodle colors and markings. Jan 14, 2013 - Everything you want to know about Poodle cuts and clips and Poodle colors and markings. Continental Cut - to make this a Modified Continental Clip take off the balls on the hips
  2. And their top knot is left as long as possible, while rounded and shaped by the groomer. Face, feet, tail, and neck shaving are optional but are hallmarks of the breed. The kennel cut is a modified version of a show groom that allows for easier day-to-day upkeep. Short neck and face, classic poodle style to keep things clean
  3. g options, these are the most common. Consult a professional groomer on which cuts would be best for your dog
  4. The Poodle's continental clip has a purpose — to protect the breed's important joints from cold and water while they splash into swamps to hunt waterfowl. If you cut them make sure.
  5. g salon as well as the competition ring. Lamb or Puppy trims were thought of as plain and boring, and it was deemed a sign of true talent if a groomer executed a properly set banded pattern. Bonus points were usually considered if the groomer set the pattern in from.
  6. The Lion Cut is also described as the Continental Cut in most toy breed dog shows. 3) Summer Cut A well-done summer cut must leave the poodle looking like he is wearing a furry wetsuit

The show poodle cuts that are popular today were initially designed as serviceable, intended to increase his agility in the water while protecting the hunting dog's joints from the elements. American Kennel Club regulations state that adult poodle dogs must be shown with either the Continental clip or the English saddle clip, and dogs under a. This is probably the most popular poodle cut as most people will think of it when we talk about trimming a Poodle's hair. It is also known as the 'Continental Cut' and is an acceptable hairstyle for show-lines. According to All Things Dogs, poodles are shaved completely in this cut except their face, ears, shoulders, paws, and tail. The. These cuts are very expensive and take hours to achieve, as the dog is first bathed, then blow-dried, shaved and scissored to perfection. What it does to the dog's self-esteem, however, is still under review. Poodles being shown in AKC conformation trails must be cut in either the continental or English saddle cut There are many versatile ways to trim a Poodle's coat. Some of the most popular Poodle grooming styles include the Puppy Show Poodle Clip, English Saddle Poodle Clip, Continental Poodle clip, Dutch Poodle clip and Sporting or Kennel Poodle clip. The most common Poodle cut is shown in detail in the video below

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This style can be used for showing poodles under the age of 12 months. 2. Continental Clip for Poodles. This is one of the most popular clips used for showing. Here again you see a close shave of the face, back quarters down to the poms, front legs between poms and elbow, feet, and the base of the tail Poodle. Poodles come in three size varieties: Standards should be more than 15 inches tall at the shoulder; Miniatures are 10″ to 15′ tall; Toys stand no more than 10 inches. All three varieties have the same build and proportions. Most people do not keep their poodles cut in the Continental Cut as pictured heremost people like an easier. Top Poodle Hairstyles. 1. Lion Cut. Via Pixabay. We may as well start out with something fancy! The lion cut is most likely what you picture when you imagine an elegant, fancy poodle prancing by at a dog show, or down the sidewalk of an upscale neighborhood. For this style, the dog is rockin' hairless limbs, pompoms on the paws and tail, a. Maltipoo Continental Cut. When you hear Continental cuts do you think of show Poodles? You should. This haircut is exciting to do on your Maltipoo. This is a cut that you can try in the summer because the back part of your dog is mostly shaved. There are also poms on the tail and ankles of your Maltipoo

Poodles are known for their curly hair and extravagant styles, but the truth is that the Poodle's famous coat requires a lot of regular maintenance and grooming. Even if you don't keep your Poodle in the high-maintenance continental clip that you see in the show ring, he will still need frequent grooming to keep his coat healthy and mat-free And, while the fancy hairstyles, like the Continental Cut or the English Saddle might best be kept to the professionals, with the right tools and techniques, any determined Poodle parent can easily give their pet a trim at home It's perfect for Poodle owners who want something different, or something less formal. Continental Cut. In the continental clip, the face, throat, feet and part of the tail are shaved. The upper half of the front legs is shaved, leaving fluffy pompons around the ankles. The hindquarters are shaved except for pompons on the. We use only the best grooming products and shampoos on the market and our groomers will not send your dog home looking like a French Poodle.. unless of course your dog is a French Poodle. The Continental has long been recognized as Boston's premier grooming salon. Since 1977 we have trimmed, bathed, brushed and de-skunked every make and model 1.4 DURABLE. 2 How to Cut Poodle Hair. 2.1 Teddy Bear Style: 2.2 Classic Continental or Lion Cut: 2.3 Retriever, Dutch, and Kennel: 2.4 Summer Cut: 2.5 Lamb Cut: 3 8 BEST DOG CLIPPERS FOR POODLES HAIR. 3.1 1

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Show poodles must be groomed in the traditional lion trim. This show cut may be altered in a variety of ways, one of which is the continental clip variation. In a continental clip, the poodle's face, throat, front legs, hindquarters, feet and the base of its tail are shaved close the Continental Cut. The Miami cut is a common but beutifull cut for a poodle. This is where the body is shaved down to around 2 inches depending on owners preference, and the face, and paws are shaved while the tails, pom poms, hears and top of the head is left as long as preferred This poodle cut is also notable for the shape of the head, which ends in a point, that has a clear resemblance to a delicious bun. 8. The teddy bear cut. The teddy bear cut is increasingly popular among long-haired dog breeds. This finish should be done with scissors, and requires expert hands in poodle styling The puppy cut. The lion cut otherwise known as the continental cut is perhaps one of the most popular poodle cuts that. How to give a poodle a puppy cut step 1. A good bath makes his coat easier to work with plus your clippers will. The dutch cut is one. 10 haircuts for poodles 1

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Today, there are three varieties of poodle: standard, miniature and toy. All of which are known to model numerous trims from simple maintenance clips to extravagant styles. Some of the more popular poodle styles include the sporting cut, Dutch trim, summer trim, English Saddle, Continental cuts and lamb trim, to name but a few. Just Eye Candy The continental cut is the iconic poufy poodle cut, but there is no reason why it can't be used on other breeds. For this cut, your dog's legs and rear half will be shaved short, and his front half and chest will be cut slightly longer. His face will be shaved, but his head left natural. He will have round pom-poms cut about each paw and at the. As your Poodle's hair grows out, you have to start shaping it into the eventual show coat. In puppies, that means the Puppy clip , which is just a simplified version of the Continental clip . When your puppy is out of the show Puppy competition and into the Open, Bred-by, American-bred, or other competitions, reshaping the coat into a. Tinsley came in for a continental poodle cut this week. Isn't he a beauty? Dog Grooming by Mindi. May 26 at 8:46 AM · Hiking With Dogs. Public group. 78,400 Members. See All

The continental and the English saddle are the only two clips the AKC approves for adult standard poodles in all showing classes. In both cuts, the face, throat, feet, base of the tail and forelegs are shaved close and the topknot, chest and midsection are left long Poodle lion cut. Lion cuts are very popular among the canine species but it is obvious that the poodles are the winners with this hairstyle. See how this dog looks so beautiful, it seems the hairstyle was created specifically for it. Try it on your poodle, you won't regret it. Classy lady. At first glance, you see how classy this dog looks The genesis of the poodle hairdo is much disputed. Likenesses of animals resembling poodles—small creatures with hair akin to a lion's mane—have been found on Roman tombs, Greek and Roman.

The rich, impressive cut you often think of as 'the' poodle haircut, with shaved hindquarters, poodle poms at the ankles and a full chest of curls, is known as a standard poodle continental clip. This is not the look for everyone, and is often used in dog shows The coat should be of naturally curly texture, dense throughout, although most AKC-registered show dogs have a continental cut or other, similarly shaven look. The sizes of the official AKC-recognized Poodle breeds are determined by height, not by weight. Poodles are bred in a variety of sizes, distinguished by adult shoulder height. The exact. Create a Continental cut for a classic look. Shave the sides, legs, and back of your poodle very short. Leave a bracelet around each ankle and a pom-pom on the tail uncut -- the hair should be a few inches longer in each spot Poodle Grooming. Poodles come in a variety of size and colors and can be groomed in several different fashions. The poodle experts at All Dogs Welcome listed the top 8 for you to check out! Puppy Clip: An ' easy care ' cut where the coat is cut short and even over the entire body. This coat can be as long or as short as the owner desires Poodle grooming must be a skill set a groomer works on for many years. Each Poodle haircut has very specific rules about where the puffs of hair should be and how long they should be. In order to compete as show dogs, Poodles have to have one of three hairdos: the Continental Clip, the Modified Continental Clip, or the English Saddle

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Regardless of their size, Poodles are known for their distinctive curly coat, which usually sports one of three haircuts: the English Saddle (shaved all over, except for puffs on the head, bottom of the legs and the top of the tail), Continental (the traditional French Poodle cut), or Sporting clip (face, feet, neck and base of tail are. The Continental, Modified Continental, and English Saddle cuts are some of the most traditional cuts with fluffy chests and ears, a close shave around most of the face and legs, and a variety of pom-poms around the legs and tail. If you're interested in competing in a dog show, one of these three Poodle grooming styles is required

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  1. The continental clip is a type of poodle cut which is usually reserved for show dogs because of the amount of maintenance the cut requires. The traditional continental clip leaves the poodle's face, legs and base of the tail bare. The top knot of the head and ears are left long, and puffs of hair (also known as poms) are cut around the base.
  2. The intricate continental clip most people associate the poodle with is for more than just a style choice. The distinctive cut was originally designed to keep dogs being used for water retrieval.
  3. The Kennel Cut emphasizes the top of the head and ears with long hair while the rest of the coat is trimmed short. If your Sheepadoodle has that complete Poodle coat, there are many wild styles beyond the basic cuts: the Dutch Clip, Bikini Cut, Lamb Clip, the Continental, the Sporting Cut, Corded Coat and the English Saddle. These are detailed.
  4. iature poodles cost around $1,000-2,000. After the initial purchase, groo
  5. This is the typical show cut-Continental Cut Many people are stumped at why poodles get a ridiculous looking cut that has made them known as foo-foo dogs. I'll have to admit, as a child growing up on a farm with 'working' and 'herding' dogs, poodles were a mystery to me
  6. In order to achieve the Lamb clip on your Poodle, use a No. 5 (for summer) or a No. 4 (for winter) Oster blade for a longer finish. Clip from the base of the dog's head, just beneath the ears, down the top and underneath the neck, following the direction of hair growth. Lift the leg and clip under the arm and along the chest to the groin
  7. g styles ever—the topiary continental clip, which leaves curly pompons of hair carefully shaped around the joints and chest. Those unfamiliar with poodles might be surprised to find that the flamboyant continental clip is largely seen only.

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  2. Saddle or Continental clip. In the Stud Dog and Brood Bitch classes and in a non-competitive Parade of Champions, Poodles may be shown in the Sporting clip. A Poodle shown in any other type of clip shall be disqualified. (1) Puppy - A Poodle under a year old may be shown in the Puppy clip with the coat long
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  4. The Poodle has a long, soft, curly coat that will come in any colour. There are 3 different cuts they could have, which are the Continental, the Pet, or the English Saddle cut. These are specific hair cuts the Poodle will need to have if they are to be shown
  5. About us. Contact us. WE AT STANDARD POODLE PUPPIES. selectively breed only AKC registered poodles all have Champion dogs in their immediate family. All have friendly, happy temperaments. All have been Vet checked for overall health and breeding fitness. Sires are DNA profiled by AKC and have been DNA Opti-Gen tested (clear or normal)

Rosie Decals Poodle Mom Dog Pet Paws Die Cut Vinyl Decal Sticker For Car Truck Motorcycle Window Bumper Wall Decor Size- [6 inch/15 cm] Wide Color- Matte Black 4.3 out of 5 stars 3 $5.95 $ 5 . 9 They don't know that they were bred to be water retrievers, they don't come out of the womb in a continental cut, or that well-bred poodles have lovely temperaments. 32. Share. Report Save. level 2 · 1y. I'll be honest and say it: I thought until very recently the continental cut was just how a poodle's fur grew. ‍♀️. Grooming The Miniature Poodle - Continental Trim. Coat 'N Trim...cont. (3) Continental--In the Continental clip, the face, throat, feet, and base of the tail are shaved. The hindquarters are shaved with pompons (optional) on the hips. The legs are shaved, leaving bracelets on the hindlegs and puffs on the forelegs

Poodle Continental Cut Poodle Continental Cut is Elegant. Sparkling and cute beaded poodle. Swarovski Bead mainly used. Difficulty that make the foot and tail Continental Clip: Similar to the Lion Cut--but the Poodle Continental cut has the longer hair on the head, chest, ears, and body, and the feet/tail poms, nicely rounded. An additional pom is added to the rear hips. Pink Poodle: As a bonus, any Poodle clip can be augmented b Poodle Cut. Not just for Poodles anymore, this cut is being requested by owners of different breeds. However, it is best used on those breeds with lots of fur and fluff. A poodle cut covers a wide variety of styles within that term. For the show dogs, a continental clip is a popular choice Although this clip requires frequent brushing, it is otherwise low maintenance while still retaining the look of a poodle. The kennel clip is ideal for dogs that lead active lifestyles with their owners. The hair on the body is kept short (typically less than a ½ inch long) while the face, feet, and tail are completely shaved

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Poodles are famous for their fabulous coats, which are often cut in a number of different ways (see chart below). Some owners prefer their poodles to sport extravagant clips, such as the English Saddler or Continental cut, while others like simpler designs, such as the Teddy Bear or Kennel coat. Photo from TeacupDogDaily.co My wife took our Poodle to Continental Pets to be shaved down and remove matting. The cut was the worst we have ever experienced and the groomer /owner even cut off our dogs beautiful eyelashes. As the groomer continued to use the electric shaver down to the skin she shaved over matted hair on the rear ankle and lacerated our dog requiring a. Your Poodle needs to be clipped on a regular schedule — whether you do the clipping yourself or pay a professional. Any clips other than the required show-ring clips are pet clips. Most pet Poodles are kept in fairly simple, easily maintained clips. When deciding on a clip for your Poodle, go with your preferences, [ The most common for pet owners is an easy-care clip called a pet clip, puppy clip or lamb clip where the coat is cut short all over the body. Popular show clips are the English saddle and the Continental clip where the rear half of the body is shaved, bracelets are left around the ankles, and pom-poms are left on the tails and hips

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  1. Very few people in the area are capable of doing a good poodle groom and I was worried after Roberto left that I wouldn't get a good haircut. Luckily Fernando delivers. I've had him do a complicated continental (show) cut on my dog as well as simpler pet cuts and I'm happy with all of them
  2. Called the Continental Clip, the commonly seen style of the Poodle's coat (fur on the chest, hips, and leg joints but shaved legs, neck, and tail) is more than just for show. The cut protected the dog's vital organs from the cold without restricting its movement in the water
  3. While a cut such as the Continental Cut is required for many Poodles entering the show ring, a Poodle that is a pet or engaged in other activities can have whatever cut you prefer. If you won't be cutting your Poodle yourself, find some photos of the type of cut you'd like and make sure to discuss them with your groomer
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  5. Standard Poodle in a Continental Show cut. (stock photo) A Bit of History. The poodles ancestors can be traced back to central Asia with varying theories on their evolution. One is that they originated from curly coated herding dogs that traveled with tribes of Goths to later become German hunting dogs..

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  2. Poodle Cuts: Bikini Clip, Continental Clip, Puppy Clip, Kennel Clips, Lamb Clip, Town and Country Clip, Lion Cut, English Saddle Cut, Dutch Cut, Modern Cut, Summer Cut, Cupcake Cut, Teddy Bear Cut, Short Hair, Clean Face and Rounded Feet, Clean Face and Feet with Poms, Asian Fusion, Dreadlocks or Cords
  3. g. The Continental cut is performed to display the hind legs of poodles. The hair on the legs, feet, face, and tail and at the rear is shaved.
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  6. The Continental: When clipping a Poodle in a Continental style, the face, throat, feet, and the base of the Poodle's tail are shaved, as are the hindquarters. Optional pompons may be left on the hips, but the legs are always shaved with puffs on the front legs and bracelets on the hind and the dog sports a pompon on the end of his tail.
  7. The Poodle, called the Pudel in German and the Caniche in French, is a breed of water dog.The breed is divided into four varieties based on size, the Standard Poodle, Medium Poodle, Miniature Poodle and Toy Poodle, although the Medium Poodle variety is not universally recognised.. The Poodle is most commonly claimed to have been developed in Germany, although it is also claimed to be from.
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My wife took our Poodle to Continental Pets to be shaved down and remove matting. The cut was the worst we have ever experienced and the groomer /owner even cut off our dogs beautiful.. Being a poodle hybrid, the goldendoodle may get poodle hairstyles. The continental and the English saddle cuts are show cuts for poodles and involve trimming the hair that covers the face, throat, feet and the base of the tail, leaving the rest of the hair long. Groomers leave a puff of hair at the end of the tail and the base of each foot The Poodle. If your only idea of a poodle is one in continental cut (think poodle emoji), you probably seriously underestimate this magnificent breed. They are known to be one of the most intelligent dog breeds (second only to the Border Collie) in terms of how quickly they learn new commands and their willingness to obey known commands The most common cut is the puppy cut, which is given to all ages of poodles. Another cut is the sporting cut, for the active poodle. For the show ring, the English Saddle or Continental version is typically performed. Size. The miniature poodle stands 10 to 15 inches at the shoulder and weighs around 20 pounds The pompoms and topknot of the Poodle's 'Continental Clip' or other show clips are likely the most defining features of the Poodle. Rumor has it this grooming style came from the Poodle's traditional hunting cut. The long, curly hair would have bogged down the Poodle in the water, so the majority of the fur was clipped away for a smooth, water.

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Royal Standard Poodle Pictures. When I think about Marvels, it amazes me how adaptable he is.He can be athletic or cuddly, hilarious or serious, goofy or handsome (he knows when he looks good) -all according to whatever environment he finds himself in. Adaptability is the hallmark of a good dog and I like that about him For exhibitions, the Poodle Standard's coat is cut in a special way, and the most popular types of cuts are called: Puppy Clip (for puppies), English Lion Clip and Continental Clip. Bathe your pet regularly, but make sure to use a mild shampoo. The Poodle's teeth and ears require thorough care Standard Poodles are classified as medium to large sized dogs. The American Kennel Club breed standard lists the various dimensions to describe each breed. Standard Poodles must exceed 15 inches tall to qualify in the Standard Poodle class. These dogs weigh 45 to 70 pounds as fully-grown adults. Full Grown Poodles are friendly with other dogs and non-canine pets. The most common for pet owners is an easy-care clip called a pet clip, puppy clip or lamb clip, where the coat is cut short all over the body. Popular show clips are the English saddle and the Continental clip where the rear half of the body is shaved, bracelets are left around. Continental Clip - This type of poodle has its rear and back legs shaved. They are a very tough dog to maintain. English Saddle Clip - This is similar to a continental clip, only that this one has its rear and back legs cut into a series of pom-poms. They do not cut the hairs at the back of their tails. English Saddle are also very difficult to.

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Grooming Photo Library. Select your pet's breed type to see the variety of haircut options that are available to you. We also have mixed breed types displayed in four categories: Feather Trims, Personality Cuts, Puppy Cuts, and Strips. Feather Trims: This haircut sculpts the underside of long-coated breeds (Collies, Retrievers, Spaniels, etc.) Kelly Davis combed and clipped her way to the Pooch Perfect title last night - with a little help from Cher. She also impressed judges Colin Taylor and Verity Hardcastle in a challenge that involved giving a standard poodle a cut known as a continental clip. Her efforts saw her beat fellow finalists Georgia Ashton Fuller and Lakhi Thindal to. Shipping included in Continental US. For each Pet Angel that is purchased, we will make a donation to Arizona Poodle Rescue as a memorial for pets. Breed * Below are the Pet Angels we currently have available. Please choose your angel below. Poodle - Continental Cut (only Hanging Mobiles Available) Poodle - Winged . Happy Dog/Labrador . Cat. Were this dog in a Continental Clip, the rounded 'balls' of hair left over the hips would be called rosettes. As hard as it is to discern that the Poodle in this photograph has one, the long hair on the top of the dog's head from the occiput to the stop is the topknot A Poodle Maltese mix is a dog that is the product of breeding a Maltese and purebred Poodle. The dog has the traits of both parents. They are friendly, fun-loving, feisty, active, playful, social, and intelligent. Continental Cut - the Poms, are allowed to grow in the dog's feet. On the other hand, shaving the belly, face, and legs will.

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OUR SERVICES. At Sheer Heaven, we Groom All Breeds of dogs and cats. We do bathing, toe nail clipping,buffing, ear cleaning. Hair cuts from shave downs for the extreamly mated both CAT and DOG. to puppy cuts, Teddy Bear looks, and professional hand scissoring. We offer show grooming on some breeds please call in advanced for show grooming Your Standard Poodle will be stylin' with this Standard Poodle breed collar.This Standard Poodle dog collar, available in blue or pink features black, apricot, and white standard poodles, alternating between continental / show poodle cuts and the more common puppy cut- odds are one of the dogs perfectly matches your poodle Ocean Gift Poodle Car Decals, Dog Car Stickers Pack of 2 - Realistic Poodle Stickers for Car Windows, Walls Series 54 Size 10 x 10 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 $16.99 $ 16 . 9

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The Poodle was recognized by United Kennel Club in 1914. The Poodle was divided into two breeds, Standard Poodle and Poodle, on January 1, 2000. General Appearance. The Poodle is a medium-sized, squarely built dog with a distinctive harsh curly coat that may be presented in any of several traditional Poodle clips or corded Dog groomer gives miniature poodle Cher inspired dress in red-carpet groom; Mother of two Kelly Davis combed and clipped her way to the Pooch Perfect title; She impressed in the challenge of giving another poodle a continental clip cut By Eleanor Sharples Tv And Radio Reporter For The Daily Mai Poodle hair can be easily matted so it is important to brush your Poodle's hair twice a week. Many poodles have fancy haircuts, but the most common cuts are the Lion Clip, the Puppy Clip, the Continental Clip and the Bikini Clip. Poodle puppies need to start having regular dental care at two months and will have their adult teeth by 8 months The Poodle is a breed of dog; specifically, it is a gun dog noted for its ability in the water and bird hunting skills. The English name comes from the German Pudel, or Pudelhund - from Old German puddeln, meaning to splash about.In France the Poodle is known as a caniche and in Spain as a perro de lana (literally wool dog).. Small, Medium, & Large: The breed comes in three sizes (as.

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